Tuesday 22 March 2011

Something Didn't happen today.....

Something Didn't happen today that may....may turn a page in history
.Note on Facebook by Chris Welch on Monday, 21 March 2011 at 21:55.
There is a Word of God over Havant Church that says its character, its name is "Turnaround Church".

Perhaps now dear Facebook friends can understand why I am hanging around. The calling over Peter Stott's life (the original church leader) and indeed his family members is one of revival.

The jury is still out on what "Turnaround Church" means.I know what I'd like it to mean, but a church is made up of people like myself that "volunteer" in the Day of His Power. We cannot speak for each other. That is coercion.

All I can say is that after meeting with 2 leaders today some things didn't happen.

Every generation that has moved on in light has usually faced a wall of resistance. Luther was excommunicated. Wesley persona non grata in the Anglican Church. The Quakers too. And so the same tale for hundreds of years. The charismatic independent churches were no exception.The wife of the Methodist minister that I grew up with, now 40 years on still asks if I am in the same cult.

So here we are on Facebook and blogs. We, I think,are all pretty confident we are entering something new, a completely new step change. In my opinion it is so huge a transition it will actually make the charismatic move seem like a relative blip.

Thing was the charismatic move had lots of bells and whistles.What some of us are calling Christianity 3.0 or the third level (from Chapter 31 of Norman Grubb's book Yes I Am) is deceptively unimpressive AT FIRST. Then you look round and you realise Romans 8 is starting to mould itself round you. Bits of creation getting set free. And only then does it really hit you the enormity of what is just beginning.

So many thousands have now left church. Voted with their feet. Rushing to be as far away from church pyramid structures as they can safely get. See the Darin Hufford Heidi Venie interviews


And this has been the normal pattern now for hundreds of years, and a lot of us have quoted "ecclesia" as the called out ones. Hebrews 13.13 talks about going outside the city walls, just as Jesus did for us. But then, suddenly , you notice a verse like this one.

Psalm 45 :16 In place of your fathers will be your sons;

You shall make them princes in all the earth.

17I will cause Your name to be remembered in all generations;

Therefore the peoples will give You thanks forever and ever.

Did you catch that in the Spirit?

Instead of the Old Guard for ever and a day holding their Truth up high, and calling themselves for ever by that name, instead the People of God begin to choose willingly and freely to be called by the revelation, the light of the sons. Of the NOW Word, not the THEN Word. And in such a climate permanence is weaved, because it's all about GOD's Name being remembered in all generations. One of the biggest handles the world has on unbelief is how the Church is far from permanent. Well as structures of stone and museums of Law and sadness they may have a permanence, but here the verse is about engendering a dynamic praise among "the peoples". The nearest we have seen to that in the last weeks is the testimony of the Chilean miners, whose emergence caused a sir over the whole of Chile, but rippled out through the whole world.


So by rights the two leaders shouldn't have even given me elbow room today. But they did.

Can i just mention that although a lot of us are aware of the sadness and bondage in the former "triumphalist" charismatic networks, there actually is a breed of leader that has demured since. I know several who were at the head of these awful pyramid apostolic structures who have now totally backed out from that style of leadership.

The people in Havant are in that state of transition.

After today I am still none the wiser really. The enormity of what some of us have been through to start to get hold of Father level truths we wouldn't really wish on anyone. Almost without exception it has involved "the cry of desperation" which is something that grips your inside like the pain of childbirth. You know there is an answer out there somewhere, why, because deep down you know your God is not a liar. So you go right out on a limb to find it. Or perish and be damned.One thing you are clear on.....if Christianity has to be "made to work" because it doesn't work of itself...then who wants it?! Leave that to some other fake religion. Our Jesus said His truth would set us free. That's what He said. He either comes through for us or if not then He's a liar. So this way we get our own testimony. This becomes "my gospel" and out of that the Word that comes out of my heart, mouth and life can set others free.

So I was listened to. And a bridge was again built. Actually i am not really sure about the quality of the previous bridge because I think that was built around me being some kind of "charismatic prophet" and doing charismatic type things, whereas now the gloves are off. I am me. This message is me. I cannot be split from it since Jesus is My life. I do not intend to jump through any more charismatic hoops to share the message of Christ as me in my form. For it is the only Christian message that really worked from the apostles onwards.

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Elaine Waterfield the fact is you were listened to was the actual bridge not just passed by or made to feel like some looney tune. Even if they didnt agree the listening part is the bridge. The call over Peters life is bigger then you think and bigger than he knows but he needs to be obediant and at the minute he needs to listen to what God is saying and be more in tune with him and the calling on his lfe . Maybe the conference will bring this out maybe the picture will become a lot clearer?
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