Sunday 23 December 2018

The Trans Issue (Uncovered in the Youtube)

Buried in our culture is the anthroposophical world view which stands at 180 degrees in spirit to achieving many outwardly at least similar goals that are part of Christianity.

I have already read , commented on and maybe quoted directly from the Rudolf Steiner lectures
 S-14261906-11-17  Sat 54   HamburgWoman and Society (Die Frauenfrage)
Part One .
Part Two
A summary of Steiner's ideas are given here also

I came across this lecture in the earlier years of this blog, and  suddenly realised that it is, among the elite, and therefore the current direction of New World Order thinking a key set of beliefs.

But Steiner writes and quotes the three Bs of the Anthroposophical Movement
Alice Bailey
Annie Besant
Helene Blavatsky
as well as both Plato and Freemasonry, whose most quoted writer is Manley Hall.

Here's the summary of the belief system, which is I believe a distortion of God's big Picture.

Whether referred to as myth , the se non Christians refer to the fact that Adam was a complete marriage of male and female, and the female was taken out from him.  They however own the belief in evolution, which I do not, that the end of history we evolve to share both characteristics.

I see rather, Lucifer working to achieve his own  "rough, shortcut work round" according to his own limited powers of working with the material  to try and achieve  a kind of androgynous equality.

The Youtube below describes how what is currently emerging addressed under the headings of sexual equality and LGBT etc is actually a part of a huge Satanic diversion that has repeatedly infiltrated our societies as the film shows well.

The Correct View in the Holy Spirit

Many  voices are now banning the use of male words for God.  God is Spirit. God is a Trinity Godhead, three in One, and only perceivable in the Holy Spirit Himself. In heaven there is no giving or receiving in marriage. Jesus said we will be like the angels in heaven in that regard.

But God, the overall He, like the original human person Adam, is male and female in attributes, but like Adam firmly addressed as HE.

Another Genesis verse says God made man in His image, both male and female He created them.
But another truth is that in the Spirit there is no male or female.
In the Spirit also we have male and female functions.

Romans 8 tells us to set our minds on the Spirit for this is life and peace, whereas to set our minds on the flesh is death. ( Even that last phrase in the  sentence needs a wash in the Holy Spirit.
Flesh is not evil, this is shorthand for "sin in the flesh", or "looking to flesh" as if there is some separate power in it, which is the independence delusion lie sold us in Genesis 3.
Please study these two posts to be crystal clear on this.

So by setting our minds on heavenly things, the Spirit rises in our spirits and we become spiritually strong. This lifts us into the realm where we have both male and female attributes in spiritual function and being, just like our God.

New Revelation to my heart.

This was dropped recently into my heart and I believe it is the Spirit reality of what God is doing on earth.

Until recently in history males took the lead. But not always. The Bible contains female characters who took their own lead, and rather than God castigate them, He rewards them for their faith.

At least two, Ruth and Rahab were written into Jesus actual lineage. Did the same happen with Abigail's lineage? Don't think so, but she got to marry the central King of history,outside of Christ Himself, King David.

Ephesians 5 actually declares that the man's role is to give himself up for the woman , and see her brought forth by his care and love.

Part of the anger fuelled feminist outrage is actually a correct acknowledgment of the failing of men to rise in the Spirit and help bring forth their helpmeets.

Scripture announces the mystery of a "woman covering a man". That surely means several things which all parallel each other anyway.
It prophesies the arrival of God in flesh through a virgin woman.
It prophesies the ongoing dual picture of the church which I have been sharing this very week again about Revelation 12.
But surely the scripture is prophesying a time when women shall rise and stand alongside men or even in the absence of good men, shall stand in the place of, like Rahab and Abigail and yes,Ruth.

So here is the Revelation.
The revelation is that woman was taken out of man, very deliberately, and that just as the Trinity are complete in their own Persons, yet they need one another and function with deliberate commissions to see the Plan of God and Will of God come forth,

so, in the same way, men and women can stand in their own right, but the functions and skills have been so scattered and intermingled between them , that they need each other to fully grow into what God has designed, and their particular calling to

Go, multiply , fill the earth and subdue it.

Here's a very current video  on very current topics.

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