Monday 26 December 2011

Christmas Crackers and Internal combustion engines

Paul Anderson-Walsh (on Facebook):I was thinking this morning what a nice reminder the [luxury] Christmas cracker is for those of us who insist on trying to become good by being good. The truth is we can't what we need to do is to discover the good that is inside. Oh and here's the thing, the discovery requires that you're pulled apart and you might go bang...! But it's all good. Wishing all our FB friends a wonderful Christmas &New Year.

Chris Welch
Actually the more you think about that illustration,the more you are left reeling.Think about it? The cracker is designed for one purpose only.Though it does look good on the table...if that's all it did, you'd be back to the shop pronto! I think Paul has hit on something far bigger than has quite impacted him yet. Third level Christianity is "the repeated and continual cracker existence". Its function is not to look good. It's function is something similar to the repeated explosive movement with spark plugs and pistons in an engine. We are weak,and He becomes strong. We are buffeted, and others are recreated in Him. We are left for dead, others find life. We look down and see shambles,more of a laughing stock actually,the dregs of the whole world, a broken cracker....but in that explosion, the treasure that we always knew personally, IS MADE SUDDENLY AVAILABLE and accessible for others. The Gideon striking the pots moment. I think this is another chapter in Paul's final trilogy part.

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  • Paul Anderson-Walsh
    ‎@Chris, I like that... "The Christmas-'cracker" life, is a cracking life. The other thing that occurs to me is that inside each cracker is a riddle (a dark saying as they're referred to in the Proverbs) these little cryptic clues are clue the divine, more than this, beside the gift that nestles inside each cracker is a crown, a crown of life one might say, that is place on the head of all who are broken in Christ.See more

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    Chris Welch I'll amend my blog.Like it.It was really hitting me tho, what Fred Pruitt has been saying so much. And Brian Coatney. "This treasure in an earthen vessel". You see charismatic life claims to be spiritual by saying "I'm believing for healing, for money, for a nice job and a nice wife and kids"....and they're like static "possessions". It is true in many cases, these things have been believed for by faith....reaching against all odds into the unseen. So as first fruits of faith you cannot gainsay it. But it is still seeing "after the flesh". Categorising and pigeonholing into a "looks good pile" and a "looks bad pile". Whereas the 3rd level way of seeing is catching what God is doing through everything....even a cracker that now doesnt look its best...because it's not actually meant has gone bang, and is now yielding up its inner fruit.5 minutes ago ·

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