Wednesday 11 July 2012

Thought I would share another testimony with you...praying it will encourage you, and give you hope.
When my son was 16, he went hunting with his dad, for squirrels. They cleaned the squirrels, and by the next day they were both very sick. My husband could not think clearly, and was having small staring seizures. He couldn't use the phone, or the remote for the tv. My son had a bad seizure and they sent him by helicopter to St. Louis. It took a while for all the puzzle pieces to be put together, but in the end the doctors said the squirrels may have had a virus that my son and husband contracted. After my son had been on medicine for a while, he got very sick. He neck was swollen and he was in pain. He couldn't eat. We took him to the doctor, the neurologist, and he said to take him to an ear, nose and throat doctor. When we took him to the other doctor...he threw a fit. He, immediately called the hospital for my son to be admitted. He told us the neurologist should have known my son was having toxic symptoms from the medicing. By the time we got him to the hospital he was very weak. Even though they stopped his medicine he continued to get worse. By that next evening three doctors had run tests and told us he would die by morning.I will never forget what happened next. I had been spending time with the Lord, and in the bible before this happened, thank God! So as soon as the doctor gave us the bad news, this scripture just flew out of my mouth, "He will not die, but he will live, and declare the works of the Lord." The doctor must have thought i was crazy, but it didn't matter, because i believed that scripture.
The next day the neurologist showed up and did a spinal test on my son. So now...something else tried to destroy him. That test left him crippled. He could not walk. We prayed for him and trusted the Lord to heal him completely. He had been very active in sports at school, and we wanted that all back for him.
Yes...we were so thankful that he lived. The doctors were amazed, but now he had to deal with something else.
We didn't see immediate results, but we knew if God could keep him from dying, he could heal his whole body.
We had to have teachers come to our home for Gary, because not only was he on two canes and a walker, his IQ had dropped to way below normal. My husband was having that same problem.
I stayed home and took care of them...expecting total healing. My husband was a police officer at the time.
No income...a sick son and husband, and two other children. We needed God's intervention.
To make a very long story shorter...i will just say, for now, that my son started reading the bible and speaking words of faith over his body, just like i was doiing. It wasn't overnight, but one day he threw down his canes and said he was healed. He walked with a slight problem, but that left in a matter of days.
His IQ went back to normal.
My husband got better gradually.
One thing i know...we all have things come against us, but God is faithful, and if we put our trust in him, above everyone, and everything else, we will come out on top!
I am so thankful that my son lived! And guess what? Just like the scripture i quoted to the doctor that evening, he did not die, but he lived and declared the works of the Lord! He is a man now...and a preacher! Thank you Lord! Be encouraged Friends...and never give up on the Lord! Jesus...our Healer! ♥

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