Friday 9 October 2009

Transform Leicester on a 30 fold fruit ratio!

From Facebook Notes - Chris Welch

Transform Leicester on a 30fold fruit ratio

posted today at 12:04
Nigel and Elaine Waterfield were featured here. are pioneering a local version of Transform - in this case Transform Leicester. Befor we start can I say 30 fold fruit is going to mean the phrase from Jesus when He said some 30 fold, some 60 fold and some 100fold. Where He talks about increase.I am not connecting 30 fold with Nigel and Elaine or Transform Leicester.
This is what I am saying.When they were down recently, they mentioned that while Transform can target broken lives, if the new Christians respond to Jesus they usually get blown out straight away by the local churches.Why?You could say at a surface level the churches are too middle class. But I'm going to stick my neck out here and say something else is going on. And it's a spiritual thing NOT a class thing.Proof: whatever class Jesus was, and His earthly background contained a whole mix of influences, the reason He could touch no matter who, had nothing to do with was to do with spiritual authority.Churches are filled with 30 fold Christians or less. Many are saved enough to go to heaven, but scarcely saved enough in their own lives. Once people realise to be a hundredfold Christian has nothing to do with effort, since believing a little bit on the Name of the Lord may be enough to get you across the pearly gates....but believing a bit more of your being onto Jesus Name, may get you to be a 60fold Christian....while simply to give up self effort at all and simply place the whole of your being on the Name of Jesus is enough to become a 100folder!It's not self effort. it's the Living Jesus bringing things to pass in your life.Once we are really much on the outside as we are on the inside....we will find it a doddle to take the most broken of lives along with us in our slipstream of faith!

Point 2.The Kingdom (from an earthly point of view) is MAD.If you want to finance something...just get Chrysler or Ford, or Mitsubishi, or Coca Cola to do it! Sorted!
Nope. That's not how it works in the Kingdom. It's a series of widows giving their last mites to a supernatural increaser.....God.
Yonghi Cho believed for the biggest church in the world in South Korea. He arranged for a big building "by faith??!!??". But it wasn't until a little old lady brought her one possession of a rice bowl and presented that before the Lord that something happened.
In the Bible there is a Cain order of giving....a bit on the side.
And an Abel order of giving. Giving your whole sheep that you have tenderly reared.In a way I don't want Nigel and Elaine to read this. As you see in the Inspire magazine Nigel has muscular dystrophy. If anyone should move out to the suburbs it should be them!. But they obeyed the call of the Lord given at a Worldwide message tribe related event (I believe) to move FROM the suburbs to deprived areas, in order to love on folk and reach them for Jesus. It's a breaking thing to do, because as Graham Pulkingham found in the 60s in the Houston downtown suburbs , you are faced up with the fact that humanly you have nothing to give!! , to me is hundredfold stuff. Not the bit on the side in those Anglican and Methodist Bring and Buy sales we have here in church halls.
England and the USA we need to get a Life! A hundredfold one!

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