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40,000 miles of glory - Arthur Blessitt

The Blessitt's: "Roads of Glory"  

1973 in Ghana
Roads of Glory

The Lord Jesus awoke me in the night to write this letter. The Glory of the Lord is real and is being poured out upon this earth and through the eyes of God we would probably see a totally different world than is reported in the news or often experienced by many. The Bible says God spoke "As truly as I live all the earth shall be filled with the Glory of the Lord" (Numbers14:21) "From the rising of the sun to the going down of the same the Lord's Name is to be praised" (Psalm 113:3).

All my life I have sought to live in the "glory". I was saved at seven and for years I'd climb up in a tree and visit with Jesus all night. God was so real, His glory so wonderful and my prayer and passion has always been to be more like Jesus. My road of glory started as a child in my mother's lap as she sang songs and told me stories of Jesus. I surrendered to preach at fifteen and I've never stopped personally sharing Jesus wherever I go with whomever I meet.

I shared Jesus with friends at school, gave out gospel tracts, shared Jesus in bars where my dad was drinking. Preached in jails, rescue missions, juvenile detention centers, old peoples homes and in the streets. From a child to teenager to an adult nothing has been more important and thrilling than leading people to Jesus. Every sermon I preach always ends with an invitation to receive Jesus. From starting churches and pastoring in Mississippi to Montana to California and Nevada I've been an evangelist. From starting the ministry on Sunset Strip in Hollywood, putting the cross on the wall of His Place and carrying the cross in 1968 I've known the covering of His presence and Him filling me with His glory. No matter how dark, hopeless, sinful and lost the place and people were I've always felt the absolute glorious presence of Jesus...everywhere! Love flowed from my heart for the lost to come to Jesus and tears filled my eyes and still do. Since Jesus called me to carrying the cross across America, Dec. 25th, 1969 the cross has been my constant companion. Whether walking, preaching, or TV programs you will see the cross there. I just crossed the 40,000 mile mark this summer of walking around the world.

Many ask me where do I see the glory of God? Where do I see God moving? My answer: "Everywhere I go"! Many say when is revival and awakening coming? My reply is "Now"! Jesus said long ago to His disciples "I will establish my church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it!" Don't give me puny, self pity, discouraged and miserable words about this world. Jesus is in charge and working out His plan and purposes for the glory of God.

Remember Jesus said "All power is given me in heaven and in earth...Go...into All nations...preach the gospel to every person...and I WILL Be With You ALWAYS!
We are serving a Mighty God! No man on this earth puts fear in my heart. God controls our every heartbeat and breath and death is every person's destiny. Some people say the Jesus Movement died. If they say it died for them it did. But I've been living in the Jesus Movement all my life. It started with Jesus two thousand years ago and has never stopped. Things got 'religious' back in America but for me walking the roads of the world I've had no time or desire to get religious. All we have is the cross for an altar, the sky for a roof and the sounds of birds and big trucks for the music. I've been walking a different road from most preachers and people. It's called the Road of Glory and I'm still on it.

Thanks to TBN TV we have possibly the world's largest school of witness (evangelism) in the world. Our program "The Message of the Cross" is seen worldwide on Tuesdays at 4pm and Thursday's at 3am PST. I train millions all over the world how to share Jesus where they are in their everyday walk. There are 49 half hour programs for viewing which are archived at These programs are filmed outdoors sharing Jesus with people one on one and we're receiving thousands of glorious reports and igniting a fresh spirit of witness worldwide.  

I host "Praise the Lord" worldwide on TBN TV to tens of millions a month and focus on Jesus and lead guests to share about their conversion, share tips on following Jesus and how to share Jesus and then have them issue a call for salvation. I also preach a message on these programs with a call to receive Jesus. 

For the past two years I have given a fifteen minute explanation and invitation on TBN immediately following the movie "The Passion of the Christ". The thirty two showings of this have been seen by over a hundred million people with thousands upon thousands of people saved. Just unbelievable glory. 

The movie "The Cross" has been shown in thousands of churches around the world. It is now perhaps the most shown movie on mission fields after the "Jesus" movie. It is now in every nation and major island group supplied by us with thousands of glorious reports of changed lives! is a worldwide base for evangelism and inspiration. Ten of my books are now available free for online reading. Plus a list of every nation with stories and photos.

Afghanistan 2
Our cross walks are growing even more powerful. The response in Lone Tree, Highlands Ranch, Parker, etc in Douglas County has been staggering. I tried to carry the cross the past two days and walked a total of three miles because so many people were stopping to talk, pray and welcome the cross. Joggers, walkers, cyclists, cars and trucks stop. Many wait in line to talk, some weeping while they wait. I get hot from standing in the heat but not from walking. What a wonderful problem. Out of this have come home meetings, lunches to talk and minister and local speaking meetings. I can tell you people are hungry for Jesus.

When we were in the far north this summer carrying the cross we had profound encounters about Jesus with people coming to know Him. We took a drive over to Skagway, Alaska where the cruise ships dock at the end of the inland passage. I tell you it was just glory on that main street. Thousands of tourists from all over the world in a village of 900 people. One tour bus stopped in the narrow street blocking traffic and off jumped the famed Dawson Dolly rushing up to hug me. She is a mighty witness for Jesus and soon a crowd had gathered around us and she and I witnessed to them. People prayed with us, five families there on that one street had seen the movie the Cross.
On our flight back from Yellowknife NWT Jesus arranged for a lovely lady to sit by me who had a very great need. We visited, prayed and she made a commitment to Jesus. I gave her the last movie I had. She was heading to a funeral of a young friend who had just been murdered. Our route had been changed to travel on this particular flight and the airline had changed her seat and moved the person sitting next to me so that this young lady could sit by me. I prayed with five people flying back. The glory is Here and Now! From the people I know around the world they are reporting unprecedented response of people receiving Jesus and mighty awakening.  

Orkney Islands UK
As we have walked the roads of this world some people have seen the physical human person carrying the cross and the message of Jesus and have offered food, water and a place to sleep. Others have pressed a coin in my hand to help with the journey. Many never seemed to see a man who was hot or weary or hungry or needed a place to lay his head. That is fine but oh the beauty of those that saw us and cared for our needs as we have tried to meet the needs of others. What a trail of glory that is. I know the language of religious hype. But Oh, God keep if far from me. Sometimes the Jesus I hear preached and taught seems so distant from the Jesus I read of in the Bible and know as my Savior and friend. I hear some Christians talk and I feel so alone. Like we don't fit. The road of the pilgrim is long and the journey makes one tough on the outside but soft and tender of heart. We have so much to learn of Jesus.
Palestine Westbank
Let me bring this to a conclusion. As for me and my house: Denise, Sophia and Arthur, we shall serve the Lord, follow Jesus and seek to live in His Way. Until my last step and last breath I shall proclaim Jesus and Him crucified, resurrected, ascended and ruling Lord and call people to know and follow Him. I will seek to train others in how to share this good news.

But we need help! Denise and I have a renewed vision and zeal for reaching the nations. The Cross mission is from God and God blesses and will bless those who are a part of His mission to lift up Jesus. When Moses was old he went out to fight and stood on top of the hill with the staff of God in his hands and sat on a rock. "As long as Moses held up his hands, the Israelites were winning, but when he lowered his hands, the Amalekites were winning. When Moses' hands grew tired, they took a stone and put it under him and he sat on it. Aaron and Hur held his hands up on one side, and the other so that his hands remained steady till sunset...So Joshua overcame the Amalekite army with the sword. Then the Lord said to Moses "Write this on a scroll as something to be remembered" Exodus 17:11-14.

We have fought the devil and proclaimed the message of Jesus in every nation and are still walking, preaching and sharing Jesus on foot, on TV, radio, internet, movies etc. Some of our partners have stood with us for decades but today we need new people to stand with us that we may keep the cross up and keep on winning the battle and harvest.  
Who will step up and help hold our hands up in the battle for souls?

I want to focus on the messages I am to bring. Prepare well for the teaching of the Message of the Cross and stay on the cutting edge of what Jesus is calling us to do. Our financial needs are a distraction and a weight. Your support can lift that burden.

We are praying for 'active partners' not 'passive observers'. We humbly ask you to share with us in this God-given ministry. The cross is the heartbeat of God, because Jesus came to the earth to die on the cross for the consequences of sin. The cross is the symbol of freedom from sin. Nothing delights God more than lifting up the cross and sharing Jesus who liberates people around the world from hell and brings them into the kingdom of God.

Your financial support will keep lifting up the cross and Jesus in reaching the nations. "But I, when I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all men to myself". John 12:32.

God willing October 27th I will be 72. Jesus has given me a world of experience. He has given me a treasure of knowledge in understanding and of sharing Jesus with people in all conditions and religions.  
In this area God gave three words: Impart, Equip, Evangelize.

All of what we do combines to become a unique school of witnessing reaching millions for Christ and training millions to be sharing Jesus in this harvest!

The Call: We need 'Active Partners' to help in this great mission: Families, ministries, churches, foundations and individuals.
Some of you live overseas but this is a world mission. You can join in support.
You have followed us and prayed for us and many of you came to Jesus or began sharing Jesus through this ministry. We welcome you to pray and to become a part of the witness and support team. Remember that Denise and Sophia are as much a part of this as me. We travel together. We minister together. We are one.
I truly feel led by Jesus to let you know that we need support. Many cheer us on and love us but do not send any support. I need someone, some people to stand with us. To lift up our hands as we lift up the cross. Moses' hands lifted up the Staff of God. Our hands lift up the Cross of Jesus.

Response and Action
You can make a donation online right now and be a part of reaching the nations.
"Active Partners" not "Passive Observers" to "Impart, Equip, Evangelize".

From anywhere in the world donate using the link on our homepage   Front page lower left hand side is the link.
From the U.S. only you can also make a donation from our   

Send a check to: only U. S. checks 
Arthur Blessitt Evangelistic Association
P. O. Box 632246
Littleton, Colorado 80163-2246
Office phone 303-355-2234
We are a 501 3c non profit ministry incorporated since 1967.
You can go to your bank and have your bank make an automatic monthly donation from your bank account to our ministry and mailed to our post office by your bank.

I feel confident that many of our friends will step up and join in support. Blessings, Joy and Peace in Jesus Name
We deeply thank our faithful supporters who have stood with us. God bless you in every way. We are joined as a family, united in lifting up Jesus and sending the message of the cross...Jesus and the cross to all the world.
We love you.  
Love, pilgrim followers of Jesus,
Arthur, Denise and Sophia Blessitt, Luke 18:1

Please pray for The Message of the Cross filming at the end of July and early August.
Sophia starts the 3rd grade at a Christian school nearby. It is new for her as we moved.

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