Saturday 2 November 2019

Kanye West- Jesus is King. What do you think?

I like this album. I am 61 and I don have the extensive immersion into rap that somebody listening to it for 20-30 years has. So I don't have the wealth of reference to the incredible blends that producers have managed to achieve. I do know something of the genius of the sound and commitment of Keith Flint of Prodigy in Firestarter. But he committed suicide in March 2019, so his creativity is cut short.

Eminem is so much more than just any rapper. Much of his songwriting is rightly acclaimed. Very powerful lyrics.

So within my limited knowledge I do like that these short sketches of where Kanye is now is very varied, and I feel creative. Perhaps some of its genius is that it is extremely cut down. Almost like those lightning sketches that Picasso did.

But certainly the Guardian don't wear any of that explanation

This Youtube captures more of the background to the current Kanye West.

Interestingly having heard more of this interview and not just the excerpts elsewhere, Kanye speaks of the Sunday Service. Zane Lowe asks him whether it is a church?
He replies that now it does have a pastor so it can be said to be a proper church.
This is how we were all taught, and in the past two weeks I have been addressing the issue of heirarchy, also the bombshell Jack Fortenberry dropped about 5 years before his death, in his booklet Corinthian Elders which appears earlier in this blog and Jack contacted me direct.
Nowhere, absolutely nowhere does it say a pastor is over a church.
Nor a vicar, which is a made up word.
Nor a priest , which is Old Testament. We are all now priests. A whole Kingdom of them if we accept the kingdom protocols of operating/.
What makes a church is a commitment to meet regularly together as two or more in a locality under the Lordship of Jesus Christ, and to whom will soon be added apostolic and Prophetic calling and foundation in the knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Here is just one of my recent Facebook posts on the subject of  #heirarchy NOT.

Generally , like the New Covenant in general, which while grace, it is actually the total attack on the root of sin, and not just forgiveness of sins. The smashing of every last hold of the devil.
So when God says about the removal of heirarchy , and a new administration, and consider the ants....
It’s not deckchairs in the Bahamas, but it’s not feverish widget moving for a mad pyramid either!!!
The presence of the whole of the present order was only scaffolding to hold things together until the Kingdom took off.
The Kingdom is total Light
It’s nowhere to hide

“Therefore the wicked will not stand in the judgment, Nor sinners in the assembly of the righteous.”
‭‭Psalms‬ ‭1:5

And this is not like a cold forbidding law court.
It’s just the effect of Light.
If you live inside the force field of Light , truth , justice , agape,righteousness as a community

Sin just looks naff.
As we saw with Ananias and Sapphira, there’s a tendency to just drop dead .
The frequency itself is not death.
Far from it . It’s total life. Joy. Substance . Blessedness .
People are all out for your wellbeing.
Anything else doesn’t survive very well.

The Body is joined by that which each gift supplies. There are authoritative gifts that have specific functions.....pastor teacher prophet apostle evangelist administrator healers, specific intercessors,encouragers,hospitality gifts,discerners of spirits / deliverance,
Musician’s , singers

In the Spirit prophets and apostles lay the Temple foundations. This relates entirely with
Christ installing Himself in people in a thirdlevel way: knowledge and function of three forms of Word.... how Jesus lives in us as us according to the Mercy Seat
How the spiritual priesthood and Shekinah side of our life works.

An apostle has nothing to do with organising the rent of a church hall, a music group and enthusiastic preaching and people to listen .
That’s just humans carnal idea since Catholics and stone buildings up to the perceived idea today about starting a church.

It’s the Spirit foundations needed to reproduce people “ who worship in spirit and truth”
As opposed to people who walk in Genesis 3 inside contamination from hellfire.
Worship isn’t a song, it’s a walk.
A walk with the King.
A walk with this King as you in your branch form.
Because of the “ separate me” theology of all churches up until this present point, it’s not truly accurate to say there have been any real apostles and prophets yet.... maybe Norman Grubb was the first in modern times.
Because who can you point to that actually presented things as simply as John:

That which we have tasted touched and handled of this Word of Life we pass on to you. Walk in the light as we are in the light that you may have fellowship with us.

It’s all been about being born again and being baptised in the Spirit and gifted.
But that’s not the same as simply being Light in your being, because you have a single eye, then saying to folk..... we just live this way now. The Kingdom is at hand. Do you want some? Well stick around with us, and just as Jesus showed us how it worked , we’ll pass it on to you.

Nobody has been able to do that. Everybody has still been in separation thinking. It’s how people think and speak.
But it’s not Kingdom.

The Kingdom actually IS.
It doesn’t need a heirarchy to prop it up.
The Devils kingdom does because not being real , in terms of the Sole Source of Life, which is God, it needs to be held together by shame, force, terror, threats, bribery.

Gods Kingdom just is.
Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom.
Our mantra if we have one is Christ in us the hope of glory, or Galatians 2.20.

The earth is given to the sons of men, but so far we have given it to principalities and powers inside a whole fake reality known as
Living in the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and evil as separate beings.

We overcome the devil , through severing all shame by pleading the efficacious blood of the lamb, a legal overthrow of every right or claim of the devil through our disobedience to this planet

Through the Word of our testimony, speaking out what Christ has accomplished

And sticking with those first two no matter what happens, death if necessary.

But that laying down of life, in whatever form, is what breaks the Genesis 3 hold on the planet . Because you and I were given this planet, and we are legislating with Christ’s legislation and forcing it through ourselves as humans whose will must have its say, because God gave this planet to us to have our say.

Whatsoever you bind on earth shall have been bound in heaven. Whatsoever you loose on earth shall have been loosed in heaven.

Be lifted up you ancient Genesis 3 doors and let the King of glory come in .
Who is this King of glory ?
The Lord of hosts, the armies of heaven, He is the King of 24
3likes Don Sage, Tom Billy and 1 other

So if I was facing creating a City on a Hill in 9000 hectares of nowhere.....
apart from telling Kanye that Pentecostal Pioneer Alexander Dowie already built a place called the City of God in America.
Mother Basilea Schlink created a little LAND in Darmstadt called KANAAN. Still exists . They were mong the first pioneers in the 70s to react against DDT cropspraying and find natural alternatives.

Here's my Facebook take from an hour ago.

So Kanye West has been in talks with Trump about his 9000 hectares for building a sustainable city.
This afternoon BBC Radio4 had a programme based on Thomas More’s Utopia and the hells that these utopia’s become.
Yet there it is in the gospel, a City set upon a hill.
So what would I want to share with him before he even starts?
1. Our surroundings only match our own internal seeing and believing. Ezekiel 8.10 describes the graffiti on our inner walls.
2. Shock of shocks: life in the Body of Christ living as community is two truths at once.
It is great, but only in the measure it points the way to thirdlevel living. Or knowing Him who is from the beginning. Walking in the Light is actually the method God uses to propel willing people into a Galatians 2.20 foundation out of which they learn to live the whole of life. Together.
3. It’s how the disciples , coupled with learning ministry alongside Christ, became grounded in Christ to then be able to function as apostles.
4. Does a City on a hill exist? The devil smashed the first one, Jerusalem Church and Revelation 12 describes the pattern of history, from the individual pioneers of Gods Kingdom, Moses and Jesus as babies, right through all the God Moves in the past 2000 years .
It’s us or the devil. And the devil knows it and leaves nothing to chance. He is hellbent on our total destruction.
But we on the other hand are learning more and more about what humans are, how we operate, and the power that is given to us in Christ the Head.
5. Humans individually have to learn how to function in the New Covenant. The same for communities.
6. We live from the Tree of Life not a Tree of Knowledge LAWBOOK.
We have to learn the administration that comes out of heaven suitable to the summing up of times.
7 . Our bodies dont have a rule book, but they do have encoded instructions in the form of homeostasis, which is a system of natural regulation which supplies us with all that is needed to keep our bodies in great health, fighting off any disease.
8. Having a single eye means we see God as He is going on in City members..... and “not yet “City members too. The mature ability to see God only is the missing ingredient that keeps all CHRISTIAN communities from inward looking hedge building centres of paranoia , to clear seeing and open welcome centres with nevertheless precise solutions to people still moving in the “ independent self delusion “.... as indeed we all do at times.
9. A bit like human armies, entering into being part of the City on the Hill comes with almost unbelievable privileges, but if we then move away we are of all men most vulnerable.
Jesus said if having once cleaned the house of demons, if we do not continue to occupy the house to Gods Glory, not only will the one demon return but bring his many friends , and the last state will be worse than the first.
We see this in denominations. All sorts of Christian moves and communities.
God gives us over to our agendas if that’s what we really want. But having once proudly lifted His Name we are now in an incredibly dangerous situation.
10. Who can make it through? Once we learn the thirdlevel trick of seeing only what God is doing nothing is quite as terrorising ever again. We just carry on where we may have left off ,seeing and revering His Name in our hearts, seeking to lift His Name ever higher in the Earth.
Which is simply reattaching ourselves to the coming of the kingdom prayer
Our Father
Who IS in heaven


Karsten said...

Although we often don't realise or see because of our spiritual eyes weakness,Jesus is really King. Amen

Jonathan Seaward said...

Did you know that Kanye’s first big hit was “Jesus walks”, which, when you listen to the lyrics, is a misguided attempt at salvation by works?
He talks about how he was told he can’t record a song about Jesus, as it won’t get played on the radio, yet he did it anyway, and feels that it will somehow absolve him of his sins. Furthermore, he says he wants to get close to God but is afraid, because “we haven’t spoke for so long”.
My point in all this is his career has played out in a very meaningful (and, for me, a very emotionally touching) arc. A redemption arc that had culminated in his attainment of true salvation, and the relationship with God that he craved from the start. He’s risked everything by making such a bold public declaration, and I salute him for keeping his focus on God, and his ears open to God’s direction.