Friday 18 September 2009

The reason for the Latimer angels - Christine's independent Toolkit Post Observation

Christine, my wife, was meditating a bit about the Latimer angels and had not read yesterday's Toolkit post. This is what she said quite independently yet totally confirming part of yesterday's prophecy.

For those in Latimer, just bear in mind Christine is currently rushed off her feet doing a mature students access course with a view to training to be a nurse. So this thought was crossing her mind in this context down on the South Coast where we live, not in the Bucks area.

"We may have thought that the military angels were there for blessing. But when we understand the vested interest the devil has in keeping the church denominations apart, we can understand the need for military angelic assistance when upwards of 20 churches from a locality are seeking to work together to see God's glory come. The devil's very hold on a locality is at stake, since one of the main foundational lies of his kingdom is that the gospel is useless because not even the churches can agree."

This is the key phrase in yesterday's prophecy which this is underlining:"Pray with the same fervour as you pray for these things(see the previous things listed in yesterday's prophecy), but now for the manifest unity of my people. Understand that the same dark strongholds that sit aperch towns mired in hopelessness and poverty, are the same type of dark strongholds that sit above churches to keep them apart from one another. Treat these things with the same ferocious tenacity, and do not any longer rely purely on ecumenical mechanisms to eventually sort the problem out."

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