Saturday 23 June 2012

Impossible looking faith ~ Brian Coatney

In Luke chapter 9, we meet the woman who for 12 years had suffered from an in curable blood flow. 
Along comes Jesus, and wouldn’t you know it, he is thronged. 

Ordinarily, an approacher would step up, greet, and request. The crowd around Jesus made that impossible, but she knew that healing power was flowing from him and that she had to get to him, even if in an unnoticed way to touch a part of his clothes that would most likely go unnoticed and not get her in trouble for cutting into line.

So she formulated a hope 
about power 
extending to one’s clothes
 and rewrote the book on manners.  

Critics could call her superstitious and presumptuous, but Jesus knew that an unusual faith had plotted carefully with intense desire and sought him out at great risk of rejection or humiliation.

 He rewarded that faith. 
What no man had been able to do, 
Jesus did simply 
by having a desperate person 
draw it out of him. 

Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever according to Hebrews. 
 The Gospel is not a transition, an historical record that has given way to a different Jesus. 

He still responds to those who take all risks and draw out of him what they need, and He isn’t fussy about society’s rules for gaining access. 

His one rule is desperation, desire, and stepping up. Seek and ye shall find.
Manners may send someone to hell; faith will never fail.

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