Tuesday 15 February 2011

God touched me and I was filled with laughter.

Someone on Facebook yesterday was saying about those who still move in separation and use the phrase "God showed up" way too much......the Facebook writer then added....Like He wasn't there already?"

This is a blogpost which states:
I don't think the varied ways God will "show up " will ever change. I don't think coming out of "separation" thinking (the belief that I am a separate being who is not a branch in God's vine)will ever change the sense of God showing up. The gospels say "when Jesus saw that the Presence of the Lord was there to heal....He healed all who were sick".
This is why Jesus said "I only do what I "see" the Father doing."

Sometimes "see" means inner eye,inner sense. Sometimes it means both inner and outer.
Anybody who has been round Spirit-filled conferences knows that one meeting may be a manifestation of deliverance, another about Covenant Love, another prophetic, another just pure adoration and worship. No man decides this. It isn't for man to decide.

Some may think the Union message takes us out of all this
but have you looked at the Holiest Place recently?
The Union message that is explained clearly and simply in the Romans 6-8 article by Norman Grubb on the lefthand link of this blog, represents how our humanness, our acacia box wooden containerness is covered within and without with gold . There is no more separation. Everything is within that container and functioning! In the Holy Place ....the shewbread was "out there" on the Table, and the lamp of the Holy Spirit was "out there" for us to watch and be guided by.

Look what happens now in the Holiest Place! Union, if it is true union is "attested to " with an accompanying cloud of glory. This is God doing things like suddenly breaking through with a commendation of Jesus. His acacia boxedness....(for He had left his glory aside) was suddenly attested to with the Father suddenly "showing up" with a commendation. Now some said it thundered. But others heard "This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased."

So, even after baptism in the Spirit, and 30 years of living out of His union with the Father, God was "showing up" in other forms.

I personally think everyone that is learning about Union in this current time is a bit like children excitedly unwrapping the "present" of the gold-covered acacia box, without still noticing the further "au-dela" "other than" "beyond" glory that is overhead between the cherubim.

It cannot be boxed. It cannot be contained, but it IS all part of the Union experience that was mirrored by the Holiest Place "shadow and type" in the Old Testament. And remember, anything we are aware of here as its representation, is manifested right now even more gloriously in heaven. This is what Hebrews tells us. Not that the type or shadow is now so discarded through Jesus that we chuck all thought of it away. No. The Old Testament model was only a pale pale reflection of the Incarnation model that , as in Andre Rabe's book ,"Imagine" always existed in God's determination. The heavenly sanctuary IS NOW. And we, through the Blood of the Lamb are built into it.

Isn't it interesting, God's way of building church into people ?

The first ever model was a precursor model, a model of preparation. 12 men. Who by the Spirit were picked by Jesus.

The church, to even exist, had to have 12 men. Prepared beforehand.
This is what is wrong with most gospel thinking. People only think in terms of a gospel message. A message preached about forgiveness, or turning your life round.

The true message is about something being formed. A reality known as the Kingdom of God. We are to be built into a reality. Not as some see it, a stone and mortar building. Nor yet others, as some human religious club that is local to us that meets once or more a week. No the message which echoed round the church world in the 70s was that we leave sin, to be knitted by the Spirit into a heavenly reality called church, which manifests on earth as we meet in the Name of Jesus.
That we can freely travel between towns, cities ,nations and continents and meet with others who are in this same reality, and meeting in Jesus Name; and yet still be conscious that it is the same NOW Jesus that is speaking fresh NOW words according to the Psalm 19 truth : each day pours forth speech, and their words are heard. This itself is a miracle and remains the miracle of this new thing called forth on the Day of Pentecost as Church.

Jesus, Himself,as a 30 year old, baptised in the Spirit, was a mature life in God. He was able to take 12 men and bring them to maturity in only 3 years. I don't know all the special meaning of 12. There were 12 Jewish tribes. This was the "new Israel". But I do know from my own church experiences that one man is not sufficient to convey the fulness of the Church or Kingdom message. 12 men, with totally different personalities, living manifestly as ONE THING, seems to me a good number to birth such a glorious reality.

You will notice that man's church systems since
nearly always revolve around one man,
whether as pastor,
or superpastor in a network hub.

So I'm now going to pose the superblaster question.
Is it the Church? Have we ever really seen the Church as modelled by Jesus?
Or only some weedy balsa wood model, whose colour and simplified shape, and lifelessness of form in no way reflects the reality, which like grassroots between concrete slabs, is really everywhere but scarcely perceived.....because mostly , as Revelation indicates, it is persecuted out of existence.

What even in the USA? Yes. The pyramids in the States under Joel Osteen, or yet other Vineyard models, may have life about them....but if you peer in between the cracks of these megachurches, is the real church in these places something more like the grass stalks of reality finding their place among lots of immovable slabs?

This section began with the statement "Isn't it interesting, God's way of building church into people." One of the first things the Father initiated through Jesus, rather counter intuitively...
was to get this bunch of 12 proclaiming/confessing, the Kingdom in preaching trips.
And for these to be accompanied by signs and wonders.
Nothing like chucking people in the deep end?
So, we understand that this was something of the disciples' Romans 6-8 "reckoning" period.
Believing the Word in their hearts then giving outward confession to it.
This is the "fixing" period....similar to fixing developed photos in a dark room.
After you are "fixed", you operate from an inner knowing that isn't so shaken by externals. You are not meandering all over the place. People are safe to spend time with you as you share this "knowing" or "impart" this knowing with others.
But one of the things Union people are not discussing, and almost chucking away as worthless now.....are the spiritual gifts and manifestations. If Jesus encouraged people into these to help with the "fixing" process....
If these are the very things which, together with preaching, aided the "fixing " process in the first churches described in Acts, now we understand more about union, we don't surely ditch everything we've been learning so far in the past 2000 years as completely irrelevant?

The Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Of all the wonderful things about the different supernatural gifts is their "levelling" quality.
A 5 year old is as free to use them as a 70 year old....and because they are Holy Spirit driven, they are not somehow better in a 70 year old. They are humanly impossible. So human experience and age won't help a tad!!!!

The second thing is that they confront any lingering sense of "control" or "independence", where man feels he is in any sense in control of what is going on. This was the effect of the confrontation between the Angel and a now fully prepared Joshua as he led Israel forward into combat to take the Land. When Joshua asked " Are you for us or against us?" The angel's negation was to flatten any remaining sense that Joshua was in charge of this whole move of God into the promises. This is the gob-smacking, jaw-dropping effect of the spiritual gifts.

The third thing, as I have said is that the gifts help us "fix" into the reality beyond flesh and blood. They help us sensitise ourselves to this world that is more real than our own, that is both here and beyond simultaneously.
All this to say that the "otherness" of God has a place even in the Union message. For while "I only do what I see my Father doing" can and does mean "our branch" part......we can never speak for other branches, nor for what the Father just seems to randomly do as signs following, that doesn't relate directly to any human cause. How for example that Arthur Blessitt could trace something like a hundred foot glory perimeter around the Cross (read his Cross book), such that an angry person could approach him to do him harm, but as soon as he entered that glory perimeter, his anger would evaporate. They would find themselves in another spirit.

When God is "up to something" new, specific and special, one of our "blue touch papers" is Ian Dickinson. Seemingly randomly and from nowhere he will begin to laugh.

Now one night at his place of work, a grocery store, when things were particularly difficult and stressful, God again touched him. This time it was for several hours, and many of the surrounding employees caught the laughter too, and from that day on tried to get him to "do it again". But Ian cannot "do" that particular type to order.

He can however fake it, and yesterday he got into our local newspaper with this article about him.

WHETHER it’s a ‘ho ho ho’ or a ‘ha ha ha’, Ian Dickinson is hoping to prove that laughter really is the world’s best medicine.

The 49-year-old aims to turn chortling into a pastime by launching his own laughter sessions in Havant.

Gleeful Mr Dickinson, who admits he giggles at anything and everything, says he wants to get more people laughing to make them feel happier.

Mr Dickinson, who has worked at Tesco in Havant for the past 10 years, will be holding free laughing sessions in Havant Park.

‘It all started 25 years ago in India,’ explained Mr Dickinson, of Blendworth Crescent, Leigh Park.

‘A doctor called Madan Kataria thought that if laughter is the best medicine, then he should try it.

‘He got in a park with some friends and encouraged them to laugh through jokes.

‘The jokes ran out, so he formulated a system of encouraging people to laugh without jokes.

‘His wife was a yoga teacher. She brought in this type of breathing which helps you to breathe properly while you are laughing.

‘It’s basically a form of exercise that encourages you to laugh to release endorphins.’

Mr Dickinson, a fan of slapstick humour and Fawlty Towers, loves to tell jokes, but says he will make people laugh by faking it.

The married stepfather-of-two, who has received training in laughter yoga, said as one person laughs it creates a chain reaction.

He said: ‘Fake laughter will end up being real laughter. There’s nothing wrong with faking it. The body cannot differentiate between real laughter and fake laughter.’

People will also be encouraged to explore different types of laughter.

‘You have a deep belly laugh “ho, ho”,’ said Mr Dickinson.

‘The chest laugh is “ha, ha”. Then you have “he, he” – that’s more a facial laugh when you snigger. “Hu, hu” is a more expressive laugh.’

Mr Dickinson said laughing has therapeutic benefits for stress-related conditions, but added: ‘It’s not a cure-all. It can’t take problems away. But it will make you feel better. People can just come along. There’s no membership or fee. You just come along to have a good laugh.’

Laughter sessions begin at 3pm on May 1 by the football sculpture in Havant Park and will be held every Sunday.

For more email ian.dickinson7@ntlworld.com.

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