Saturday 23 November 2019

Jesus The Word, The Bread,The Manna John 6

This is a pretty leftbrain rendering of some rightbrain insight from John Curtis and some Facebook stuff Id written,
It's's four years old and Id forgotten the last sentence completely which I still think is hilarious and true!!!!

I write daily on Facebook so there's tons of material over the past two years that has only been available to my friend's list, and I'm not adding to my friend list that much because the reality is  the friend list is already pretty unmanageable, let alone if I used up all my Facebook allowance.
So this leaves the conundrum , do I open a public page for anybody to view?  Or do I try to repost  here or create a fresh platform?   Really like John Edwards it's probably best to be out there with real people.  The real burden I have to share, like Jesus , almost requires some background. Jesus came to a nation that had 2000 years background.  But with the Canaanite woman, she had such extraordinary faith she kind of broke all the rules like Rahab , Ruth and Abigail in the Old Testament.

I genuinely am open to sharing with anybody, but what happens is unless people are really hungry for more than their immediate needs being met they havent got a clue what I am on about. The converse truth is, according to Maslow's heirarchy of needs, if you havent got a roof over your head nor food in your belly, what use is spiritual stuff when you are freezing and about to die from malnutrition?

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