Sunday 10 December 2017

Why John 6 is so big? It is the beginning of Creation 2.0

It’s impossible to overstate the importance of John 6.
I didn’t hear a single message on it in the charismatic church.... not until Bill JOHNSON in Maidenhead about 6 years ago which was on a YouTube.
Think how far Jesus and the disciples were by this time. Jesus had established himself as a worker of miracles. But for Jesus unlike Benny Hinn or Morris Cerullo and pretty much every well known ministry in the last 50 years, though called of God....
Where they end, Jesus is just getting going.

Sales is all about a big splash.... something to get your attention....a loss leader.... something to get  you in the store
But if you pile a healed body on top of Genesis 3 “inner seeing “ you are still SICK with the devils own DISEASE....
Self for self
If you pile deliverance from demons on top of your existing house built upon Genesis 3 sand dunes.... though clean and tidy for a minute or so.... all the demons are going to advertise on Airbnb to bring more friends in.
The you that you think you are....
Is fundamentally phoney.
Only eating Christ is going to sort it all out.
Eating Christ individually.....
But hey, with the disciples Jesus brought in a new machine....
A new quick alternative to root and ground you in the new creation resurrected Christ....
It’s called thirdlevel church. A whole people who walk in light and say so....
As it says in Ephesians 4
speaking the truth in love.
So NO..... First and secondlevel churches are not this. At best you only have one pastor and elders walking in Light.
We were of the generation of the NEW Thing. While our church structure was still Catholic having one presiding Pastor, which is totally unbiblical....
Nevertheless while this was still standing the Spirit was developing a whole new infrastructure underneath....
Our name for it was Casa Biblica ...a revelation of Ed Miller Jorge Pradas Ian McCulloch and way over in China.... Watchman Nee. ( see his biography)
Sam Fife was less exclusive....
He took in people of all ages not just young people and they were called End Time Farms..... ( who remembers the apocalyptic Vietnam , nuclear, oil crisis era???)
You have to see by the Spirit that whatever they were called.... it doesn’t matter... they could have been called Purple Sprouting Igloos of faith....
What they all were , were the Holy Spirit in each nation area re establishing a church that was moving beyond JOHN 6..... all while the Old superstructure of Barnum Showmen and Catholic Big Pastors from heaven still existed.
Just like us in our raw states, the disciples went on to rub off against each other in ministry, but Jesus Himself, by His Word was there to inject the new way of seeing and believing in all the roughage. But only because in JOHN 6 they said an inward yes in the face of the popular drag away from Jesus. There was only them left!!!!
So that was a very definite internal decision.
Do you start to see how important John 6 was? Perhaps as important as Acts 2 for the three thousand.
Right here, on the hills outside town, the true church was founding itself. You could see nothing outwardly.
Nothing at all.
But this was the definite internal decision to EAT CHRIST

But hey, with the disciples Jesus brought in a new machine....
A new quick alternative to root and ground you in the new creation resurrected Christ....

So we should all pick one leader then?
Nope. Nope. Nope.
Jesus started where the Jews were.
In the outer courts of Gods purposes.
In those days they had rabbis.
They called Jesus their Rabbi.
As a Rabbi Jesus snuck into mankind with what looked outwardly as teaching.
But really that was a disguise.
This was GOD speaking creation 2.0 into being.
Creation 1.0 began in Genesis when God the Father said Let there be Light.
If you like,
(And Jesus said phrases like
“ should you choose to accept it”
Because he too was in Mission Impossible....!!!!!)
But should you choose to accept it
All of the Old Testament including the blips and aberrations .... but viewed on a giant scale..... everything was about establishing in mankind an outer courts knowing of God.
Faith comes by hearing
And hearing comes by the Word of God
So the whole first section up until Jesus was about establishing “ hearing in a people “....
So that at least some would be ready to take the Kingdom onto a new level....
The holy place and holiest place....
Cue Jesus....
Speaking Creation 2.0 into being.
Creation 2.0 needs a holy place to establish itself and then , those rooted and grounded in Christ ,
Like the single man Jesus when he was with us.... now many moving and functioning out of the holiest place....
Establish the new thirdlevel church.
Understand , when you are in manufacturing, there is the form....
Into which the material is poured,
Then you have cloned items.
Don’t expect everybody to be a thirdleveller yet.... but instead of at present.... demand churches of several thirdlevellers like in Acts. It may, like Jesus take a few years of transition, but I am telling you out of real testimony that the new Creation 2.0 machine works. I was part of the Emsworth prototype. Daniel Yordy was part of the Sam Fife prototype. Both he and I have been attending the Holy Spirits finishing school where brothers like Jack Fortenberry have been filling us in on the fact that
Having one pastor is Catholic
The Bible doesn’t say this anywhere.
It is quite clear the minimum was always two.
Jesus sent out a minimum of two but in Acts 2 it was 12.
So the point of the church it says in Revelation 12 is that it is never a final fixed product of everybody mature simultaneously......
no it is ever a corporate Woman bringing forth a Man Child in the Throne Room....
These mad things are only possible in Creation 2.0.
In Creation 1.0 you had one teacher teaching many.
In Creation 2.0 everybody is born again and by the Spirit 1 Corinthians 12 says everybody can be an apt contributor from out of their New Eternal Now reality of the
“ powers of the age to come”
And if that wasn’t brilliant enough, there are those who have gone on ahead on earth to be rooted and grounded in Jesus Christ.
Now in the gospels this took 3 1/2 years, but in a fully functioning Revelation 12/ Ephesians 4 model the jury is still out.
Catholics don’t obey Ephesians 4 at all. Not in the slightest bit. Their congregations are not born again, nor baptised in the Spirit and one man does everything, and what he does is dubious anyway.
I can tell you from personal experience of the overshadowing of the Spirit in these places—-
In communities such as Graham Pulkingham and the Fisherfolk
Mother Basilea Schlink and the female and separate male communities in Darmstadt
From Casa Biblica in Emsworth
From both my friends in Colden Common ( Sam Fife Community) and Daniel Yordy
That if people are willing in the day of His power....see psalm 11 it’s looking like Jesus can even beat his record of producing thirdlevellers in three and a half years....
But I should warn you as Jesus did the Sons of Thunder..... it’s IF YOU CAN GO THROUGH THAT BAPTISM....and how fast.
That there is such a baptism....
That there is eternally a Woman in heaven bringing forth a ManChild is NOT IN QUESTION....
Like JOHN 6
Are you personally up for it????


The stone that the builders rejected has become the Corner stone.....
In reflecting upon the John 6 post and this verse....put that together with the science fiction image of one "plane" colliding diagonally with another plane". Where they actually meet is quite insignificant, and because each plane is at such different angles neither can really appreciate the other.
I had an image of Jesus , yes, in terms of miracles and teachings being significant, but not really something that you can look at and be impressed by visually....not leastbecase He has moved on, and when He was here Isaiah 53 says there was nothing special that we should even look upon Him.
But it turns out He was the hinge point, the Cornerstone OF WHAT?
A whole new MASSIVE plane of existence called
And secular people who live from their sight of this present creation are unimpressed. That is because Jesus never came to windowdress Creation 1.0.
He came to open up a whole NEW ONE!!!
For in Christ you are a whole new creation, the old has passed away the New has come!!!

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