Sunday 26 June 2011

Revelation or Reason? by Fred Pruitt

There is a great attempt to understand the scriptures in every way, and I am always amused when someone feels he’s got the real true understanding just because he can interpret Greek words and by the scholarship of others, having now found the true actual “definition” of the word, they by that know the real rock-bottom truth of the passage.

What foolishness! Do they not see it is only the mind of man trying to nail down spiritual realities from the perspective of human reason, i.e., the “idea”‘ that we find the whole enchilada when we know the correct definitions of the words? Somehow that is seen and put forth as “truth”?

But if that is so, no need then for the Holy Spirit. Revelation has ceased, many claim, and no wonder they think it, for it has ceased for them. Otherwise, they could not make the statement. So they are speaking truly out of the depths of their own hearts when they say, “There is no more revelation. Now we’ve got the ‘book,’ and we are responsible to ‘It.’”

So we figure out what it means based solely on human reason, on an initial foundation of the Death, Burial and Resurrection of Jesus, which reason thinks it can grab and hold on to and systematize. In so doing they choke out the True Vine as their initial “true” revelation of the True Jesus, and leaving the True Vine they have choked almost to death, they build a house of straw and empty words which “have the form of godliness, but deny the power thereof.”

Thus we have Ichabod. And of course that false tree has become so big it embraces the entire world.

No worries, though! All that the Lamb said will happen IS happening and will continue to happen in the what is to come.

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