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The Bride and a synagogue : The Difference

 "What is a seminary?  
A baby  pacifier , a dummy, a milk substitute? Why? because the milk and meat supplier is the Woman, the Bride, the Church. Where there is no Woman overshadowing the Manchild (Rev12) to bring it forth....no proper milk....then stuff a seminary in its mouth to suck on."

The Bride first and foremost is in love.
She loves her Bridegroom with a passion. She loves God so much she fulfils the First Commandment and the Second.She loves God with all her heart
all her strength
all her soul
all her mind.....in that order. and loves her neighbour as herself.

No other on the earth fulfils the First Commandment .
The Bride in consummating Her love exists to bear children.
The Bride does not "do evangelism", she bears children and raises them in her form.

The synagogue goes 200 miles to make one convert , and them twice the son of hell that they are.
The Bride does not worship as an activity. She worships as a reflex. She breathes worship.

The synagogue "trains" its people, and its special people it sends to seminary. Everything it does  it does at one remove.
The Bride is the heart of Christ in the Earth. The Bride is in Union with Her Lover. She bears and raises her Manchild in her very own form. Her "means", is the same as Her essence, Body Life. Life co-shared between individuals who know they have died and the Life they now live is Christ. Theirs is no "Christ and"  type of existence. Because they know they were there at the Cross, co crucified along with Christ, they know there is no them and Christ, rattling around like two peas in a pod. There is no question of the Bride doing any activity to try and join herself to the Bridegroom, as she realises that any delusion of separation between the two was destroyed utterly at the Cross.

The synagogue does everything at one remove, because it ALWAYS believes there are two. When a synagogue uses the word church, it does so in this "Christ and " reference. There is a separate Christ out there, and a people forming a kind of club that call themselves the church trying to reach Him.

There are unbelieving synagogues. There are believing synagogues.Of believing Christian synagogues
the main difference between an evangelical synagogue and a charismatic synagogue is about 10 minutes of singing in tongues, and maybe a gift of prophecy  once a month.

Because a synagogue is Christ Life once removed...or at a distance....what the Song of Solomon refers to as the "daughters of Jerusalem" , the lack of actual Union Life, has to be substituted with external additives and adornments to make up for the absence of proper internal life.
The Bride brings forth its own Manchild of mature ministries.The synagogue has to invent her seminary system.
The Bride's Own mature ministries feed into the Bride together. On the Day of Pentecost Peter stood with the eleven. All the apostles continued feeding the young church in Jerusalem.
The synagogue is run in the pattern of her father the devil, which is a geometry of no life, a pyramid, held in place by coercian from the top.
The Bride has its own complicated and internal structure based on One Life Source present in all her members. Christ is the Cornerstone who keeps the building together. Or viewed as a Body in Ephesians, the Body builds itself in love. Ephesians 4 :15 -16 speaking the truth in love we are to grow up in all aspects unto Him who is the Head even Christ, from whom the whole Body, being fitted and held together by that which every joint supplies according to the proper working of each individual part, causes the growth of the body for the building up of itself in love.
Just as you can no more describe how the human body works but by Christine my wife doing a three year nursing course into its complexity of lifegiving functions, so in the same way each part having Union Life with its Saviour gives natural expression to that same Life. In fact in this Ephesians passage is the circular nature of the description. Each part builds up the Body so that each part may build up the Body!!! The Bride extends Herself. She is like a mansion of housebuilding extensions that all build extensions.

Body Life happens where it lives. It takes its form from its own life.
Synagogue life happens at one remove. It needs a place specially marked out in advance to function.
Body life functions anyway, wherever it gathers, whatever it is doing.

Synagogue life takes decades and each successive generation is a watered down version of the last.
A Synagogue leader or rabbi surrounds him or herself with people they can trust to go along with their particular slanted vision. This will be friends and family members.
The Bride builds herself up co ordinatedly and not with huge lumpy outgrowths of say, faith, or a particular teaching, or a particular style of meeting. Each member of the Bride has her own DNA, her own propensity to a single eye, that is to seeing Christ going on, regardless of in who and in what format or style. The Bride adds vision to her circle of understanding as she collectively pursues Her Beloved.
The Bride maintains Unity of Spirit, because that is the address where she lives,(she lives from Christ Himself,) until she is established in the Unity of the faith. I am not naive enough to believe that this doesn't involve friction, but just as sin itself requires a skilful Body technique, so does the whole question of differences. The Body hammers things out, but on the basis of unconditional love, and seeing One at the centre of all things.The Body "technique" for sin and differences is "In returning and rest shall be your salvation, in quietness and confidence/trust is your strength."
A seed form of Bride life both for the local church, and the international Body was Bible Houses. Their life together was built on the above verse and
"Seek Me and live".Amos 5:4.
Bible houses never "fully worked" because they never fully understood the 3rd level fatherhood stage of 1 John 2. But their pattern came in the Spirit through Ed Miller, and had the churches continued to receive his 3rd level input and not tried to work a 3rd level pattern with 2nd level techniques, many ensuing problems would have been sorted.One of Ed's Words that he attempted to introduce was "ministry from spiritual eunuchs". First and second level ministries marry their churches and live in 3 way open relationships with Christ. Just as this is gross sin in the natural,it is even worse, more widespread and more devastating in spiritual life.Third level ministries have learned to be eunuchs, preparing the Bride alongside the Holy Spirit for the One Bridegroom.

 The Bride lives from the concept that the Body lives from One Life, Christ. Just as a natural body tends to work towards unity of function , so in the Spirit the Christward direction tends towards unity, healing and from one degree of glory to another.

The synagogue preserves the previous generations' one sided truths in aspic, for future museum visitors to view in its glass case.
 The synagogue thinks in a linear fashion which leads to circular behaviour. Going round mountains in wildernesses.
The Bride thinks in a Jewish and God- related circular fashion according to cycles ,times and seasons, and harvests, so that her behaviour is ever more linear ,striding along the centre of God's own history in the earth.

 The synagogue only operates in a Holy Spirit human order mix.
The Bride only exists in the Oxygen of the Melchizedek order. She has no life outside that order.
Jesus is her agenda, her means, her place, her pattern.

People argue about the gifts of the Spirit.
Charismatic synagogues attach the gifts to their circular behaviours.
Whereas the bride's own inner union with, her life source she lives from is :
God, who laid His own glory aside
to become something new.
"Today I have begotten you"
Christ was begotten the Son of man. The second Adam.
For thirty years He lived a natural life as a Man , but IN HIS FATHER.
When asked about how to increase faith by his disciples He told his own story:
as a 30 year old man. In the position of servant in God's kingdom, you begin your human life sweating in the scorching sun of the  field. At the end of the day, dogtired you serve the Master His meal and drink until He has had sufficient. You are serving in the second mile!!! Somewhere in that 30 year process in Jesus ' life was formed Fatherhood of identity, which eventually led to the inner communication that now was the time He lay down His tools and enter into ministry.
At His baptism in Jordan, His own Father announces His Son. This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased. This was marking the change where the servant then sits down for a meal, and this time the Master, here the father girds Himself as a servant and co operates with Jesus in His new Ministry. It is upon the Son that the dove comes down to rest.
And it is always upon this Son , from our first day of conversion, that the baptism of the Holy Spirit is conferred.

Try as we might to avoid it, the Bride moves from a Man who first in His natural life for 30 years, matured as one living in the Father, and then after baptism matured as one in Holy Spirit ministry for 3 years. This is the nature of the Inner life the Bride moves from. The gifts are not strained adjuncts to a life lived at one remove, like the structure of Synagogues, but they are perfumes of the One Life that the Bride all share, in the context of continual Body Life.

Jesus trained the disciples from the word go by sending them out to experience the gifts of the Spirit. They were present as he preached and the Spirit fell upon the multitude. Sometimes God's Presence was there to heal, and in meetings now we are aware of God's presence coming as a River in one particularly strong way, and tens or hundreds are touched simultaneously. What may take years of prayer is just swept away in ten seconds of God's river. The disciples were trained watching all this. But simultaneous to all this and in glorious coordinated balance to all this was Jesus own John 6 Word to all the disciples...Unless you eat of my flesh and drink my Blood you have not life within you.

Synagogues produce leaders with knowledge about a subject.
The mature emerging out of Body Life impart to the next group of believers this Eating of the flesh of Christ and the drinking of His Blood. This Life that ISNT at one remove. This Life of which Jesus will never have to say  "I never knew You", for Body Life is actually both the grace and the squeeze of the Way to the Truth to the Life:
The grace to impart and birth that very Life,
but also the squeeze coming like contractions  at childbirth, where each individual is challenged at the Cross about where their "inner seeing is divided" and not single-eyed.
"All Manchild children, all this Bride, this Revelation 12 Woman's offspring all say about this One Life of Christ, the same as said by any apostle in history:
This life that I have touched, tasted handled, I pass onto you.

Synagogue leaders say, "This Life I have seen afar off in a vision "
"This Life I have read of in a book, or have heard tell by someone who was once in a seminary, this Life at one remove I give lifelessly to you, that you too might pass on the stillbirth to others."

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