Friday 15 March 2013

God's "fixin" to establish His Kingdom

Edie Chill, From a letter written to a friend ~ One of my thoughts for today, Tuesday, March 12, 2013
In 2007, The Lord clearly told me that the systems and the ways of man were failing. He further told me that it would be a good thing, especially for His people, because they had come to depend on the things of this world system and no longer looked to Him for their sufficiency. As He unfolded this to me, I began to see this in my own life, and I began to reject this way of thinking. Then, a little while later I heard this phrase, “when the righteous are in authority, the people will rejoice", and I began to receive an understanding of the righteous judgment of God. Our God has a protective love for His Children, and that is the vengence and wrath that is displayed against anything that comes against His beloved. In the ensuing years, I have understood that all of God's wrath and [angry] judgment is directed towards the work of the devil/enemy [not man, who is His beloved], but only HE, as a skilled surgeon with a laser or a scalpel, can separate the disease from the patient. If we, His servants, go about trying to do the separating without His detailed and very specific instructions, we are likely to kill/destroy the patient in the process.
[The works of the devil are, among other things, the belief systems that have been spawned through the knowledge of good and evil which have fostered a mindset of separation from God. The prophet who spoke as an oracle of God, declaring that your sins have separated you from God, was revealing that the sin IS a belief that tells you that you ARE separated from God. When Adam believed that he was separated from God, that belief became his reality; even though it was not the truth.]
I believe The Lord drops things into my heart so that I will ask Him about it. I always think of what Ed Lauzon said repeatedly, that God does not ask you a question because He does not know the answer. Well, He puts questions in my heart because He wants me to ask Him about it. It seems that the pattern has been that the question will come up and I will ask, which is usually an assurance that He will answer, but not right now because there are other things I need to know before I will be ready to hear His answer on this matter. I have come to understand the process, and actually have an attitude of excited anticipation when this happens.
Along the way, someone will say something, or I will read something, or a scripture verse will jump out at me, or some other such thing will occur, and I will know this pertains to that question; He is speaking through it; there will be a layering on towards the answer. The question that is in the forefront of my focus lately is what does the Kingdom of God look like when it manifests upon the earth? He is "fixin" to establish HIS KINGDOM on this earth. Up to this point, the Kingdom of God/Heaven has been contained within us, and only manifests when we release it into situations. But, for the most part, we have NOT seen the Kingdom of God on this earth. We have seen the corrupt kingdoms of the god of this world in operation, manifesting injustice, greed, power struggles and enmity. Paul had such a revelation of the Love of God for mankind that he declared that we no longer know any man after the flesh. If we look at any man after the flesh, our judgment of that man will be unrighteous. In light of the finished work of Christ on the cross, we now see all men "in Christ", as God does, and judge all men righteous. So the problem arises when men do not see themselves as "in Christ", but see themselves separated from the covenant, alienated from the promises of God, and their thoughts and behavior manifest it. The revelation of Jesus Christ is God's plan to reveal the Christ in every man. Only when this mindset is in the people who are in authority, the sons of God, who, as you say, have been trained and conformed to His image [their thinking has been changed], will we see the righteous rule with the rod of iron, subduing false, unrighteous authority. I know this can only come about as His appointed judges see with His eyes, and hear from Him and declare what He speaks. When Jesus spoke so harshly to the leaders of Israel, it was because they had been entrusted with the oracles of God and the care of the sheep, and they had corrupted His Word and defiled His sheep with doctrines of demons and traditions of men. Jesus called their teaching leaven, and told His disciples to beware of it. When Jesus told them that their searching of the scriptures for "Life", was futile, because they were missing the LIFE that was in the scriptures, which was HIM, we can see that their error was in always putting the emphasis on themselves ~ what THEY must do to be righteous. The same is true in the Christian [organized] Church today. The emphasis being put on what man must do, rather than pointing all men to what Jesus, The Christ has done. ALL of our focus should always be fixed on what HE has done, for out of this revelation flows the response that we can do nothing of ourselves, and HIS life flows through us to the glory to God. I have heard it stated thusly: Passover corresponds to the outer court, where we come to the realization that His blood was shed for us and our acceptance/righteousness is of Him. Pentecost corresponds to the inner court/Holy Place, where we realize that He wants to live His life through us. Tabernacles corresponds to the Most Holy Place [within] where we understand that He is living His life as us. We are the body, He is the Head/Lord of the body. Before this can become a reality in our lives, we must hear the declaration from the Father, "This is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased."

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