Thursday 17 September 2009

I am opening My full Toolkit of Prayer

1/Martyr's blood is a powerful seed. Their blood has a voice, and the Lord will not allow a single drop of it to pass away. While we may have seen a few salvations here and there as a result of their deaths, we have yet to see the full impact of the death of the martyrs in the earth.
....All that has been stolen in the earth will be repaid all at once in one massive decree of God's justice..... John Crowder - Miracleworkers,Reformers and the New Mystics. My area in which I grew up,Amersham, even had its own martyrs whose memorial was put up in the 30s. see here and again here to learn more. It was very much a seedbed area of honouring the Word of God. Though the inhabitants of Amersham today carry on their normal "independent self lives" according to Genesis 3:5, God the Father who sees and knows all things, has not forgotten this demonstration of Revelation 12:11 in action "They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony; they did not love their lives so much as to shrink from death." These were of the generation who paved the way with their lives for the enshrined freedoms that Britain was to inherit, which meant that Christians, first here and then America were able to retrace the steps of the real heavenly tabernacle in experience, from which the Jewish Tabernacle was but a shadow.

2/For 2000 years our nation has prayed the equivalent of a crafted prayer up and down this land every Sunday and many of the days in between. Our Father who art in heaven hallowed be thy name, THY KINGDOM COME, THY WILL BE DONE, ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN. Just as the 1960s saw books positing "God is dead",(In 1963, Episcopal theologian Paul van Buren started the God-is-dead movement with the publication of his book The Secular Meaning of the Gospel. That same year, Anglican Bishop John Robinson said in his book Honest to God, “The whole scheme of a supernatural being coming down from heaven to ‘save’ mankind from sin ... is frankly incredible to man ‘come of age.’”) then out of nowhere a whole generation of us (many like me church attenders for years who never heard the gospel preached in simplicity and reality once) and most others, who had never been in a church in their lives....all swept in to the Kingdom at the time of the Jesus People, and the Festival of Light 1971, followed by the Festival for Jesus 1972. So now, we have just had "The God Delusion" but also a time of global recession, and people everywhere are looking afresh for answers.But they won't necessarily be trad. church answers. They will again be New Wineskin answers.

3/Praying to the wells...."Spring Up!!!" On October 3rd 2009 Rachel Hickson is leading a seminar day at Lenchwood Christian Centre, near Evesham (RIVERcamp venue). A leading prophetic voice in our nation, (daughter of Alan and Eileen Vincent and looks it too. Almost a perfect 50/50 morph) she will be addressing some of these things. Here's just a couple of well stories. Our overseeing pastor Peter Stott suddenly felt one day to go to the Corfe Mullen area to pray over that area that had known such a move of God about 20 years ago. Out on the hillside he was aware of another figure, who as they approached each other was all too familiar. A guy called David Kingston, another Trust administrator behind the scenes in our church. (Remember, those who are not local, this is all 80 miles away to the west.)Peter asked him what he was doing, to which David replied "Same as you I guess." Second example. Last Sunday I had to deliver a piano from Southampton to Fishguard , Pembrokeshire, South Wales. As it was only 20 minutes drive from Stuart and Charmian Wentworth (the Wentworth dynasty remember - Helen Rubio, Grace ,Anna,Elizabeth - Jose's wife, also Paul and Daniel) I spent the afternoon with them. They have only just moved up there, but have felt a call to Wales for years. They are close to a church in Haverford West which formed under the ministries of Tony Fitzgerald and Bob and Rose Weiner - all now in the States. But Stuart's vision is to be open and available to God's plans for Wales. A number of interlinking details have been shared with me which reflect on their past (Stuart went to Aberystwyth Uni...was converted there) also various Patagonian links in Argentina...remember a whole contingent upped and left for Argentina a century ago. But what is really interesting for this post is

A) Stuart has personally revisited the two key chapels that Evan Roberts was in and also where the revival in Wales began in the first wave in the 1850s . See my book section on Jessie Penn Lewis.

B) Stuart has been struck by and been drawn to the new emphasis on the monastic dynamic. This dynamic comes up in Prayer 24/7 as boiler rooms and Punk monks. And is referred to again in John Crowder's book above. A part of what I call the 3rd Level contains this aspect of a protracted waiting upon God. When Alan Vincent asked me what I wanted to do...quick as a flash from my belly, before my mind could naff it up, I replied "a job where I can meditate..." You can imagine guffaws of laughter as Alan replied "Yeah everyone would love a job where they can idly day dream all day!" But Alan was very good and remained silent. Well in actual fact....God arranged it for me and I've spent 28 years meditating while I tune pianos. And that is where all this 3rd level stuff is coming from. So yes, by now I am either stark raving bonkers....or this STUFF IS ALL TRUE! As David found out there meditating in the fields with his sheep.

I feel God is saying this. (This is coming out of experiences over the last few days. My time with Stuart. Eating an Indian meal in a restaurant in Bridgend with a taxi driver there. Experiencing the "impossible/implausible unity of 20 churches" in Restore Hope Latimer, many of whom I personally had trouble with in various ways 30 years ago. It was like a waking dream.)

Take seriously the heritage in this land. Pray into it. Be aware of where I have moved. Of what was learned... What has continued as spiritual heritage down to this day. I honour My own work. I move out from My own work. Do not discard My work as if it was a mere work of man. Pray "Spring Up again O well"

Take days off. Go to towns, cities, hillside regions to pray. Pray singly, in twos, in groups.

Go to places to pray over locations at nights in vehicles if it is difficult to pray openly.

Sense where I am going to break out next and pray into it.

Pray into locations where a move has never been known. Pray into the portions of the country still steeped in folklore, Green Man,Pagan rituals/witchcraft rituals.

Pray my Kingdom into poor regions. Depressed regions. Pray for me to move sovereignly. Pray for me to insert you into the answer to the prayers."Pray for the Lord of the harvest to send out workers" still remains true. I am the Lord of the harvest. It is My harvest. I own it. You are co-workers.With Me. And with each other.

Pray with the same fervour as you pray for these things, but now for the manifest unity of my people. Understand that the same dark strongholds that sit aperch towns mired in hopelessness and poverty, are the same type of dark strongholds that sit above churches to keep them apart from one another. Treat these things with the same ferocious tenacity, and do not any longer rely purely on ecumenical mechanisms to eventually sort the problem out.

Do not be afraid. As you pray I am opening my full tool kit of prayer. You will pray in new ways that you have not known. Prophecy is learned as you move in my direction with my concerns. Not in just passively seeking to prophecy.You will find you learn healing prayers. Deliverance prayers. Prayers for government. Prayers unlocking regions. Prayers in forms no one has ever yet prayed. The foolish way will become the way of great power. You say, but I do not know how to pray. You will find as you step out in the same way as Peter stepped out of the boat, that you too will learn to walk on water, to pray as no generation before. Today I place this mantle upon this generation says the Lord.17thSeptember2009

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