Tuesday 14 June 2011

Rich Novek's last few weeks. Facebook as support vehicle.

Let me ask you one of those point blank questions? Who thinks the Rich Novek situation was just the dry run? Have any of you thought that while churches have millions stashed in properties and high (or medium) salaried staff,Facebook church can give 100% without costs to a. those that need it,(as per chapter one of Corinthian Elders by Jack Fortenberry) or to the mature people the Father thrusts out withoutsalary

    • June Melanson The Rich Novek situation was truly the Father's heart of love reaching out to one of His precious children, and I am so excited and honored to have been a part of it. :)))
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    • Chris Welch It's a different programme when it is initiated and carried out from the heart. Although I'm putting out this question...it's more a heart question...I'm saying...are you up for the sort of things Dad's(Father God) gonna be setting up....cos it won't look like anything you've really seen before?

    • Jeremy Culverhouse Sorry to be dim.. But what or who is the 'Rich Novek situation?'
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    • Linda Novek
      Rich is my husband, pictured here on my page. 2 months ago, he pulled his back, on his birthday, April 11th. He is self employed, with no insurance...after almost a month of not getting better, but getting worse, actually, we were told he... needed an MRI. We were out of money by then, and three precious sisters got together and decided to have one of them send out letters for those who could to help us not only with prayer, but financially. By 12 hrs. there was enough money given to us that it paid for the MRI, which showed he had a deadly infection, which had abscessed, and wrapped around his disc, and growing into his bone. He was taken to the hospital asap, and has been there for over 3 or 4 weeks already. In the process of treating this infection, and seeing he was still in horrid pain, they did another MRI, and found a very large tumor on his kidney. Last Tuesday, they removed the tumor and kidney, and one week post surgery, he is close to being out of pain in his back, though his incision hurts. Not only did God's saints give us money...they gave us enough to get us through the month of May and June is almost all covered, everything that is important, and money is still coming in from time to time. It amazes us, how God has used so many to sustain us during this trial. These people saved his life, literally, because without the MRI, he would have died either by the infection or the tumor in his kidney. We were not aware of any of this, no symptoms, nothing, until April 11th, Rich's 52nd birthday. God is so good. Thanks to all who have been helping us so much, with prayer and gifts...it's a mind blower for Rich and I! And the three women who sent letters for help...June Melanson, Cindi Estep and Cheryl Lowery...WOW...God used them to open MY eyes up to his blessed Mercy! I don't worry anymore. :) Neither does Rich, because GOD is where our help comes from! AMEN!!! It's been such a huge miracle...and a very long journey! :) He's still in the hospital and will be recovering for another 5 weeks because of the kidney surgery.See more

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LynnAnnette Beautrow-Strack said...

Linda, I can't believe this is the way I found you. Bless your heart. I knew there was a reason God had laid you on my heart all this time. It has been driving me crazy trying to find you. I hope that you read this we were very dear friends at one time and hope that we can re-connect. Lynn (Beautrow) Strack l.strack@yahoo.com
God is so amazing and you and your husband and family are truly in our prayers. PLEASE contact me SISTER!!! :)