Sunday 27 September 2009

The One Cult

There are nearly as many groupings on this planet as people. Or perhaps there are more, because as individuals we have so many overlapping interests and beliefs.In the religious realm there are almost as many groups again. And that's before you get to Christianity.Once in this sphere you have all the main denominations and then a whole host of smaller groupings. All "Christian" groupings have fallen into mainly three divides: catholic, protestant and cult.How confusing to learn that in the Spirit there are only 2 realms.
Or perhaps this should not be confusing, but quite a well-received simplification. Spiritually speaking there is only cult.And there is only one true way.The one cult is run as a pyramid of power and fear with the Devil at the top of the pyramid. The true way is run as a Family, with God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit at its centre, with wide open arms to all who are willing to fulfil the directives to once again be restored into its loving centre.Read "The Shack", a current bestseller.

You would have thought then that God's church was His representative on earth. But things only became more confusing about the time that Jesus painted a picture of how the Kingdom was going to run.

He the sower, or any of his servants who were sowing, put the seed into the field. After nightfall an enemy was going to sow secretly loads of weeds, tares and destructive plantseeds.Instead of doing much about it, the good sowers were going to leave the rubbish seeds to grow up alongside the actual crop. At the end of the age there was going to be a Divine sorting.

This is counterintuitive farming no? So the very thing the devil is using as a lever against the church in his negative PR the very wisdom of God to bring about a mature bunch of Overcomers. Jesus knows the Church is in a mess, and sort of planned it that way.Why is the church in a mess? Well it contains both Kingdom seed and Cult members.All of us are in one or the other. And even if we are sure we have entered God's new Kingdom, we carry old Cult ways too.

EXTRA: Here is an example not posted in the original.
One of the most staggering things you will get from Jack Fortenberry's book, "Corinthian Elders" is this question.Where does it say that a pastor runs a church? Where? And you know what , it doesn't. It says there are elders who naturally form over a church by their wisdom, experience,anointing and age (not a young man,because of pride....but people's life expectancy was shorter then though!!) and it says there are pastors; people with a shepherding heart. But you produce me a verse that says a church has one pastor and he is in overall charge, This and other bombshells are in this book, and a limited amount are going to soon be available FREE on a firstcome first serve basis on this blog. BUT ONLY FOR UK LEADERS please.

So you begin to see that the concept of Rob Rufus sitting at the top of his pyramid as a pastor. Or Joel Osteen atop of his megachurch. Or Juan Carlos Ortiz being pulled into the glass Cathedral when Robert Schuller died....yup....sadly....what shape does that remind you of?

Does this mean that Rob Rufus and Joel Osteen are secretly Illuminati members?

Have we been misled in Havant all these years by John Wilbraham's humility. Secretly all along he has been in mobile contact with his upper liaison officers of the New World Order?

NO. Don't be stupid. But it is interesting how we pride ourselves of throwing the Pope aside only to keep buying into the same structures. Think of all the networks. Hillsongs. Salt and light. New Frontiers. They are all pyramids. But you must realise that this has been softened by presbyteries of elders surrounding these guys.

So what I'm saying is: In these days, don't do things because that's the way they have always been done. Because that is to import all our cultish ways back into the New Wineskins. Wait on God! Get the wineskins from him. But read Jack Fortenberry's timely book!

How do we know what's what? Well God's given us a meter to read.

It's called the Good/Bad Fruitometer. It reads good and bad fruit. And that's how we tell. From the smell coming off the fruit! Poooooo!In the old Cult we were born into : the bigger dog generally gets the bone.It's survival of the fittest. Things are very political. And the politics are this:Exclude God from the scene.

By not already honouring the One True Federal Head of the Universe, by default, because there is no middle position, we serve the Usurping Cult Leader who is the devil.What we traditionally call cults have a standard set of traits. But these are just a more extreme set of the same traits that mark the whole of the One Cult.Here is one of them. It's hard to leave a cult. It is made difficult by fear, threats, social exclusion and general odd behaviour by the ones you are leaving. For this reason, when establishing His New Family Kingdom, Jesus said, "Unless you love Me more than your brother, sister,mother etc You are not worthy of Me" Setting your face in this way gives you the oomph needed to leave the ONLY ONE CULT.

This then is the blessing and problem of secularism: the freedom of choosing to be a part of it or no is a God given choice which is a holy freedom given to every inhabitant of earth.This is the blessing.The problem with secularism is the lie of its neutral ground, the untruth about its in between status.Jesus said "Whoever does not believe in Me is judged and condemned already."

This clearly shows there isn't some middleground while you are choosing. You have to choose to leave but IF YOU DON'T CHOOSE AT ALL, you have in fact still chosen! And you are still part of the ONE CULT you were born into.

This then has huge consequences when deciding how to structure things.Man was not left to his own devices and God was very specific in setting up the Garden in the beginning in Genesis. And He is also very specific about our surroundings now.Firstly, in the Garden there was a choice between the Tree of Life, and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Notice the choice was not between Life and say the Tree of Anarchy.This is just the same now.If we fail to choose the supernatural Life of Jesus, we still fall back into the arms of the Law of sin and death. So again, it is not a choice between the Tree of Life and the Tree of Anarchy.Law, it says in Romans is the school master that leads us to the real thing, which is Christ.

John and Carol Arnott describe it this way. By default we are in a realm of law and judgement.Cause and effect.Here we deserve what we get.... Probably more than we in fact get.But when we reach into the Kingdom realm, and John and Carol get people to act this out, we are pulling down out of heaven, out of a totally different realm.
In the heavenly realm the Law of Sin and Death and Judgment ceases to apply, because the price has been paid already.

These are some of the discoveries made by the Faith Movement. The reason why the faith movement is so maligned is a misunderstanding about this new realm.

THIS IS THE MISUNDERSTANDING . We are not just pulling new things and blessings out of heaven!Fast cars and big houses and loadsa dosh! We are pulling a new operator out of heaven! It's a NEW YOU entirely. Not patched up. Not a self-improved version. At your spirit centre there is not one bit of you that has anything in common with what you were before.
Your spirit was so bound up in darkness, so twisted up in it, so sick with it, I'm sorry to say a decision was made before you had anything to do with it. It was decided that your old spirit centre had to be annihilated. So it was totally, I mean totally destroyed at the Cross.Then your spirit was resurrected inextricably bound up with Christ. It is so tightly woven with Christ that (I'm afraid to say again, as you had no say in this,)at no point can you find the join between what is you and what is Him.

But your soul and body ofcourse are just the same, and they have to spend a while catching up with what just happened when you asked Jesus into your life. It's so radical they take a while to catch up. That's why you must must must allow yourself to be baptised in the Spirit. Not only to speed up this catch up reeducation programme, but also because it gives you power to extend the processes that are happening to you into other's lives.

So it's not an old creation version of you reaching into heaven to pull down Ferraris, an endless supply of mansions..etc etc it's a completely new being like Christ Himself who co operates with God to bring down out of heaven what is next on the Kingdom schedule.

If you want to read more about someone who was confused about how you use faith and the supernatural read about Jacob in Genesis. He , like many in the Faith movement, learned the faith tools, BEFORE learning about the change of PERSON. So God had to put him right with a little encounter at Peniel.

This then is the foundation describing the One Cult, and how we leave it. The next thing is to begin describing how the Cult operates and how it affects us. This cult that we inherited through Adam began in Genesis 3:5. If we would just reach out our hand and take of the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil, we would be gods in our own right, fully able to decide how to live our lives as "independent beings" from this information.What we were not told is that there is no such position of independence, and a false spirit entered into and fatally entwined itself around our spirit from that point.We became spiritually dead. Separated from God. And believing lots of lies about the goodness of God the Father. We became ashamed for the first time ever. And covered our shame pretty uselessly with figleaves. There are gaps in leaves and nakedness shows through!!! We entered a false cult with one overarching cultleader: the devil, who unknown to us, had just been invited to become "god of this world" by our disobedience.This spirit of disobedience is according to Rob Rufus, Mark Stibbe and Bill Johnson both a political spirit and a religious spirit, both having the same head, the devil.

Proverbs 3 verse 5 states the KINGDOM WAY of living "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and DO NOT RELY on your own insight."The ONE CULT says rely on your own insight first and if you have anything left over, believe a little in the Lord or some god or not, as you wish...but if you do, believe in your head, and certainly don't do any trusting in your heart.

This has the effect of shutting down the right use of our heart, our inner insight,our inner wisdom faculty,our intuition, our hunches,and making us quite Dalek like, or Cyberman like in our approach to life.We become hardened in heart. Cynical.Fearful.Putting our trust in the wrong places.We become linear thinkers primarily, hopelessly trying to reel in as many facts as possible with which to weigh our decisions. I say hopelessly...because who can possibly hope to have the measure of all possible facts concerning other people's future actions, and concerning future events with which we can make safe decisions.
It's not just difficult being gods. It's just plain stupid setting ourselves up in this way.

God had a lot to say to Job on the matter before finally restoring him. This experience of being "locked up" in our minds, our left-brain frontal lobes, while all the while being crippled with fear in our hearts causes us to submit easily to the POLITICAL SPIRIT and the RELIGIOUS SPIRIT of the ONE CULT.

Firstly the POLITICAL SPIRIT of the ONE CULT is not the same as the "spirit of politics". Christians in Kenya regaled me with the notion that a Christian in politics is a contradiction in terms. Try telling Bob and Rose Weiner who were certainly involved in getting American Christians into politics.No the POLITICAL SPIRIT has very little direct interest in fair and true politics. Its end is the furtherance and strengthening of its own cult leader's position. Ultimately it is aiming to present its own Christ..."the Christ in the place of" or Antichrist as world leader.In this context, you will find this proposed EU directive interesting

The Directive ignores the necessity of providing protection in connection with conflicts inevitably arising out of:
Differences between those expressing religious tenets of one religion and the doctrines of another religion;
or Differences between those expressing religious tenets on sexual conduct and those professing a homosexual orientation.

Rather than make much comment on this, I want to highlight the problem of living from the Tree of the knowledge of good and evil, and making impossible decisions between rival philosophies. The Bible talks about girding ourselves with the belt of truth. Truth , you notice, is positioned nowhere near your left-brain. It is something you get increasingly girding the innermost parts of you. When you speak from here, you speak from a realm of authority the political spirit hasn't a clue about, because the political spirit seeks to manipulate your left-brain. If you can shut down people's connection to God on their insides, you can easily manipulate their minds with a plausible set of arguments, having set it out clearly with a lawyer's skill. Or is that rather with a conman's skill?

The most intelligent nation that ever lived welcomed in Hitler, and willingly set up mass extermination concentration camps with consummate left-brain skill.One of the most intelligent diplomats of the Roman world, installed because of his skill in the most turbulent of cities , Jerusalem, still had no trouble in consigning God Himself to crucifixion.This is the political spirit. It relies on people living in their left-brains and disconnected from their hearts to survive and thrive.Proverbs 3:5 is one of the main antidotes. In Part 2 of The End Times and Christ In You I will expound further how easy it is for the devil to install the system described in Revelation by St John.

But you can see how easy it was for him already, in the Garden, in Jerusalem, and in Hitler's Germany.

Once you see that there is only ONE CULT expressed through a RELIGIOUS SPIRIT and a POLITICAL SPIRIT you begin to see its skill working through history. Because the RELIGIOUS SPIRIT was allowed to infiltrate Christianity at the highest level, it was able to destroy Christianity's credibility in the Earth. You must understand this is only apparent failure.The failures were real, but they were not fruit of God's Spirit moving in the church, they are bad fruit emanating from the measure the Church has hooked back up with the ONE CULT in its religious guise.

It was like a pincer movement throughout history. You can imagine the devil's board meeting. "Right, you infiltrate the Church. make it a laughing stock. Then we'll get the political spirit to take over at the Enlightenment and install the POLITICAL SPIRIT of SECULARISM as a fair and just alternative. Everyone will fall for it. And then in 2007 we'll remind them in the book "God Delusion", in case they were forgetting.

Then it should be plainsailing right through to world victory when I install my Antichrist."

His plans have worked pretty well so far because a secular person, living in his head and not in inner wisdom, just does not have the discernment to tell the difference between a religious person, (who is still a member of the ONE CULT) and a true believer in Christ. And the sheer confusion is enough to keep most unbelievers away. But then God is not looking for people who are mildly interested in the Kingdom. He is looking for people who really want the Truth at all costs and are prepared to press right through until they see clearly.The first commandment was always:

Love the Lord Your God with ALL your heart, all your soul,(then and only then ALL your mind). In other words...Love God with a passion! Then you will begin to get somewhere.

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2son said...

Hi Chris, this is very interesting. I think about these things from time to time. The secular culture does offer a seeming relief from religious dictatorships, but the final result is a secular dictatorship. The pyramid thing is had to break, and it takes a miracle, but then, that's what we're all about. Until I saw that, I felt trapped all the time. It does take good boundaries to avoid that, but I find those boundaries only come supernaturally. The Corinthian church was on my mind today because even those gifted Corinthians had their politics.