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Kingdom Clash

by Chris Welch on Thursday, 02 June 2011 at 21:48

God is changing the Church, and that, in turn, will change the world. Millions of Christians around the world are aware of an imminent reformation of global proportions. They say, in effect : “Church as we know it is preventing Church as God wants it.” Present blogpost -15 Theses. How many have realised that before nearly every miracle Jesus had to paralyse the operation of the paralysers.Nothing happens in a vacuum? It's a clash of Kingdoms!

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Cheryl Lowry Yes, So true!
The Man or Woman from the Melchizedek Order

by Chris Welch on Monday, 06 June 2011 at 09:43

Elaine W.represents someone who hears God and obeys by faith. This is the definition of living in the Melchizedek order...sadly, it's getting on with all the things they never tell you in church....until, surprised, the church at large wake up to the done deal 10 years later. Another example, after working the Iron Curtain until its fall, Brother Andrew then "heard from God" about the Moslem threat 10 years before 9/11. If the church and the powers that be had listened to the man from the Melchizedek order, how much more painless the road would have been.But ofcourse , part of the condition of man, is in his alienation from the life of God, his "left-brain" darkened understanding is conditioned to always scoff at any of God's Life. The whole scenario is played out as a picture in Proverbs Chapter One, where wisdom is soon scoffing at the results proud scoffing has led to.

Sarai - ( Contentious)

by Chris Welch on Monday, 13 June 2011 at 18:40

I have little time for people who think they have THE HOTWIRE TO HEAVEN.

Why? Because such a hotwire is corporate. If your Christianity does not have me in it, and mine does not have you in it.... something somewhere is not on the right foundation.

You are at the stage Sarai was at with Abraham, before she became Sarah which means Princess. Sarai, means contentious or bitter.

I particularly go bananas at womenfolk who are "Jesus and me, (a bit like) Jesus is my boyfriend and you cannot touch. " But this is equally so with 2ndlevel charismatic ministries....male ones.

The truth is honey.....the truth is sir.....I can touch. You see if it's the same Jesus....it has to work for both of us.....and it has to be building us together.

If a church is stifling huge parts of your personality....the true one....the Christ breathing through you one, what's up with the Church that won't receive you? Hmmmm....something wrong with the church's privacy settings.


from the poem New Privacy Settings  by Chris Welch


Perfectly out of tune

by Chris Welch on Friday, 17 June 2011 at 16:42

I'm not a "there" person on healing or "anointing" for that matter , but like any piano tuner wading through a piano I won't tolerate any set of strings trying to steal the limelight from other keys...this gospel has to work in every key which includes the Word about us, as well as experiences which come out of believing the Word.Every day I walk in the tension that every string has to be perfectly out of tune. So if Rich Novek and Andre Rabe want to discount real Words from God about what is down the road in the church agenda, know that I will oppose them,if Peter Stott or any other prophet opposes Rich talking about seeing God in all and the single eye, and Andre talking about returning to our original authentic design, and the victory of the Cross as a now done deal, know I will oppose him too until we are all living as One Perfectly out of tune.

Blog Key

by Chris Welch on Sunday, 19 June 2011 at 13:43

Key To my blog:As to growth phases, as you wade through just think Abraham,Isaac, Jacob. The charismatic phase gets us as far as Jacob's early life, faithing in speckled and striped sheep....bit like the Word of Faith movement itself.Some people have to learn the stages inside first, others learn "outside in" via literature. God's norm is "Living Letters"....but as there are very few at this early stage of retracing our steps...we're probably writing far more than we'll need to in the future church where it will be normal.The quickest way to do a check on if there really are 3 levels is to work backwards and just ask yourself the question "Could the Jews give a toss about Christianity?" Well the Bible says they will become jealous with what the Gentiles have. A few have turned, but once the 3rd level is really among us, we'll have Jews hanging to our tailcoats.

Left, right,left ,right march like a Nazi!

by Chris Welch on Monday, 20 June 2011 at 22:08

I've repeated this on my blog but here we go again. If our brains are in two hemispheres and work gloriously in parallel. If my left arm and leg work so wondrously together with my right. If two parents in a household can work out supply and dispensation so well together, ie one or both earn, the other or both cook,clean,shop with the money,provide care...... Could anyone sit down with me awhile and explain why in democracy left has to rule alone for a few years, then right comes along and rules. It would be as stupid as saying , right my wife is going to be earning and creating revenue for 4 years, then at the end of four years we are going to feed the household with the money and go on an "eating and shopping alone binge for 4 years." If our brain hemispheres manage to coordinate left and right simultaneously why are USA and UK politicians behaving like onesided idiots every 4 or 5 years. We produce things for money. We spend the money to provide and pay our way. What's the problem? Why do we have to be frickin Republican, or Democrat, Conservative or Labour.....what's the problem about doing everything simultaneously in Christ? Oh ....I know....USA like spending two years reading Time magazine on the election race. There'd be nothing left to live for if the country got on with the job and was a healthy economy.

The Apocalypse

by Chris Welch on Tuesday, 21 June 2011 at 11:07

Ofcourse the reality is WE Christians have been at war for 2000 years.....but that never phased the Father...who saw all along that when we got hold of "Christ as us " individually......putting the whole lot together was going to be a doddle....Yes, from the beginning the Father has never been phased!!!! He planned it so, like one enormous Symphony in Time....with everything working at every level in the final denoument of the last movement. This is the Apocalypse....the unveiling of this Mature Man.Spirit and Truth is no small back street operation!!!!

 from worship in spirit and truth series


Taking a look round....

by Chris Welch on Tuesday, 21 June 2011 at 11:34

Mother Basilea Schlink , Pastor Wurmbrand, Ed Miller and Dietrich Bonhoeffer all gazed round the heavenly Room crestfallen, there were only ones and twos to be seen. Basilea said "after all the plaques on mountains and bookmarks that I wrote continually, I was expecting more fruit than this?" Wurmbrand, Bonhoeffer and Miller said nothing because they were too polite, but their eyes said it all.Wurmbrand who'd been tortured in jail.Bonhoeffer who had been murdered there for Christ. " Oh no fellas," said the angel showing them around. This is only the secondlevel room,no, no, all the billions are in the Throne room, the third level room with Jesus beyond the veil. The few guys in here are just catching up!!
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The bramble men...otherwise known as creepers!

by Chris Welch on Friday, 24 June 2011 at 13:07

Now some idiots think cutting back brambles is done with the hedge clippings.Greater idiots like me crawl around the middle of a diesel infested roadside front hedge at soil level and get to the bramble roots. You see, I'm essentially lazy. Next year and the year after that you'll be doing the same, I'll be in Malibu...well Bognor...well on the beach at Hayling! I treat Christianity just the same. Laziness. I teach people the third level on the first day,unlike other preachers who spend 40 years preaching the same sermon week in week out. Perhaps it's just that people don't pay me a tithe!! Perhaps I'd put more effort in to conforming if I was paid each week regardless.

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Barbara Hughes Now some idiots think cutting back brambles is done with the hedge clippings.Greater idiots like me crawl around the middle of a diesel infested roadside front hedge at soil level and get to the bramble roots.
Good job you called yourself a greater one, or you'd have heard from me! :)))
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Nancy Gilmore funny!
25 June at 03:25 ·


by Chris Welch on Friday, 24 June 2011 at 18:37

Why is there such a lot on the net all of a sudden these last 2 or 3 years about the grace message, the Father message, the third level message? Where was it before that? Well the truth is, Nancy Gilmore, Merrill Thompson,Dee Dee Winter,Sylvia Pearce, Daniel Yordy,myself,Paul Anderson Walsh,Francois du Toit, Andre Rabe,Steve McVey,David Heisler, Fred Pruitt,Rich Novek,June Melanson, Gary Sigler and so many others have been trying to share this message for years and in ones and twos successfully...but around 2007 and 2008 we, all over the world, without knowing one another really, saw something like a chequered flag drop in the heavenlies. It's like Jesus said...."you've champed at the bit....well, here it is....NOW. Go share on the net." If this was a human thing there would be a headquarters. Well there is a headquarters, but it's throneshaped, surrounded in Light, with angels round it.

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Rosalind Worland I dont know why but I am a avid reader of Smith wigglesworth sermons and they were written in the 1920's to 1940's and they are full of the Grace message the father message and the third level message . Paul Anderson Walsh , Steve Mcvey and Smith Wigglesworth are the very best Grace teachers ever!
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Chris Welch Try some Norman Grubb too. And for more on experimenting with the life of God, John G Lake the guy that set South Africa alight....early healing ministry
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Carol Lucas Winkler It has always been around for those who have eyes to see. :)
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Karen Smith throughout history i believe any major advancement in any field whether medical, enviromental, technological or otherwise has come from Him....whether those on the fore front of these fields know Him or not, whether they use them for good o...See more
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Shepherds extract

by Chris Welch on Tuesday, 28 June 2011 at 09:13

People who have had Christ implanted in them properly do not wander. They have definition. Purpose. Strength. God's vision. They are properly knit into the Spirit-built Body of Christ......and not necessarily, as the Apostolic Network Pyramids used to preach....knit into some outward structure that everyone can stand back and marvel at , saying "Wow, this Terry Virgo fella builds great networks....or this Gerald Coates geeza sure makes trendy housechurches with disco lights an' all!." Outwardly, a lot of times it could be a mess. Like Jesus' operation during the Cross weekend. Or the first church at Jerusalem, when the Jews blasted it to smithereens. Now in the Spirit, this was always bang on cue. This is the genuine church being formed in different outward manifestations.

Makes no sense to someone who thinks in bricks and mortar and Pastor pyramids.

from my blogpost 2nd Feb 2011 Two Facebook Notes on Shepherds

Baptised into which Christ?
by Chris Welch on Tuesday, 28 June 2011 at 09:35

We are baptised in the cloud and sea into Christ. Which Christ? The many membered Christ. As real a Spirit foundation as was your applying the Blood to all your gates and lintels, when you gave up your own "works" and accepted God's free gift. As real as any Spirit inundation you have ever experienced as you "saw" in the Spirit the truth that Jesus the baptiser has already poured out His Spirit for you, all you say by faith is Amen....then just as real is your baptism into the household of faith. Again this does not begin as an outward thing, it is a Spirit truth that like Mary you say quietly,"Be it unto me according to your Word".Then God fixes the outer form. Most people rush down their local church and think that's the same thing. I've been "in " my local church for 11 years, but I have not yet had the Spirit baptise me into this one yet. Because I've experienced this Spirit reality so many times I know the difference.Reality is all about "connection" to quote Paul Anderson Walsh and the "receiving" of one another in the Spirit. There's a surface, and there's the repeated phrase of Jesus "Those with ears to hear, let him hear.".....Which is the inner substance and reality.

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Michael O'Hara There are so many "tempests...earthquakes..a​nd whirlwinds" still going on right now it would be kind of confusing if it were not for scripture and the upscale of revelation by the Spirit. "appointed times" and "time, times and a half" seem to be on the doorstep, if not unfolding. Conversely much of what is "happening" visibly in the churches and movements seems a bit contrived...The efficacy seems seem tedious and not very powerful and "direction" lacking the (true) sovereignty of the Spirit. We always "go a fishing" after a bit and then try to recapture the fire with some of our own... What about being "sealed" in this life? and not having or returning to "our" life ...like the kind we've read about (and seen occasionally) where people, like the Disciples leave their fishing nets, tax tables, their very families and truly follow Him ....Are we close to "follow the Lamb wherever He goes..?"

My resignation but from Zeus Club(reissue)

by Chris Welch on Wednesday, 29 June 2011 at 15:26

We the undersigned do notify that we are hereby terminating our membership to Zeus Club.The Body of Christ is not a pyramid in the shadow of one man either locally, nor internationally. The Church is run by the Lord Jesus Christ in and through the one Holy Spirit. We refuse to have any pyramid role thrust upon us, nor to serve any pyramid purporting to be the Church of Christ. We speak instead the freedom of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all souls, for He is the husband of the Church, exalted as its Head at the right hand of God the Father. He has appointed gifts of ministry and empowering to men to impart this very freedom in the Son, and to enable all others to be cobuilders of this same Body of Christ, by that which each joint supplies. And never by locking people into some earthly institution or framework that honours only a handful of people at its inner impenetrable core. Our resignation is from immediate effect and to the greater glory of the Son of God Jesus, who is worthy of all honour and praise, from a multitude drawn from every nation and people and to whom we add no further burden than to believe in the full work of the Cross and resurrection of Christ.from a full explanation on my blogpost 30th January 2011

Loudhailer service

by Chris Welch on Wednesday, 29 June 2011 at 21:24

Every Sunday a Christian should be appointed to every denominational church, every evangelical church, every house church derivative, every warehouse church (the big ones with bleachers) to continue the calling of Ern Baxter. Oh and what's that? To stand up and announce to every last remaining bus stop Christian preferably through a loudhailer. "There is nothing else that Jesus can do. What is it about the letters in finished you don't understand!" Everything He is going to do He will do from where He is, through you.

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The Authorial Voice

by Chris Welch on Saturday, 02 July 2011 at 10:11

Radio 4 voice in the UK is the archetypal leftbrain voice.Virtually every scripture sounds wrong in radio 4 voice. Christ in you the hope of glory sounds awful. Now, we in the west live our lives with this authorial voice and we think it's real.It's only precision is in describing the outer realities of present and past, but plucking stuff out of the heavenlies to watch them materialise on earth...it's totally lost.So for this the Bible says we have the "folly of preaching",which ofcourse is only folly to the poor little shrivel called leftbrrain front cortex.

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The DNA does not match

by Chris Welch on Thursday, 07 July 2011 at 15:06
The truth is that in our practice we have tried to institutionalize the living Christ. That which is organic cannot thrive in an institutional environment. The DNA does not match. Of course, it must be said that there are people in many church-institutions who are expressions of the living Christ.But the living Christ is not a fit for institutional structures.It would be like locking up a tourist for the night in Madame Tussauds and expecting him to feel at home. Jon Zens and me

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