Monday 17 September 2018

Beyond any hype - Susan Ford's summarizng epilogue

Today I completed "Thanks for the Memory" using my iphone text to speech accessibility programme, not because I am disabled, but because how else am I going to get through 330 pages during work days? This way I can listen while working.
The facts in this book completely rewrite modern American and world history, so rather than hype it I am going to remain silent, and simply choose one section of her concluding chapter. You will have to glean from that some of the extraordinary details in the rest of the book, but these comments are costly and very sobering. It's a wake up call.

Brice Taylor - Thanks for the Memories
A New Vision for the Future
What initially began as journaling in order to sort out my mind, became more of a project once I
began to break free and see that there was some insane organized plan behind the mysteries of my life. The singularity of my one voice has been lonely over the years, but there were moments when the good Lord caused my path to cross with at first one, and then two, and then whole groups full of beautiful but wounded persons who had been though similar experiences. Together all of our voices, telling the same truths, have gained strength over the years. And today I am not alone in my recovery, for I have many brothers and sisters all over the globe that have recovered to inform you of much the same grim picture that I have shared with you here. I have spent the last 14 years cataloging this information, and am now able to report to you what has been going on behind the scenes so that the truth might set us all free.

 God only knows the full ramifications of what has occurred, but this information that I have presented to you in the clearest manner I know how, will give you a glimpse of the plans and agenda of those who at the present time are not only pulling the purse strings, but are manipulating the very life force of the nation and ultimately of the world.
We find ourselves at a time when, in order to survive and insure that our freedoms are reinstated,
we must take action. It no longer serves us as a nation and as a world to turn a deaf ear to what has
occurred. These actions taken by those whose consciousness is dwarfed by the belief in power and
control have, in actuality, called us to a new time of choice. We stand at the crossroads of a new era,
indeed a new millenium. And now it is truly our choice as to where to go from here. Will we continue to be uninvolved, feeling that the chaos, created intentionally to confuse and disrupt, has caused our world to seem so unbalanced and turbulent that we feel we don't know how to choose, that we don't know which way to turn? Or will we see clearly though the chaos and confusion, and rise above their
smokescreen attempts to hide their New World Order plan to enslave the human race, so we can create another option? We do have many choices. As a matter of fact, what these controllers have led us to is a clear view of what needs attending to anyway, in our technologically advancing world.

 Armed with the information of what is askew, we can now right the wrongs and clearly envision what could be. The lives of our children and future generations depend upon the choices we make at this pivotal juncture.
We can create a new world. We can create a new reality to include freedoms not yet known to this
planet. We can create new institutions, new ways of ordering society with God's leading and God's
guiding. Many clamor for lives filled with more time: time to rest, to enjoy nature, to spend with family and friends in simple modes of comradery, time to reflect and time to come closer to God and our higher nature. These can all be part of a new reality we create together, as God's people. But we have to realize that to make the choice to stand silent is to let those whose belief in power and control of the masses,take control in order to enslave us all. They led us to this point in time where we are nearly out of time.

We must wake up and we must act.
God has called me to sound the wake up call as I join with others around the nation and the world
who are sounding the same alarm. We must wake up and we must act. This is a call to action in order to avert the culmination of their New World Order plan. Never was there more critical time than now for standing for what we believe in, unintimidated by disconnected, unhealed beings who are bullying us around on this beautiful planet of ours, taking control where we have neglected to maintain our
vigilance. The technology that has been created has been used in an evil way, causing harm and
separation among and between individuals, families, groups, and from God, indeed from the higher
nature of our inner being. We can continue to allow our university medical research, military, and space programs to be filled with an alternate secret agenda, or we can call into account those working within secret systems that have allowed these mind control atrocities to operate behind protected walls, as thosewho participate at the highest levels go unpoliced and undetected.

The Holy Spirit has shown me that once you have completed this book and the veil that once
clouded your eyes has been lifted, many will know how they are called to bring about the swift change necessary for averting the One World Government and the intended totalitarian New World Order agenda planned by our controllers. He has shown me that many will know their exact positions and will know just what part they are to play in reuniting this once strong, free nation. Indeed the vision I see is a beautiful orchestration of souls. May God bless those individuals with the courage, wisdom, insight, and love needed to set us back on course. You who are called know who you are and will remember why you've come. Let us stand as a united front to speak out and take action to protect one of the most precious gifts we each have: our minds. We must stand up to those who seek control and say, "NO MORE. THIS ABUSE MUST STOP!" It is time to cast our denial aside and take action as we are spiritually directed. For we have been called to protect the children.
Please join me in united solidarity. Let's create a safer, beautiful world where children can be born
into peace, safety, and love. If we start at the beginning where life initiates and insure that doorway is
clear, we will go a long way toward insuring the survival of the human race. Many are now more aware of the damage done to a baby or young child when abuse occurs. Indeed this unconscious state of the abuse of children continues to snowball as one generation takes the wounding, only to inflict it
unconsciously, without knowledge or understanding, on the next generation. Let us heal these areas
within us that were caused by abuse in our own childhood's, so that we do not continue to inflict those wounds on the most precious resource we have, our innocent children. Let us protect the doorway for others born to this planet, that they might discover that it is safe to be born here on earth once again.

Together we can let love prevail. The past has served to clearly show us where we have gone astray. Let's begin again, by choosing a different outcome and then work together in order to create a new world.We need the strongest, most courageous among us to stand and call into account those
individuals and groups who have participated in this atrocity; their version of this 'Utopian Hell,' in
order to stop this abuse of children. We need individuals to initiate laws and measures that will not only insure freedom of the mind, but other very fundamental freedoms taken for granted, that we now stand to lose. The course of our actions now will determine the future. What will we choose, fear or love?

And now as my job of exposing the deeds and plans of those who worship power and control
comes to a close, I am once again redirected to my job of helping the victims heal. God has
commissioned me to stand at the doorway, to accept donations in whatever way they flow to me as
fiduciary for others who have been abused in similar ways and to set about busily setting up safe healing centers for victims to seek aid if they choose. The quantity and magnitude of these centers is up to you, for my job is to be there, and your job, if so called, is to help fund it. Many have been wounded and are needing our help. The Holy Spirit that guides me has shown me that the outpouring of generosity, in whatever form, can alleviate much of the suffering and help to avert even much of the earth calamities and chaos, for the outpouring of love for fellow humanity heals the mass consciousness on the planet. As
we unite around the world in prayer and action we create a very powerful vibration of love; a frequency
that unlocks and heals the hearts of those who have yet to learn the awesome power of Christ love.
We stand at the crossroads to a very important time of choice, action, and giving. Instead of a
One-World Government we can create a One-World Healing. Please help the young and the wounded
among us who depend on our strength and courage to show them a better day. Please give what you can to insure that this abuse stops and insure the victims a means of healing. They are counting on us. Don't miss the call.
Shared with love in the celebration of Christ,
Susan Ford
Brice Taylor

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