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Why must we doggedly stick with this 3rd level schtick? (or Will the True Body please stand)

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Introduction to the Face book Note, included only here in this post.

How is the Third level different?

1.Why the 3rd level is hard to fake

Psalm 131 (New American Standard Bible)

Childlike Trust in the LORD.
A Song of Ascents, of David.
point heart is not proud,
point B.nor my eyes haughty;
point C Nor do I involve myself in great matters,
Or in things too difficult for me.

2Surely I have composed and quieted my soul;
Like a weaned child rests against his mother,
My soul is like a weaned child within me.

3O Israel, hope in the LORD
From this time forth and forever.

Every Christian move up to now has been faked quite well.
In Tabernacle terms we have now reached the bit after the charismatic Holy Place.
The altar of incense
Like all Spirit driven realities, this is an interior reality. But this surely is the place beyond which all fakery cannot go.
What do I mean by fakery? Well here is an example. After the hardline approach of pastors in the wake of what was originally a Spirit –driven model
of shepherding (how do I know its origin? Because us Jesus people knew nothing and had to learn from scratch, then lived shepherding as a Spirit reality in the early 70s before it went pyramid).
In the 90s a softer model of pastoring was proliferated whose “catch phrase” became “ministries are here to serve”. If anyone saw Toy Story 3 you will know how well this was caught in another context by the “benign patronisations” of the big cuddly bear who was then revealed later for his true Hitler/Stalinesque quality.
Several things happen at the altar of incense.
The rubber meets the road.
Evangelicals who have studiously avoided the supernatural, usually because of terror and fear have to finally face the fact that Jesus is Spirit. He runs His Kingdom that way. Flesh driven Kingdom just won’t do, and beyond this point it has the harshest penalties.

What has been winked up until this point terminates right here.
But this is also where the promised Smith Wigglesworth prophecy becomes true. This was the prophecy about the last great Move being a Spirit AND Word move.

The Las Vegas “wide-boy” aspect of the charismatic movement
ENDS RIGHT HERE ALSO. And you can see this in the above Psalm.
This is where the 12 loaves of the separated church in the Holy Place become ONE THING, ONE LOAF, “UNA COSA”.
The key to the evangelical charismatic divide with Holy Spirit specs on is this:
Apart from the obvious split on both attitudes to the Holy Spirit, there is a much more subtle one that disappears right here in the Heavenly Tabernacle beyond the altar of Incense.

While charismatics point to evangelicals and say they are almost totally ignoring the ONLY ONE whose job it is to remain on Earth to prepare a Bride : the Holy Spirit, who by the way was typified by the servant in the lead up to Isaac getting married in Genesis. On the other hand many evangelicals have been made aware of the “exchanged life” and how radical that revelation is.
The fact that it really is not I who live, but Christ who has made a complete exchange at our inner centre. They look at a charismatic and see some kind of anointing ,but marring that is this whole Las Vegas “Look at me “ aspect to CHRISTIAN TV type ministries that makes everyone want to puke.
Hmmmm. But after the altar of incense experience everyone loses their labels.
The Altar of Incense is positioned in roughly the same sequential position -
  • in the Psalms of Ascents around 130-131 (Psalm sequence describing the approach to God's Temple Psalms 120 -134 )
  • as it does in the Feasts
    (ie the Day of Atonement, the first part of the 3rd Feast of Tabernacles)
  • and at the crossover between the Holy Place and the Holiest of Holies

Evangelicals lose their label....they are just in Christ
Charismatics lose their label....they are just in Christ.

This “pride of life “ existence that is a part of the virus that we inherited in the Fall is finally Holy Spirited out of us. It is a heart operation only the Holy Spirit can do. He is the one in the end who writes the New Covenant right through our heart like lettering in a stick of rock.
The whole definition of this blog, originating from the Bible viewed as a whole package through Watchman Nee,Graham Pulkingham, Mother Basilea Schlink, Ed Miller and Norman Grubb and others since, especially Rich Novek and Daniel Yordy online, is that
by realising there is no “separate existence” to Christ....that the very “spirit “ we catch ourselves in if we dare try to live this way, actually was sown in us in Genesis 3, and now since conversion it is Christ Himself who has properly taken up residence inside, we now start to have this “weaned soul”, that is not proud, that doesn’t view others from some spiritual elite leadership enclave. The barriers, all barriers are down.
Christ is not proud. He loves with open arms. We don’t have to fake humility.We dont have to behave as if we are humble.
There is NO “WE” THERE to do anything. We are not peas in a pod sharing the space with Christ. He took every part of us into the grave with Him , and when Jesus was raised, it says He raised us up with Him, interleaved, interwoven with Him. What we “do” Watchman Nee says is believe it. In Romans 6, “Reckon it”. When I was 13 I did a potted version of Watchman Nee’s Normal Christian Life for my friends. So I have done 39 years reckoning. It isn’t “time duration”, it’s depth of Holy Spirit work. For the disciples it was 3 super intense years only with Jesus Himself, and that was sufficient to launch the Church in all its purity, splendour and anointing.
Makes you wonder what on earth the charismatic churches have been doing!
Like a weaned child rests against his mother
is the nearest the Psalmist could get to the Union reality of Christ in our form.
Not getting ourselves involved with great can imagine what kind of religious fakery could come out of that statement if treated like a “lawbook”. No it is a Spirit reality where we confine ourselves to what we see Jesus doing. This was the walk patterned for us by Christ, who only did what He saw the Father doing.
Yet paradoxically....only restricting yourself to Christ ( see Lonnie Frisbee and the power he moved in, and the fact that in all parts of the world where he went, people pinpoint their heritage to his visit) is not a restriction! John said about Jesus, if everything was written down I don’t suppose the world is big enough to contain it.

2.What is so hard to take about 3rd Levellers?
That which is hard is this.
If you don’t know that Jesus is that real. If you don’t know that He means what He says to each Christian:
You must fall like a seed into the ground. You must, like a buried seed allow yourself to disintegrate and be brought forth by the Holy Spirit into a completely new resurrected form like unto a complete plant which itself shoots up carrying fresh seed.
If you still think of yourself in separation. As a “Christian pressing hard into a separate God”
you’re going to have a lot of problem with a Christian saying He is Christ in his form. The whole thing just isn’t going to compute. You are going to call that Christian arrogant, prideful . But instead you are betraying where your inner believing, your inner consciousness is. Either
not even in the Tabernacle
or may be in the Tabernacle , but only the part that deals with forgiveness of sins, the outer courts,
or maybe still further , in the Holy Place, but as one of 12 very separate loaves
and definitely not beyond the Altar of Incense.
Beyond this point, no man in his delusion of “separateness” goes.
Your life goes up in smoke. Everything you tried before that worked, now fails. Every last bit of control you thought you had in your life becomes unswitched. The only thing left to cling onto is the reality of Jesus alone.
Norman Grubb wrote a simple phrase:
Whatever we take , takes us.
Whatever it be that we choose : job, relationship, interest, ends up by taking hold of us.
That is particularly why there is no real sexual union without marriage. The marriage is not the paper. The marriage or “stolen union” is still union. For the rest of your life some part of you is theirs, and they are some part of you.
If you fail to acknowledge any “final bottom line” which is the agreement that goes with physical union it leads to a confusion between two states. It leads to a fracturing of the reality you are trying to live.
In Christianity, the third level comes after a long period (of indeterminate length) of you binding around you, reckoning upon the validity of
God’s spoken promises in His Word about you, and what the Cross has done for you.
And what or in this case WHO you take, takes YOU.

As Daniel Yordy is pointing out continually in his writings about the Body of Christ : the manifestation of sons can only take place in this level of inner seeing.
Without the believing in your heart, the confession of your mouth, which is the faith process, how are you going to get the manifestation? And it is this manifestation that glorifies God.

He did not make a particularly big thing of Jesus resurrection. A couple of angels at most. Then Jesus gets mistaken for a gardner. That’s how commonplace and ordinary the scene was. As if nothing had ever happened. Which, in a somewhat scaled down form, is exactly how it is in the 3rd level.
We’ve been stretched, thought we’d lost our mind,laughed at, scorned, had a lot stolen from us...if not always virtue of the frequency with which people pass over us. Nobody “gets” what is happening to us, least of all us! We’ve tried and failed very hard. We’ve tried not at all. Neither made any difference. Onlookers see this “burning bush” always appearing to be set on fire and in some state of emergency, yet never being burned up. We keep “looking” absolutely normal, as if we are in the eye of the storm, and scarcely know there is one.

Yet all the time, like the 5 wise virgins in the Parable of the 10 virgins,Matthew 25, we’re nipping down the store for more oil. All 10 had some oil. But it is the 5 who are nipping down for more, come rain, come shine, come hail,come crawling,come limping, come dancing, come marriage,come business success, come business failure. A lot are reading “church” for “store” into this. It’s more subtle than church. However you are getting that Word, it is by “hearing with faith”, binding it around you, making it yours.So when you at last open your mouth
A LION’s ROAR, pressed down, squashed in,jammed in,
comes exploding out.......HALLELUJAH....I’m ALIVE IN JESUS. And this is practically with no anointing.
You wait until the vat of anointing oil of Psalm 133 gets tipped over a group of virgins like that......!!!! External special anointing oil poured on top of an explosive cocktail of inner anointing..... KAAAAABOOOOOOOOM!

Beginning of Facebook Note of this blog post title

" Why must we doggedly stick with this 3rd level schtick?" A friend , a dear friend, phoned to say again yesterday.

We can all see the dangers. I am greater than thou because I am on such and such a level.

Well being "on a level" can just be left-brain talk. Collecting levels a bit like a train-spotter collecting train numbers from an overhead bridge. With a similar detachment.

Hmmm. Except you are nolonger detached. Andre Ousterhuzen, Francois Du Toit and Andre Rabe, for three, make sure that there is only one thing you know. That your essence, the only essence that matters, the one designed way before the fall, way before creation was even spoken into being....the unique you, was designed by God and will only ever "really work" properly in Christ, which is the One in whom we are always intended to be. Enough of "special levels", in the sense that like it or lump it...

you're already there...

You see God didn't even ask your permission. Everything coming in between you and God, and I mean everything, was tasted by Jesus, gained power over by Jesus, then yanked by the scruff of the neck down in His Body, in a most awful death, because that way....

pulling it down with Him to the gates of hell

He could be sure we were never going to be bothered with it again.

You see He left it there. To rot.

With the roots withered, anything that is still continuing now is due to ignorance of the clear revelation of what Jesus has done. And rather like a rogue spammer or cold-call salesman that are free to trick you as much as they can get away with until properly challenged....Sin, the sin spirit....still operates. In fact it can't believe it's luck!!! "You mean the news of my utter destruction has not fully reached the Earth's surface yet? I gonna have a field day among these stupid ignorant humans!"

The game's up ! The veil of the Temple is torn. The dividing wall of hostility is broken down. There are no levels. No steps up to the Temple.

You're IN. ..... BIG TIME. Not even at day ONE. YOU WERE IN from the time before time.....

from before creation.....

when God purposed you IN HIS BELOVED SON !


Only to pin your believing down, from airy fairy spiritual, to here and now Earth.

As a baby contains ALL the DNA coding it will ever have to get it from cradle to grave. No more DNA will ever be added.

But I think if I tried to dress the baby in a firefighter's uniform....

Or get the baby girl to announce tonight's news you'd then start to take level talk seriously.

Levels are just stages of growth in reality. Children,young men ,Fathers as in 1 John. This is one of the subjects of my blog, and the subject of all of Paul Anderson Walsh's series of books about growth beginning with "Safe and Sound" and then onto the "Apprentice." Google Paul Anderson Walsh and Grace Project.

Now Paul and I have never met. We are Facebook friends. But the reason we are doing what we are doing is not friendship. It is the timing of the Holy Spirit in the Body of Christ to bring out what was started by Madame Guyon and others, Jessie Penn Lewis, through Watchman Nee, up to the present where the Holy Spirit is spelling out exactle what growth is. Again, this is not random. The Holy Spirit requested this feature of our generation specifically. He targeted our generation in a Fountain Trust conference in 1972, to be the ones to "Raise up the former devastations"..."to build a highway of holiness through the desert." The highway is now all but built. Guess what highways are for?

What was the M1 built for? Yes you've guessed it. So that generations of theological colleges could surmise the prophetic significance of 4 wheeled chariot? was built for cars.

This highway now revealed around the Earth....Is for people.

Why would God send a man round the Earth on foot with a Cross for 38 years as a spiritual dry run? Because God MEANS BUSINESS. He means great traffic beloved!

But now I said this was ONE of the subjects of my blog. If one subject is individual growth, then the twin of that is that there are 3 stages of CORPORATE BODY GROWTH.

I haven't spent the best 15 years from 1973 - 1988 living most of that time specifically in community with the odd gap here and there......with anointed fresh input for our generation from Ron Knight, Ed Miller, John Wimber, Jorge Pradas in particular, for people to bamboozle me about it's all about individual growth brother!

Huh? You trying to tell me that chickens don't lay eggs? That bread isn't made from corn? That girls don't like Brad Pitt?


Through the experience of the Body of Christ together I've experienced spiritual warfare you'd be scared to be in...with bulbs exploding....with angelic sitings written about in a lot of the Yorkshire newspapers.

I've seen our own Victoria of Bible House climb up from a life in total darkness, all but paralysed, with a doctor's book of notes like Tolstoy's "War and Peace", raised up strategically by different members of the Body instructed to do different things, such that she became well, married and is now living in Barcelona. In Bible House too, we prayed for and received properties in Emsworth and Les Ulis Paris, for the Parisan offshoot. I've seen first a son raised from leukaemia by his Dad's marrow, then the same Dad raised from leukaemia, through the bone marrow of the son. This dual operation was a world first which was on every TV channel in our nation and most others in the world. I saw this Body of Christ rise up in a meeting as one and declare healing over theGod Channel ministry of Tony Fitzgerald's wife at 11. 40 precisely, and at that precise moment in her hospital bed in Brighton, she got well. I saw this Body , after months and months (nearly 2 years was it)of the Yorkshire Ripper laughing and taunting our police while slitting another throat, stand up as one and declare it was over. Within hours the man was in custody.

I've seen a Body, particularly Bible House, rise to pray prophesy and worship in the morning, to meet again in the evening, and through the frequency of meeting and working of the true Holy Spirit, as different areas of our lives were touched on, then tenderly cared for, carried by the other members of the Body.....I have seen shy, inarticulate people, being transformed into spokespersons for God, into fully functioning Christ individuals


but days and months. Crisis encounter does not take long. Jesus only took 3 years. Have any of you had the lightnings of God in your midst? Lightnings of revelation. Lightnings of healing, of power. Of rising in praise before the Presence of the Living God to join together in thsat place that is AGELESS, that IS THE ETERNAL NOW.

Are some of you getting this? The true Church is no model. It's the real thing. THE ONE AGELESS BODY OF CHRIST. When it gathers things of History happen!!!

What I'm saying in my blog is, as good as that was, and it was a foretaste.....

That was the church in its CHARISMATIC FORM. IN its 2nd level format. In its Holy Place form.

Its initial CLOTHING FORM. It's "Overshadowing by the Spirit "form.


Imagine a Body of Christ, filled, rooted, grounded in the SUBSTANCE of what Francois Du Toit and the Andre's, Rich Novek's ,Daniel Yordy's, Merrill Thomson's are bringing. Imagine ,can you?

If you've been in the things I've been in from the Dales Bible Weeks upwards, on a general belief level of "separation", far far from the "single eye" view that God is now bringing.....if even at that shallow level of general believing the Lord in His love can bring such examples of power and awesomeness...

HAVE YOU ANY IDEA what a world Church brought forth in the current acceleration will look like? I can only tell you as an individual, because God gave me a glimpse of 3rd level living at a "single cell level", that is me and a family in Northern France, in order then to give me that aircraft vision that is now in film form on the side of my blog."The Melchizedek Order" This was 1978. But sure enough, the sort of stages that God has been taking His Body through have happened in the 3 stage ordering of that prophetic insight.

And the opportunity afforded to the world church for sharing internationally by the vehicle of the net has been utterly extraordinary over the last 2 years.

So, yes to the preachers that say there are no levels, that God has taken away every last obstacle.

But NO in the sense that we see overnight a Romans 8 Instant setting of Creation Free moment....

To conclude I want to say something , until you are in, you may find quite frightening.

The Third level is very like Being IN GEAR.

It's possible to be on a bike and wobbling

It's possible to be scooting downhill on a bike at great speed


You, having been fixed into Christ, beginning to WALK AS HIM. Remember the verse that Fred Pruitt always quotes: As He is so are we in the world.

Well the Third level mystery is when you get in gear. When you go up hill on a bike , you feel the hill.

In the 3rd level you begin to feel the weight of history and you're part in it. Things appear at one level to close in around you. You're believing is MESHED in with your surroundings.

Before it was remote.

Before you thought of yourself as "separate from God"

Everything was at one remove.

Now those scriptures that were quite jaunty like "This is the day that the Lord has made....remember singing that one..."


You are enmeshed. Your faith is specific.

The weight is felt.

Are you a super Christian. Are you as an individual on some special esoteric level.

NOPE if anything you won't ever feel weaker in yourself than at any time in your life.

Actually quite like you feel on a steep bike ride or on a marathon, or in a gym.

The difference as a weak insignificant vessel....and by now...boy you really feel it....

are, by your believing releasing the ALLNESS of GOD, THE ALL encompassing ,Overshadowing Eternal might

to work through you.

Now before we get too freaky and spiritual, we actually do have an example or two in recent history.

Whether overtly Christian or no...this was our Almighty God coming through two weak vessels to outwork His stuff in the nations. One was the jail sentence of Nelson Mandela and its outworking into South Africa. Another was Rosa Parkes who doggedly refused to give up her place in the bus and was the spark that started to set equality in place for the coloured in the Southern States of America. Interestingly all you have to put in Google is " black lady in the bus". So there are many black ladies in buses....but not like this coloured lady!!!!!!!

This is intercession in its basic form. It's the apostles saying to the authorities faces "Whether it is right to obey you rather than God?...." and next thing they are being jailed and killed.

We can be big heroes about all this, but for Brother Lawrence it meant being chained to those dishes. We have no idea the struggles he went through, probably wanting to be anywhere but there...but after a while the Kings and princes came to see the dishwasher!!!

I feel this has been a start. Hopefully you are starting to see this is more than just about me.About you. This is the opening of a door that has never opened. Only individuals. The uniqueness of our hour is that as well as the daily call to preach and teach the gospel, the Holy Spirit said something quite different in 1972, to prepare a whole generation and a highway. And the Highway is now all but ready!!!! Not just a Highway of the Gospel. But a Highway of the "goings of God" as brother Sigler puts it. A Highway of HOW the Body of Christ functions. A Highway of knowing. You can't really put the means of Body Growth in a text book. Or well, you can do as good a job as a textbook on childbirth.

The theory's roughly there....but otherwise terms of the way your own body just takes control and does the job far better than you could organise yourself into.

So it is with the workings of the BODY OF CHRIST.

Forget seminaries. Almost everything you learn there is hopelessly inadequate when it comes to the LIVING BREATHING SPIRIT- FILLED BODY of OUR RISEN LORD ON EARTH. Hang around people who have been there done that.

SELAH.God Bless You readers.

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Wednesday at 22:54 · LikeUnlike.Alan Roy Bowyer So glad you have seen it too. You hear of brother and sister being so spiritual on their own but we are only completed when we are built together for a habitation for God in the Spirit. Christ is the Church we are the Church. He is the v...ine we are the branches you cannot see the trunk because of the branches. Those who are "very spiritual" as individuals haven't even started if they haven't been built together. They talk about the Church universal but have no real experience of being a true expression of Christ which angels look into concerning the wisdom of God through the Church. One shall chase a thousand and two shall chase ten thousand. God's multiplication. Thee are different levels and different rewards in heaven. Some will be saved as by fire as thier reward is only hay and stubble which are burnt up in the fire. This is our training place for heaven. We will be dwelling together but what will we do with our little sister if she hasn't developed. It is the little foxes that destroy the vine which is the Church. There are Church leaders who know nothing of corporate growth or body life. They teach the priesthood of all believers but think they are the priests and every one must follow them. Paul said follow me as I follow Christ. Christ commissioned the disciples into ministry. They want the people to sit under their teachings ans just be spectators. If a member was to act as they taught and got up to caste out a demon they would be horrified because they never went to their Bible School. Thanks for the sharing I could continue but we are already on the same wave length. Be blessed.See more
Wednesday at 23:21 · LikeUnlike.Chris Welch Yes, hardwiring into local manifestations of the Body nails us down. But even this needs to come through the Cross. Most people are in a club they call church. What do they mean in the spirit by church. They mean club.As soon as we start wa...lking in the Melchizedek order we get this clash as you have lay a finger on a demon without the pastor's permission and he'll freak out.He won't cast that demon out himself, it just becomes part of the furniture....but if you do anything....WOW. In this we we see how demons are woven into the very fabric of our churches. On the positive start preaching the realities of the finished work of the Cross, and people then get their own faith rise up, and right there many demons just lose their foothold, without much of a hullabaloo....thespirits have got nothing to hold onto.The challenge is to get that sort of preaching into places , past the "gatekeepers"...these rather weak or at worst "false shepherds" of this article : more
Wednesday at 23:44 · LikeUnlike · 3 peopleLoading....Elaine Waterfield all I can say is thicko me would sooner go out and preach the Gospel and share my faith and love for the LOrd with the lost the needy and the poor all thses lvels and church politics and do and donts is this that and that this means nothing to me
Wednesday at 23:47 · LikeUnlike.Alan Roy Bowyer Yes it is carnal nature in control and not the Spirit. Elaine when you have the spiritual unity of the Church behind us when we go out to preach we get power liberty prayer and double protection. We have it allready but even more so. God bless you Elaine.
Wednesday at 23:53 · LikeUnlike.Chris Welch No one moves faster than one who has slowed right down into "seeing God going on". When we see that, like Jesus we can be in front of a crowd and amazing things can start to happen. He can do more in 5 minutes than tons of pastors rushing around like stuffed chickens.
Thursday at 00:06 · LikeUnlike · 2 peopleLoading....Chris Welch Anybody who has been around the Spirit for a few years knows that what is going on right now is so huge it's frightening. The levels that so frustrate you Elaine will be bypassed completely by a people so broken on drugs, divorce,business f...ailure,lost relationships and kids, confused despairing they will come right in at the furthest point we've got to.Like Mary Magdelan did.She came in so far she was given the privilege of being the 1st human to see Jesus alive again in the New Creation. This is the meaning of the parable of the Vineworkers who come in at the end of the day and are paid exactly the same as those working all day. Carnally its frustrating....but what is that to us? Jesus said "What is that to you what my rate of pay is. I choose to give what I give and it's none of you other's business."See more
Thursday at 00:13 · LikeUnlike · 2 peopleLoading....Chris Welch Hiya Jamie. You get this stuff dont're a Body lady!
Thursday at 00:18 · LikeUnlike.Leslie Lawson Chris. above any other expression that I have encountered as I feasted upon this prophetic word, would be what an honor to be amongst the tagged.
So many confirming statements. Not realizing until now, this was a much needed and long awaited... word for me. So much as I read, went so deep my spirit would leap & rejoice and I would recall when I encountered hearing these very things in times past. Not having a clue of the reality of them and having one person (my sister Cindi E. ) that I could share them with. Not that she had a clue at the time of what any of it meant either. But we had the same heart. Though so different in every other way we walked in unity. It was an automatic happening nothing that we tried to achieve. Our hearts beat as ONE.
I love how He seperates everything but at the same time we are one with Him. Like feeling so inadequate and nothing in myself But at the same time feeling like royalty because beyond any doubt (I know that the KING of KINGS lives in me and I am never alone. And in knowing this I will never be seperate from Him again.
You have to walk through a place to be able to build there.And in building a bridge from one destination to another the labor would be long and hard and you would cover every inch of the area with your footsteps, some many times. I remeber this place well and am sure many of you do also.
Thank you Chris. You are a much needed asset to the body and I thank God for you!See more
Thursday at 02:00 · LikeUnlike · 2 peopleLoading....Sandy Crosby Its great! Bit long, but you have said alot, thanks for sharing broher:0)
Thursday at 03:53 · LikeUnlike.Nancy Gilmore On Him, I rely. "And I will put my spirit within you, and cause you to walk in my statutes, and ye shall keep my judgments, and do them". Ezekiel 36:27
Thursday at 04:43 · LikeUnlike · 1 personLoading....Cathy Rheeder Thank u chris for always being such a blessing,thanx for it.blessed.ta.
Thursday at 07:58 · LikeUnlike.Chris Welch Elaine, there is nothing that you or I or the unbeliever can do. Christ has fully welcomed us into Himself. All He is now doing is telling us more about what He has done.Even whether we believe it all or not has no effect, other than whethe...r we will see it manifesting on this ball we call Earth. Jesus didnt use the word levels and where they become a barrier they lose their usefulness. The Jews were already knowing there was a God who forgives and loves, so unlike our evangelising they didnt even need to do that. So really, Jesus began one stage in by getting all the disciples to go out preaching with signs and wonders. This is where He began!!!!! Then in John 6 He changed gear (what I am calling the steps to a fully functioning 3rd level.) Just like your anger, everyone but the disciples walked off. It was Jesus least successful sermon "numerically". Notice, it wasn't academic. It wasnt words they couldnt understand. They just thought it sounded like cannibalism. Eat my flesh and drink my blood. What we can't see in the text is how the Holy Spirit was tackling people's idea of themselves. This all happened "beneath" the words as Jesus spoke and caused great upset. Jesus never really covered this ground again until the upper room with the disciples. What the Holy Spirit is doing is preparing a generation who brings a gospel message that gets to the root of the problem. As long as we just preach the forgiveness message, we are no further on than the Jews in the Old Testament. This accounts for the success of Anglicanism.....a kind of reworked Jewish old Covenant with some New Testament T shirts on.See more
Thursday at 08:35 · LikeUnlike · 2 peopleLoading....Francois Du Toit Thoughts on Pharaoh’s defeat

What the 10 of the 12 spies perceived was a figment of their imagination, 40 years later Joshua sends 2 spies who hear the true story from Rahab..."we have heard how the LORD dried up the water of the Red Sea bef...ore you when you came out of Egypt; our hearts melted, and there was no courage left in any man; Num 13:33, Josh 2:11 The devil knows the truth of his defeat on the cross!
The biggest triumph of the enemy is to get sincere believers trapped in the wilderness of unbelief where they believe a lie about themselves and dwarf this great salvation into a fairy tale; there maybe miraculous mercy and provision etc in the mean time, but that is not the point!

Forty wasted years in the wilderness of other people's unbelief did not age Caleb!
God delivered Israel out of Egypt without their help, but told them to conquer the giants and take the nations! So often we ask God to do something he has already done; now it’s our turn to declare to ignorant mankind the truth of their salvation!
Israel lived a neutralized life because they believed a lie about themselves. This gospel mobilizes us to be the mirror voice of every person’s true redeemed identity and the integrity of their innocence!See more
Thursday at 09:39 · LikeUnlike · 4 peopleLoading....Francois Du Toit Rom 5:1 Righteousness by faith realised means unlimited friendship with God; this is the ultimate conclusion of the Gospel. Jesus Christ is the legal authority (Lord) of our testimony.
(In one sentence Paul sums up the previous four “Therefore, being justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.” KJV
Peace is a place of unhindered enjoyment of friendship beyond guilt, suspicion, blame or inferiority. The Sabath rest celebrates God's unhindered enjoyment of man and our unhindered enjoyment of him!)
5:2 He has welcomed us with open arms and reinforced the fact that our access into this grace-gift is guaranteed by faith. We stand fully established in grace while we boldly rejoice in all that God’s opinion communicates and anticipates for us. (Our conviction is sponsored by his initiative)
Hope, elpis from elpo, which is a primary word which means, to anticipate, usually with pleasure. (Strongs)
5:3 Our joyful boasting in Him remains uninterrupted in times of trouble; we know that pressure reveals patience.
Tribulation doesn’t have what it takes to nullify what hope knows we’ve got!
5:4 Patience proves legal tender; which buys more positive expectation.
(dokimos, proof. Thayer Definition: scrutinised and accepted, particularly of coins and money.)
5:5 This kind of hope does not disappoint; the love of God has become an artesian well within us because of the gift of the Holy Spirit.
If God is not embarrassed about us, there is no reason why we should hang our heads in shame!
5:6 God’s timing was absolutely perfect; humanity was at their weakest when Christ died their death. (We were bankrupt in our efforts to save ourselves.)
MirrorSee more
Thursday at 09:55 · LikeUnlike · 1 personLoading....Chris Welch ‎"We can all see the dangers. I am greater than thou because I am on such and such a level.
Well being "on a level" can just be left-brain talk. Collecting levels a bit like a train-spotter collecting train numbers from an overhead bridge.... With a similar detachment.Hmmm. Except you are nolonger detached. Andre Ousterhuizen, Francois Du Toit and Andre Rabe, for three, make sure that there is only one thing you know.
....the unique you, was designed by God and will only ever "really work" properly in Christ, which is the One in whom we are always intended to be. Enough of "special levels", in the sense that like it or lump're already there..."
Only to pin your believing down, from airy fairy spiritual, to here and now Earth.
As a baby contains ALL the DNA coding it will ever have to get it from cradle to grave. No more DNA will ever be added.
But I think if I tried to dress the baby in a firefighter's uniform....
you'd then start to take level talk seriously.

Levels are just stages of growth in reality. Children,young men ,Fathers as in 1 John. This is one of the subjects of my blog, and the subject of all of Paul Anderson Walsh's series of books about growth beginning with "Safe and Sound" and then onto the "Apprentice."See more
Thursday at 11:00 · LikeUnlike · 2 peopleLoading....Chris Welch The Highway we now speak is Spirit and Life and comes straight out of Psalm 84...."Blessed are the men whose strength is in thee, IN WHOSE HEARTS ARE THE HIGHWAYS TO ZION" These highways sound like goobledegook to the leftbrain world of "I... only believe what I can see, hear touch taste." Give you an example...Christ in you the hope of glory." Now what's a western left-brain to do with that one? It's absolutely meaningless. Except that anyone who is really born again bubbles over on their inside whenever they hear it. it's like the babe in Elizabeth's womb jumping at the babe in Mary's womb!!! You can't see much, but in your insides is a knowing of joy that Christ is being born in you!!!!"
Now that Psalm 84 strength is immediately available now in the Spirit. But until you've accessed it a few times people will hear that you are inexperienced and not say of you "Blessed are the men whose strength is in thee".....they'll say" keep growing".
Far from being nebulous, The Words and promises of the Bible are more real and more concrete than any atom or molecule in our world....we are just ignorant and think the reverse. Listen, there's more empty space between atoms than substance. But when under an anointing I just speak to a lifelong epileptic middleaged woman,the epilepsy vanishes for the rest of her life. The Word is awesome in its power, sustaining the very universe because Jesus is that Word, and as Andre and Francois are writing, we are all tucked up in that Word, that intention of God to see the same pattern of His Son multiplying through a whole generation of faith.

I used to think like everyone the phrase "Will He find faith on the earth..." was something about will God find any Christianity left at all?
Now I understand that the only faith there really is is the THE FAITH OF THE SON OF GOD, that puts a whole different spin on it.As I wrote to Andre, it's like a wager has gone on in heaven unbeknown to us, similar to the one concerning Job . God is saying I will find the FAITH of MY SON fully operating in the Earth. That's the meaning behind Ephesians 3:8-10
to preach to the Gentiles the unfathomable riches of Christ,
9and to bring to light what is the administration of the mystery which for ages has been hidden in God who created all things;
10so that the manifold wisdom of God might now be made known through the church to the rulers and the authorities in the heavenly places.
Bet you can't do it, says the Devil.
Bet I can, using nothing other than My Word says the Father.
"Huh...easy in the first 100 years after your Son has been on Earth."
"Ok, we'll allow the whole thing to die back, and beginning with Luther and not a single eye witness, but just by the FAITH OF MY SON ALONE being activated in believers and nothing else to go on, I will raise up a church to crush you under her feet in experience ON Earth !"
"You can't do it" says the devil.
"Watch Me", says the Lord.See more
Thursday at 11:28 · LikeUnlike · 5 peopleLoading....Chris Welch Hi Cathy . God Bless you today
Thursday at 11:53 · LikeUnlike.Paul Parkes i find most of wot u said to be very true Chris,but i do beleve we should be out there with the good news of Christ,you know steve cattell ,and i can tell u of many more that whould not be in kingdom know if it wasant 4 srteet preaching,we ...all wont to see signs and wonders ,but i can tell you know you wont see them on t-v ,we need to get out there ,keep it simple,seek his kindom and let Christ build his church,your a very clever bloke ,and i like wot you brimg,im not educated,but i know it is finished,and i know WHO I AM IN CHRIST,bless you brother,paulSee more
Thursday at 11:53 · LikeUnlike · 1 personLoading....Chris Welch Thx Paul. As I've said to many...if it was a good training ground for Jesus in His crash course he did with the disciples...then preaching and proclaiming still is. i don't intend to structure my life around one brother however precious Paul...but as a oneliner and according to what the Spirit is growing in me...I'll whisper to you "Watch this space..."
Thursday at 12:06 · LikeUnlike · 1 personLoading....Paul Parkes we are both watching this space,and may the fullness of the one who lives in you BRING IT ON--thank you JESUS
Thursday at 12:11 · LikeUnlike · 1 personLoading....Chris Welch like that...Bring it on!
Thursday at 12:54 · LikeUnlike · 1 personLoading....Nancy Gilmore The surest way of spoiling a pleasure is to start examining your satisfaction. - C. S. Lewis
Thursday at 13:09 · LikeUnlike · 2 peopleLoading....Chris Welch ‎5:6 God’s timing was absolutely perfect; humanity was at their weakest when Christ died their death. (We were bankrupt in our efforts to save ourselves.)
There's being bankrupt and proven to be bankrupt. At this time the ones proven to be b...ankrupt were the Jews, so the first ever church sermon began" this Jesus who you crucified". Now in their arrogant folly the rest of the world have taken this out on the Jews without realising part of the "Goings of God", this Way Truth Life cycle is exactly meant to "frame us". Why? Because without this self-knowledge we cannot become properly fixed in our choice, or clear in our seeing.Unless we "see" deep down in our being our utter bankruptcy in being able in any way to keep the Law whatsoever, like a lifeguard waiting for a drowning man to give up, the Holy Spirit will not come to lift us up again out of the miry pit. What's a miry pit? A Miry pit is a hole with slimy mud up the sides. As fast as we climb, our limbs slip right down again. This is the impossibility of the sin situation we are in. Who can save us? Thanks be to God Jesus already has...but we have to be ready to totally come out of our "miry pit self efforts" and quite frankly, most Christians keep this up for decades, which is why outwardly there is no let up in their situations. We have to crash totally into the arms of the ONLY ONE who has been designated for lifting us up out of mire holes and setting us upon a Rock.King Jesus. The extent we give up, is the extent we know our bankruptcy.The extent we know our bankruptcy, God's grace can fill us up and lift us high above sin and "make straight our paths."
This is what is meant by the phrase in Romans: "That every mouth be stopped". Churches are filled with the self-righteous and the unrighteous feel this. Both are two sides of the same coin, but neither are righteous....not once the Holy Spirit gets his Xray out.The ONLY righteous One is Jesus, and that is why He alone is chosen to live your life through you.See more
Thursday at 13:23 · LikeUnlike · 3 peopleLoading....Kim Flink I absolutely loved this, well the portion I was able to read, not even in its entirety!!!Why I even borrowed this piece and re-posted, becasue this to me was the absolute sum!!!:
Everything coming in between you and God, and I mean everythin...g, was tasted by Jesus, gained power over by Jesus, then yanked by the scruff of the neck down in His Body, in a most awful death, because that way....

pulling it down with Him to the gates of hell

He could be sure we were never going to be bothered with it again.

You see He left it there. To rot.

With the roots withered, anything that is still continuing now is due to ignorance of the clear revelation of what Jesus has done. And rather like a rogue spammer or cold-call salesman that are free to trick you as much as they can get away with until properly challenged....Sin, the sin spirit....still operates. In fact it can't believe it's luck!!! "You mean the news of my utter destruction has not fully reached the Earth's surface yet? I gonna have a field day among these stupid ignorant humans!"

The game's up ! The veil of the Temple is torn. The dividing wall of hostility is broken down. There are no levels. No steps up to the Temple.

You're IN. ..... BIG TIME. Not even at day ONE. YOU WERE IN from the time before time.....

from before creation.....

when God purposed you IN HIS BELOVED SON !See more
Thursday at 13:34 · UnlikeLike · 5 peopleLoading....Chris Welch It's the sum we're working with!!!
Thursday at 14:25 · LikeUnlike · 2 peopleLoading....Cindi Estep In Gear....Overdrive!!! Fullness of the Spirit! Reading the above comments made me smile and then frown....Glad We Are ONE Chris.....
Thursday at 14:32 · LikeUnlike · 2 peopleLoading....Chris Welch The frown bit must surely be "the taking of weight"....if you think about it the crazy issues which Rich and Linda are going through are Christ by them....but for us it's Life and overdrive. Do you see? For Paul it was prison, for those out...side it was the sprouting up of gazillions more churches.This is the mechanism which drives the Third Level.....this is how Christ's flags get thrust into the Earth. The flags have always sat there....they are for our generation to ram home. One part is part like Nancy is taking on commissions that work on small and large levels simultaneously. In fact anything anybody does is like that. Richard Dawkins would find no rhyme or reason for the connection between Mandela's prison cell and freedom in South Africa, because as a scientist he cannot draw a line between the two. But this is how intercession works.See more
Thursday at 14:47 · LikeUnlike · 1 personLoading....Marmee Janet Chris, thank you for this writing and discussion. I am a wobbly bicycle rider at this point, I think, but am being drawn to Life here just the same. ...seeing through a glass darkly...
Thursday at 15:19 · LikeUnlike · 1 personLoading....Cindi Estep The frown was in reference to a comment that has now disappeared....All is well!
Thursday at 16:27 · LikeUnlike.Mankwe Clement Phukubje Wonderful Chris,plse tag me.
Thursday at 16:42 · LikeUnlike · 1 personLoading....Chris Welch I'll try to remember Mankwe, Im always forgetting Cathy Rheeder
Thursday at 16:57 · LikeUnlike · 2 peopleLoading....Bonnie Morris A third level truly does exist...however, if one has a TRUE grasp on it...there is NO big ME, little YOU! In fact, it is quite the opposite... So, people who say they progressed and have this "greater ME" attitude, didn't really progress at all.
Thursday at 18:51 · LikeUnlike.Chris Welch The third level only exists because of hardness of heart. It only has sense because we are trekking from absolute blindness back into the Light...the god of this world has blinded our eyes. In God it's normal to be holy. it's normal to be s...piritual...indeed what else is there. Being nonspiritual is part of the baloney the devil fed us with.Because God is essential humility , any sense that we are something is still smoke coming from an old pile of wood...the pile of wood the devil set us on fire with. I'm using horrible black and white writing to try and convey full HDTV 4D surround sound technicolour Kingdom Vision...and friends...especially just doesnt cut it. It'd be like me trying to describe to you a piece of music. Pointless. You've got to hear it.
Ministries like Francois and the two Andre's are here precisely for this show God's norm. Our original design. It makes evangelicalism look like a cupboard under the stairs, and the charismatic movement look like Las Vegas hoardings, which the next morning are empty shells. The truth is there is only GOD. He is the ONLY LIFE, and life form. The devil is a borrowed copy from the library with a return date stamped right across him. Everything derives from the One reality. We can't become more spiritual. We're so spiritual it's untrue. We either haven't exchanged our spirit properly yet for the TRUE INDWELLING SPIRIT OF GOD, or if we have, the devil is still having a field day by keeping us in this stupid notion of being a separate being, and having a separate....get this..."human existence"...".he's only human". What's that supposed to mean?
Well what it means is the devil gets to tarnish us with every slur under the sun if in return we will only believe that we are self- empowered gods in our own right. A. the slurs are coming from his foul residence in our spirit containers. B. We are stupid for keeping our side of the bargain anyway. As Bob Dylan sang: You Gotta serve somebody.He got this revelation in the first year as a Christian and blew out Calvary Chapel who he was with. I think they still haven't caught up, and are no small reason for him backsliding. He had more spiritual insight in the first week of salvation in his toenail than these Americans so called bastion of charismatic orthodoxy have after 40 years of endless Bible Study and end of the world sermons.(Hal Lyndsay was in some way connected with Bob Dylan at this time)See more
Thursday at 20:11 · LikeUnlike · 1 personLoading....Bonnie Morris I should have said third heaven; level is not a good word.
Thursday at 20:54 · LikeUnlike.Chris Welch The problem with third heaven is most think that's elsewhere.I've been saying to folk down ,bottom, up. Like a seed,falling into the ground (down) there it dies and changes form(bottom) then comes up in a completely different fruitbearing form (up). Levels make you think of podiums of power . Stage is a good word. Far less emotive.
Thursday at 22:57 · LikeUnlike.Bonnie Morris I also like realm... However, what I like most is that it is the Spirit of the word that comes forth and not so much EXACTLY how it SHOULD be said...
Yesterday at 00:45 · LikeUnlike.Pastpat Bwayo How are you Born Again? John 3: 1-21. You are first born by the carnal knowledge taught Bible that teaches earthly visible things which are copies of heavenly invisible things. You are born again from the old Covenant Bible (GENESIS TO REVE...LATION) taught in human limited knowledge that presents visual aid earthly visible things that are copies of the promised heavenly invisible things; which earthly visible things prevent the carnal minds to understand heavenly things. Heavenly invisible things are revealed by God to souls, one by one when God indwells them to teach to them the very old covenant Bible in a New way of substituting earthly visible things with heavenly invisible things in pattern that abolishes earthly visible things in souls but not from the Bible. Bible heavenly invisible things sealed by the Old Covenant Bible earthly visible things are revealed by the promised New Covenant Bible that teaches ONLY invisible heavenly things. Heb 10: 1-9, Heb 8.See more
Yesterday at 08:32 · LikeUnlike.Nancy Gilmore Being 'linked' together with those who have gone before us 'as Fathers' in the Spirit's reproduction now in us IS body intercession on this earth of the highest level; as our bodies are Vine-branches forms of the Living God.
16 hours ago · LikeUnlike · 1 personLoading....Chris Welch Like that.....also just think each father level person as Nancy says just relocates, so there's this ever extending taskforce of people who know how to move mountains standing right behind cannot really imagine the Power build up!!!!
16 hours ago · LikeUnlike.Bonnie Morris Nancy...this is what I have been seeing also... we agree with life and it adds to all who have gone on before us...
12 hours ago · LikeUnlike · 1 personLoading....Nancy Gilmore Intercession is not Prayer
by Norman Grubb

"Christ Jesus ... is at the right hand of God and is also interceding for us" -Romans 8:34.

...Our great High Priest has been the unique Intercessor. None but He could be apropitiation for our sins. But we also, as priests, have a law of intercession to fulfill, and this helps us to get a clear sight of it. To be kings and priests is our high calling, a royal priesthood. But first a priest, as He was first the High Priest. And that means identification, intercession, and finally authority.

Intercession has often been mistaken by many as a heightened form of prayer.But it is something different. An intercessor was sought for by God in the Old Testament times of desperate national backsliding, as someone whom He could rely on to turn the tide, a task of no mean order. In Isaiah's day God"wondered that there was no intercessor";
in Ezekiel's time He "sought for a man among them that should make up the hedge, and stand in the gap." In other words, all those dedicated menthrough Bible history, who knew their redemptive commission, who gave themselves without stint to the fulfillment of it - which involved them in all kinds of eccentric renunciations and strange activities for God's glory andman's salvation - were intercessors.

- The Liberating Secret

Late Press from John Stevens

Late Press : a comment and poem from my friend John Stevens

Every so often a poem plops out. This morning I'd written my reflections on the egg I'd laid a couple of days ago: 'the christian is a stick of rock. Break him open and all that is written is Christ'. So reading your blog and seeing the same phrase raised an eyebrow.

Here's the poem:

Singing in Prison

Every so often a poem plops out. This morning I'd written my relflections on the egg I'd laid a couple of days ago: 'the christian is a stick of rock. Break him open and all that is written is Christ'. So reading your blog and seeing the same phrase raised an eyebrow.
You imprison me and my only food is freedom and peace

You waive my rights consigning them to your grave and I am immersed in crashing songs of love poured out

You strip me naked and hold me like a crucified one, You search Me and find only hidden treasure

With one eye am I dishonoured and dethroned, the other sees only sandals and rings, meat and singing

I am who I am and it is not who I was; I am who I am and it truly is not me, this me
2011 John Stevens

Nancy Gilmore :Inner-recognition is our participation in the faith OF Christ. The Lord IS here! We awaken to His union with us, AS us. When Christ is IN us, but not AS us we have this gap to be closed in our consciousness. When Christ is AS us; there is NO gap. "Consummated" Faith IS when the object of our faith comes back with His inner-Christ-consciousness in us, as us; and we know UNION. . . with NO gaps! And we learn to WALK as WHOLE persons in Christ. The WHOLE is Christ.
Yesterday at 14:06 · LikeUnlike.Chris Welch Are you seeing gaps in what I was saying there?
23 hours ago · LikeUnlike.Nancy Gilmore Sometimes, I do. I know you know Spirit and take your identity with Him as who you truly are; but there are times when you're explaining the vast volume of comprehension that you have, that I 'hear' an identity as an outer man; as though separate; and truly that is an illusion. You're never anyone but Christ "as" you. That's the importance of AS in our consciousness. "As" does not allow you to be separate from Him... and it changes the way we say things. ♥
22 hours ago · LikeUnlike.Nancy Gilmore Here's "my nitpicking" example: you say: "It is important to understand this completely , completely obliterates any other programme we thought we were in. We don't bow to it. We don't eve recognise it. We set our face to the Heavenly Tabernacle. We take orders from there, no matter how unpopular. While others submit to "Don't touch, " and other earthly regulations we are involved with a programme to bring the King back."
21 hours ago · LikeUnlike.Nancy Gilmore CONTINUED. . . I don't do any of that! I'm free in Christ to just be who He says I am. I don't have to understand much, all I have to understand is "how faith works". God's says He is the ONE in me who wills and does of His good pleasure. ...That settled it for me. Believe that, and we're free. I left all the other outer-stuff years ago. Now I know you are gifted with an intellectual mind, and I admire that in you, as you; but I am NOT. And I'm not interested in an intellectual mind; nor do I compare myself with you. I'm free to be different, knowing I have the mind of Christ. Because He said so! That's where my trust is. In Him ONLY. You are my precious brother in Christ and I accept you just as you are! My question is; Do others compare themselves with you, having to know all this other stuff? It sounds like law to me. A formula to follow. I don't have to know anything, but Christ as me. I confront HIM as to who He says He is in me, as me; Are you my life, LORD? Then be it! That my word of faith. And how that works out is His business, not mine. Now I see He has put us together as his body members; and I am delighted! And I'm free to tell it as it is in me, as me; And you are free to tell it as it is in you, as you. So we get along just fine! And I love you! However, I don't do any of the things you do, nor do I see things having to be done in the way you do. ♥ WOW! have I ever opened up a can of worms. :)! ♥See more
21 hours ago · LikeUnlikeThese last few months have been interesting and because we are all one we do not need to fear. God adds stuff all the time. It's an amazing Body. I knew Elaine was taking my stuff as intellectual. I'm a bit surprised that you are. Patrick B...wayo does the same. For me it's just like when Peter wrote about Paul...he says some things that are difficult. Which if we take time to think about we can fall about laughing. Think about it, and St John too in Revelation. Paul for starters in Romans was prophesying the RETURN of the Jews into the purposes of God.....well they'd barely even been scattered then. So in order to understand Paul, you had to imagine a whole lot more scattering, then somehow get your head round how on earth God was going to bring them back again.....and centuries later too! Then you've got John prophesying about a woman who goves birth to a Son....and yes some of this would have been already manifesting in their experience of early church....but this woman encompasses all ages, including our own which now has an Earth with 7 billion people all over it....with a Woman in labour in every nation who is the Church giving birth to an Overcoming Man who is a mature expression of Jesus. Now if this is off the wall now, what was this like 20 centuries ago? I can assure you I have not obeyed the Lord for 30 years waiting on God to have this all labelled as intellectual theory from you Elaine or Patrick. This stuff we can't think up, it has to be sewn together on our insides from all corners of the Word. The sad thing is that at the moment you have to read it. it's better heard and passed on under an anointing as many have done in bits with us.It's the anointing, plus the fact that others all over the earth speak interlocking truths that give us the underlying assurance it is of God.See more
21 hours ago · LikeUnlike.Nancy Gilmore I'll re-read what I said, but I think I said, I hear it as law. I wasn't criticizing you for being intellectual, but asking how do others hear what you are saying. As for Paul's difficult things, I don't see the comparison, nor a reason for either of us to be defensive.
Chris Welch Returning to the original gap conversation Nancy it has sparked a train of thought in both directions. It was like being reminded this morning that one of the hangups of being a Baptist in my formative years is to have heard every single I statement of Jesus in separation, llike Jesus was speaking out of some specialness. And this is sowrong, because He deliberately laid all glory every I am statement is being spoken by faith as a human container but "in the Father". This changes the slant on all those I am statements.

On the other hand I think I see this in scripture and in what God is raising up:
Our conscious changing stage where we are having every "gap" closed is a growth stage. As you have always is the reckoning stage still. It's a more advanced 2nd level, but it still is not 3rd level.
I am so glad my blog says Now onto the Third the ambiguity whether we are even there yet. But there will come a time when gaps are properly and in the main closed, and I believe for you this has happened and you are receiving training in "LAND-taking " activities by the spoken Word of faith.

The Third level is in this way an unconscious level. A bit like me being a tuner. i don't think every morning, am I going to be able to tune this piano? We've forgotten about gap stuff. We're just Him. Now here's some interesting stuff. Praise and worship as an activity as well as a Romans12 24 hour commitment will roar like a lion's roar. We won't have this half in half out wimpy "Christian" approach. Our confidence in the open approach to God will mean a sound like the sound of the men in the Ern Baxter sermon Thy Kingdom Come on my site. (If you play that over bass speakers, you can hear this frightening Roar of the Lion/Lamb in the midst of the5000 men. It sends tingles all over you) God regularly does foretastes of this by the Spirit...but I am talking latency. Our consciousness will just reside there , because we are seeing only ONE.
But we learn in Psalm 133 that as weaned as we are. As much as we have this continuous consciousness that we are a weaned child, weaned off the pride of life, resting against our mother" as in Psalm 131......Psalm 133 is about anointing oil.

The charismatic move was a foretaste of priesthood. As soon as we entered by faith into the Holy Place, we began this co- reigning priesthood Call, and God has already performed much through a Body that had anointing but next to no clue on a daily level , a life level, of who they were. Once mature, this priesthood changes gear altogether. The anointing that God can now trust us with is of a much more final form, in our battle to enforce the Cross victory of Christ. It is a people in Psalm 134 "who stand by night" in the House of the Lord. One huge forerunner of this was Rees Howells, who, in his consciousness and preparation was pretty much alone for the task. His task ofcourse was to meet the Dictators at the very highest level, and crush their power.

I'd just like to say about God's storehouse. God is always pulling more and more strange stuff out of His storehouse. When Jesus was here, Jesus found a heavenly resource of paying tax from a fish's mouth.This had never been done before. An axehead had floated on water, but a human had never walked on water.
Now we read in all revival reports that weird Spirit manifestations have always accompanied previous moves. The Lollards. The Quakers.
But there are continually new, never done before things.

When Norman Grubb was writing Yes I am, he was unaware that people were starting to throw glory at each other. This has sometimes happened in a minor way in Havant.
When John said in Revelation "I was in the Spirit on the Lord's Day", he wasn't waiting for a reply from Dee Dee Winter or Fred Pruitt to say "But you are always in Christ dear, Christ is here all the time." he is talking about a specific anointing for a specific job.

So I wanted to talk about latency...that which we seem to have all the time by virtue of a whole change of "seeing", and also because we have pursued the Lord on specific stages of obedience, so it has now become resident to us.

This would be so for example with Rees Howells in the area of prayer commissioning. Anyone like Francois and Andre as they visit between Bulgaria and Pakistan then back to South Africa will be discovering "latencies" in all the Body. When I went to Kenya at the tail end of a revival that had been continuous from 1949 until then, I visited and filmed a youth camp. Ages 6-18. They had a latency in thunderous simultaneous prayer like in South Korea. They couldnt understand why I was bawling my eyes out in front of this thunderous roar of children. Icouldn't really tell them. But you know the story well. The reason was I'd come from Europe where hardly any kids know Christ, that's why I was bawling my eyes out.
the same happens to English people when they visit Rios de Vida in Quilmes Argentina. There is a worship and adoration latency there and English people will be bawling their eyes out hearing these incredible operatic voices pouring love and adoration emotively upon Jesus. They look at English people oddly, as if to say, why are you crying like that. Again you can't really say. But it's because English people need a manual or an overhead before their Cyberman voices can be directed to the Jesus that subsection 4 paragraph D, amendment 44, says we should.
All the Body has these different giftings, anointings, latencies.

But Psalm 133 is a special indication of what will be occurring as we all see we are ONE. Onto this will be poured power and authority that we cannot imagine. So here I am talking of specific waves that are in the timing of the Lord, I am not meaning to take away from the ALL POWER, ALL PRESENCE JESUS that we have today.

Rich has an extremely short patience with people who talk of "coming moves". It's the Spirit with which we talk about it. Jesus used to say a lot of stuff like this, prefaced by the time is coming and now is. People who speak by the Spirit have "legs when theytalk". Unlike the proverb "A proverb in the mouth of a fool is like a man with no legs".
True Spirit people are injecting the Now components of the future for pre-assembling in people's hearts, that makes the difference between idle words and Marthas's"I know he'll be raised up at the last day"....and things that will actually happen.

Well that's what I woke to when I read Nancy's text.See more
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