Tuesday 5 June 2012

Abiding School

Watching Rolf Harris doing a kind of Jubilee art class, with all levels of artists, doing all manner of painted art....got me thinking...perhaps you could do a thing whereby all manner of Christians could bunch up to teach/learn/ share how you wait on God...and about the third or glory level!!!Really this is what Key of David meetings are when they really fly in Havant.

Rolf Harris and another gifted artist - Anneka Rice

However the dynamic would be slightly different teaching people how to do it on your own...without Helen Rubio on keyboards....Other aspects would be similar to the prophetic schools Peter Stott used to run with Graham Cooke in the UK. But I'd want to go further and explain how you don't have to have earphones on all day to shut that nasty world out! As Sylvia Pearce says ....it's all about consciousness at your inner centre...

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