Monday 18 June 2012

Flavours of Havant Church

The point of this video clip is to give you a flavour of what a "soaking atmosphere" is in a main church meeting.
Don't watch this particular bit with outstanding music in mind, or outstanding'll hardly make them out....just let the music and the atmosphere waft over you as you wait on God.
This is a new existing song around the lyrics of the Lord's prayer,which is being amended spontaneously on the hoof. Notice how the music builds in the middle of the clip. Also notice how different members of the Body are moving around as led, to pray for others.  We can't hear, but you can bet your life some are sharing real words of knowledge,Holy Spirit keys, scriptures, prophetic impressions. I could tag this video with names and testimonies about what some of these guys have been through recently....but just know...some of it has been extremely heavy duty. One of the most vocal ladies is responding to the Lord after about three years of battling for her full grown son's cancer and losing the battle recently.Others are still in the battle.
You should be aware that the music is being led by the young people incredibly sensitively according to the flow in the meeting. Gone are the days when they would sing for the church, and we would encourage them, but really this was a bit of a performance event. These guys now know how to take meetings forward themselves. Note also there is no main leader present in this meeting. Both the senior pastors, who travel a lot anyway, Peter and Mariette Stott, and the actual main pastors, John and Wendy Wilbraham are all away on separate holidays this week. Paul Butcher is designated to lead, as one of the co elders of the church.
Unfortunately as this is being seen the world over, to protect the young people, some of whom are under 18, I am not free to film them up close.

Helen Rubio is one of the main worship leaders, taking the week off this week to share the Word about developing our inner life.

For more about Helen Rubio's ministry visit her blog and resource centre

This is the page for her CD "Costly fragrance"

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