Wednesday 7 December 2011

Social Networking is Transforming the Church! by Dan Bowen

From Dan's Blog - Life On Wings

I've been thinking for a while how social networking (firstly blogs and then Twitter and Facebook) have been forcing change upon churches and particularly church leadership. Some church leaders like C J Mahaney and Dave Harvey are seeing the social networking medium as negative - and are seeing the open forum that many victims of SGM have as "assaults" and "attacks".

But what if there was a way to see it positively?

My friends Dee and Debs over at the "Wartburg Watch" wrote their version of the new rules that the perhaps more authoritarian pastors can expect;

In case you haven't noticed, there is a new set of rules in effect. Here are SEVEN of them:

(1) No longer can a pastor control his own press.

(2) The pulpit is no longer a one-way microphone. Because of the internet and blogs, there are so many microphones that it has become a dialogue.

(3) While pastors may perceive things to be one way, they need to assume that people are going to dig down deep for the truth and not just take the pastor at his word.

(4) Some pastors have been clamoring to be noticed, and they should not be surprised that some who come and take a look may not like what they see and dare to say so.

(5) Remember, anything a pastor puts on the internet lasts forever. If he attempts to remove the evidence, he needs to keep in mind that folks these days are savvy. They are documenting information BEFORE it is removed, and it will show up again…

(6) We highly recommend that pastors refrain from editing out portions of their sermons they put online or altering their transcripts. People are listening and taking notes…

(7) If you chastise from the pulpit, expect to be chastised in a comparable forum like the internet.

Guys, it's a whole new ballgame. Batter up!

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