Thursday 24 February 2011

The Available Treasure : Helen Hiles and Graham Braddock

David Garratt as in David and Dale Garratt Scripture in song sent some information through by email on New Zealand friend and artist Graham Braddock, so I thought I would do a twin post on Graham and our local artist Helen Hiles.(see David and Goliath)

But first, a relevant excerpt from The Glorious Church a prophecy given by Maurice Smith
Now, because of all I have allowed to work upon your lives,you have a deepening relationship with me. Now you really begin to relate to one another. Not as a people who have in mind some grand successful church movement, but as a peopie captivated by my love and grace toward you; as a people thankful to be included at all in what I have set my heart upon. Now you are prepared to go at my pace, you do not despise the time it takes to form a relationship.You begin to understand that I really was unhurried as I made my friendship with sinners, that I was fully prepared for the disappointments and the rewards of friendship, and so it shall be with you more and more. As the barriers between one and one go down, as friendships are formed,and commitments made, you became more vulnerable to being hurt, and yet also on the verge of great discoveries. The riches that I have placed within every single one of you,becomes the available treasure of each other, and the poverty that has marked my people for so long shall be swallowed up in an abundance of supply.

One of the effects of 3rd Level Christianity is entirely positive.

1 Corinthians 12:17-21 MOVES OUT OF THE MEETINGS

17If the whole body were an eye, where would the hearing be? If the whole were hearing, where would the sense of smell be?

18But now God has placed the members, each one of them, in the body, just as He desired.

19If they were all one member, where would the body be?

20But now there are many members, but one body.

21And the eye cannot say to the hand, "I have no need of you"; or again the head to the feet, "I have no need of you."
The riches that I have placed within every single one of you,becomes the available treasure of each other.
One of the effects of the Christianity 3.0 revolution is to cause a greater reformation than did Martin Luther's discovery of individual worth in the principle that salvation is by faith in the completed work of Jesus Christ on the Cross.

As the rediscovery of baptism in the Spirit swept through denominational Christians and new converts in the 70s we thought that a new reformation was on its way. What we got was better meetings. Much better meetings. So good, many like Peter on the Mountain of Transfiguration, wanted to build their tabernacles right then and there. However God was far more interested in engineering processes in our lives which would increase our hunger for more of God, and also lead to great failures personally, as we had to come to rock bottom to learn that

As individuals gradually crash into this realisation, in the ever so narrow way, the other side of the Cross, we start meeting up again and this time the ground is broadening out under our very feet.
As the barriers between one and one go down, as friendships are formed,and commitments made,Now after all the disappointment and fiasco of the aftermath of Ern Baxter's Capel Bible Week address in 1976 on the subject of Covenant Love in the Body ,using David and Jonathan as illustration......
then everyone watching agog as all the unified streams of Spirit- baptised Christendom were literally torn asunder before our very eyes.

Now, in this new dimension of relating in Christianity 3.0
we look not to our own abilities to do anything, least of all to hold the Body of Christ together,

instead, as Cindi Estep is always saying....

We are Jorge Pradas's vision of UNA SOLA COSA
Rich Novek sees the dividing wall of hostility is broken down!!!!

Now it works. Because it is not us of ourselves. WE all KNOW, we really KNOW it is Christ as us in us......and He really knows all about unity

FOR HE it is who is the ONLY ONE REAL LIFE in the UNIVERSE.

So expect a huge reformation in every aspect of life. Financially the 15th and 16th century one was driven by aristocratic princes pouring money into skilfull artists and artisans.

Hmmmmm. Who will drive the new one? Again we see that we are more than flesh and blood.
More than a Darwinian animal.
More than a secular cog in a secular state.

We can have art, design and music again that isn't just driven by Kesha's hormones.
We can have bold statements coming out of "Day to day pours forth speech" in Psalm 19.

The new reformation can come from your and my finance. Or at least begin there.

  • If you like Helen and Graham's work here are some things to think about.

    You can order some. It's original. They are on your side! They are in the family.

  • Be aware though they are artists. They have a hotline to communicating the Psalm 19 wavelength as it bubbles through their consciousness. They have not necessarily a covenant with the past, to produce a pastiche of what you consider art to be. What you consider art to be is probably long past its sell by date!

  • Give them TIME. They are humans. It's not like visiting a card shop. These guys may do runs of their work, but they almost certainly do one offs....and the only way to do these takes time and money. Realistic money!

  • With these things in mind here are some thoughts

  • Think ahead to that birthday

  • that retirement

  • that house or church that is to be built or currently is being built......think about that alcove, or blank wall

  • think of that new business that is being launched, or office suite that needs a bold statement in the foyer

  • Group together as a family, as a church, as a bunch of 3.0 Christians, as a business team and order something larger......something incredible.......something unique

  • Have any of you had visions that you know are in some way a blueprint for your future.Get these guys to paint them. Have you a scripture, a passage like Graham's Ephesians 6 armour example......get them to paint it.

  • Still too costly......well collect up money regularly over weeks and months and maybe supply these guys in say 3 payments as they undertake the order.

  • Think creatively about how you (singular and plural) are going to drive the next reformation, built around you!!!!!

The riches that I have placed within every single one of you,becomes the available treasure of each other.

Helen Hiles left school and trained as a gardener. Originally inspired by her passion for plants, she taught herself the art of botanical painting and was very successful in this field, illustrating several books and showing at a number of exhibitions. In more recent years, Helen's work developed into a new dimension and her work became much larger and looser, swapping fine art brushes and watercolour paper for oil and acrylic paints on canvas.
Helen's art has had an international impact, gaining her a fast growing reputation as a versatile, innovative, thought provoking, imaginative and prophetic artist.

Helen is currently resident artist at Graylingwell Chapel, a new Church, Community & Creative Arts Centre in Chichester, West Sussex. The Chapel, closed for more than 12 years, has been re-opened and is fast becoming a new centre for the community. You can see many of Helen's paintings on display in the Chapel and she often paints 'live' in the context of church worship.
She is also available for Workshops, Exhibitions, Prophetic Painting and Commissions. If you would like to buy any of her prints, you can do so from our online Shop - just click the link

my words

Helen's new site is up and running. I asked her for permission to use her work. I particularly wanted to highlight Breakthrough and David and Goliath which Peter Stott preached from in his amazing conference message

Helen, like many in the church , processes information differently as an artist. She finds an inability to simply sit and listen to words being preached. Sometimes her only means of processing the information is to paint while she is listening. You will see on her site something that appears like a repeated image, perhaps birdlike, almost like a figure for a wallpaper. If you look closer you will see figures embracing. This is the church. This is the Father Son and Holy Spirit. This is fellowship in its basic form....agape relationship. This figure I believe came in the last Havant Conference 2010.Helen is from Chichester, but she is often at these main key of David conferences.

much much more on Helen's actual site....take a look

Dear Chris,

I would like to introduce you to Graham Braddock, a good friend of ours who has been a fine artist for many years.
Beginning January this year Graham began producing a monthly newsletter showing a piece of his art together with notes on how the particular work was created plus any relevant comments as to its importance.

I thought you may be interested in having a look at the February issue of his letter and subscribing to it. No cost is involved.

Here is a link for you to click on to.

Kind Regards

David Garratt

From Graham's School of Prophetic Painting WebpageWelcome to this exciting prophetic art site. We have endeavoured to bring together several exceptional artists in order to offer you what amounts to several life times of painting experience. We believe this school will catapult you into a new level of skill and creativity and in your ability to not only hear from God but to visualise and render the images He gives you into powerful prophetic paintings, that will bring glory and honour to Him.

We have tons of new and exciting developments in store for the 2011 school. We are continually looking for better ways to give our students a vital and creative experience, so plan to be there for the 2011 Prophetic Painting School.

Dates for the 2011 School

Module One Drawing * 4 April - 29 April

Module Two Watercolour / illustration * 3 October - 28 October

Module Three Oil and Acrylic painting * 7 November - 2 December
"We will soon see artists creating paintings that will come straight from the throne room of God. By looking at them people will receive an impartation of deep prophetic vision and heavenly perspective. Holy Spirit anointed art is going to have the power to set people free. There are artists being raised up whose gifts of healing and deliverence will be projected through their art. People will just look at it and get healed or set free. There is art that will soon be released that will powerfully impart vision and purpose to people, even calling some to their ministry and releasing spiritual gifts."
- Rick Joyner

Much much more on Graham's website

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Unstoppable Lindsey said...

Hello Chris,

I am interested to know the artist who painted that wonderful painting of what assume is Christ in the clouds on a horse. Do you happen to know this artist and how I may contact him/her?

Thanks much.

A lover of art and beauty,

Lindsey Pence