Sunday 8 July 2012

The Revelation of The Mystery.....Elizabeth ? and an excerpt from Brian Coatney

  • I just received this from a friend:

    Who existed before all things IN whom all things are held together. He Himself who is the Head of His body who is the Beginning the Firstborn among the dead so that He Himself in every respect might occupy the chief place and stand first and Preeminent. For it has pleased the Father (who thru He Himself is my Father too) that ALL the DIVINE Perfection Power (Christ He Himself is the Power and Wisdom of God our Father) and Attributes, dwell Permanently IN HIM .

    Although I, Elizabeth, having known Him for so many years has not known the Message of Him IN me. He Himself has granted me to have the eyes of my heart flooded so that I am in the process of Understanding the Hope to which He Himself has called me which is Christ IN me the Hope of Glory. And now He Himself, by His Faith, has grounded, settled, causes me to be steadfast, not shifting from the Hope of the Message of He Himself IN me by the precious Holy Spirit I am daily taught I IN HIM, by Conforming me in my Soul (where the knowledge of Christ IN Me AS ME is worked out). How glorious, how absolute beyond everything I have ever known in my life of 69 years is

    it to NOW know the Mystery which was hidden for ages and generations before I ever was born. That by He, Himself the Living Word, The Seed of My Father, this Revelation is revealed to me.

    In great Adoration I can only say Thank You My Father for having had me in mind even BEFORE the foundation of the world to be a sharer of this amazing plan of Yours.

    It is by Grace that He Himself has accepted me. Today I am a minister in accordance with the divine Stewardship with which He Himself has trusted me to make known His Message the Mystery now revealed.

    HE HIMSELF did it.
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       This is an excerpt from Brian Coatney's post as they gather around his mother in law Mimi

      “Why Ephesians?” It is a view from the top, pouring out God’s redemptive plan for redeeming His lost sons and bringing them by His kindness and grace into son-ship and an inheritance that includes his “manifold wisdom” in the “administration of the mystery.” I looked up manifold, and it means many or varied; and the Amplified translates it like this: “a]complicated, many-sided wisdom of God in all its infinite variety and innumerable aspects” (Eph. 3: 9-10 This doesn’t mean that God’s wisdom in His plan is unknowable; it means that by the Spirit, we have received as part of our inheritance understanding into rich mysteries that no one could ever know apart from God’s revelation in Christ, and which are open now by the Spirit to each and every child of God who wishes to delve deeply.

      I also pondered the phrase “administration of the mystery” used by the NASB and NIV. Administration can trigger unpleasant political thoughts since admin is so often perceived as the bulky and inefficient leadership associated with a misguided world where not everyone is “in the know” and where the cream stays at the top and those down the chain are the appointed automatons of the selfish elite. However, we know that God’s administration is the right use of administration, and in Ephesians Paul tells every child of God that the mystery is for all to know and explore.

      The word translated administration is translated fellowship in the KJV and Young’s Literal Translation. Whereas administration might sound more technical, fellowship adds warm notes, though both fit together, and the two different translations here give rich support to each other. Young’s even says “fellowship of the secret,” secret being an alternate translation for mystery. Secret gives the idea that all readers are now privy to the greatest secret of all time. Does anyone want to know the biggest secret of all in the grandest of all administrations ever? It’s right there splashed out in Ephesians.

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