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How Third level Living Engineer's Guide

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Tools for the task

Three verses :"Where the dead body is there the eagles gather" Luke 17:37
"Those that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength and mount up as eagles" Isaiah 40:31
  "one who has become a priest not on the basis of a regulation as to his ancestry but on the basis of the power of an indestructible life." Hebrews 7:16

Chapters for Study ,meditation and revelation: Hebrews 7-10
 Passing Out Exam : Faith - Hebrews 11

Necessary Concepts:
  •  Melchizedek order

  •  New Covenant according to Jeremiah's prophecy repeated here in the Hebrews chapters

  • The difference between Left-brain centered living, or Insight reliant living and balanced living which trusts first in the Lord with all your heart and doesn't RELY orBASE itself or RESTRICT itself to 5 sense input according to the natural man. It doesn't
IGNORE natural sense input either....which would be superspirituality and just as hubris based.
Spiritual Engineering20th Century Pioneers:
Pioneered by the last couple of generations this is the understanding that the spirit
realm has its own laws of operation just as much as material engineering does.
Where material engineers fall down is that because they are 5 sense reliant
they assume the spiritual realm is wishy washy/vague/or hogwash.
John G Lake took spiritual engineering to such lengths he let it come under
the scrutiny of the material engineers in the form of medical and hospital operators.
His American city, Spokane, where he settled after South Africa is ON RECORD statistically
while he was there as being the healthiest part of the USA. 
Morris Cerullo/Rheinhard Bonnke/Benny HinnMany more like TL Osborne,Oral Roberts All these went to multitudes of people and imparted not only  belief in the gospel but also
what was then quite new, the experience of Baptism in the Spirit.Morris Cerullo went further, seeking to collapse the main points of the disciple's 3 years with Jesus down into just days with his schools of ministry.....with some success....but he actually missed some key information that started to be uncovered by Pastor Trulin who he took round the world to many of his schools.
Peter Wagner together with others like Ed Silvoso and Cindy Jacobs in the late 80s /early 90s took "prayer marching" and corporate citywide intercession to another level, to start opening up first cities, then nations, then the famous almost gospel free 10/40 window  (including huge swathes of Asia) to the gospel.Unknown saints such as my friends Nicholas and Pam have been secretly opening up city after city, nation after nation in the northern hemisphere to prepare for revival as then,vessels of revival then are called in by God for harvest. 
How does this all work?The secondlevel/ 1 John 2 "young man version". Entering into God's Presence. Seeing what God intends to do and pressing in individually and corporately until it manifests or until the Holy Spirit indicates the answer has come. Often involves corporate prayer and worship,praying in tongues,fasting or prayer into the night. 
 The young man stage introduced us to functioning as the royal priesthood in meetings. It gave us instruction in how to gain Kingdom advances in the earth by first hearing from heaven what was next on the agenda according to Psalm 123 a servant watching carefully the hand of his master. But there was a "coming in and a going out", a temporariness to the intercession.

Third level intercession is whole of life. Whole of state. We are locked into something. Either God moves or we are stuffed.

We "risk" our life, life that could so easily take another form, and that is so precious for it is only lived once in this form, and none of us have any cast iron guarantee materially that there is anything beyond that grave....but we have chosen to "waste" a portion or all of our life squandered on God.
It is intercession based on the realities of Romans 12:1 Offering our selves as Living Sacrifices, again based on us having revelation on all the preceding chapters of Romans, and other New Testament grace letters.The intercession itself is entirely constructed by God. It takes the form of His choosing not ours. It is the exact opposite of the chapters that describe the devil's spirit : Isaiah 14 and Ezekiel 28. It is trusting God instead to FILL OUR WILL with His OWN WILL. It is the principle that described the life of Jesus : Behold it is written of me in the book, I come to do thy will O Lord...A Body thou hast prepared for me."  All this is intercessionary phraseology.

THIRD LEVEL LIVING has these concepts
1.Entering into FREEFALL. See notes on FREEFALL previous post.
2.A revelation of Galations 2:20 , and a knowledge of Jesus living as us in our form....and knowing this as consciousness
3. Learning about the "THIRD PLACE OF KNOWING GOD" see Daniel Yordy's article that the Holy of Holies is about US, that the Mercy Seat is about our Union with God. Colossians 1:24 .....I fill up in my flesh what is still lacking in regard to Christ's afflictions, for the sake of his body, which is the church.4. Power in weaknessIn calling us into "FREEFALL Life"  our weakness and humanity is exposed, yet God moves within this in great power. Not as separate to us, but WITHIN everything we are.We see a "type" of this kind of walk in the manner in which the Ark of the Covenant was carried by the priests in the Old Testament. They would take 6 paces then sacrifice. All the priests were carrying the Ark on two poles on their shoulders. This gives a picture of the corporate nature of the Body of Christ, and the New Priesthood, but also how they are "locked into position", carrying the weight, carrying the burden of God's continuing manifestation on Earth. 
The Three Introductory Verses
1. Carrion surrounding a dead carcass. The first describes the instinctive nature of the Melchizedek order. Prophets. Seekers of God in their hearts. They can do no other. Yet the carcass also describes this body of people taking all the aspects of Christ's Body death and resurrection to themselves.
2. The manner in which we enter into the supernatural power release of God, waiting on the Lord, being renewed in strength and mounting up like eagles into the new Life which comes down from heaven.
3. We are priests of the same order that Jesus instituted the day He came out of the Jordan. According to the power of His indestructible/everlasting life. We are not building forms of LIKENESSES to life. We have REAL LIFE. There is no pretence to our operation. if God does nothing we do nothing. If God moves we move. We see God ONLY GOD NOW. Moses was called into ministry on the back of a revelation of God as the I AM. So are we. We don't really have a subject we teach. Or things we particularly do. We bring the I AM Presence of God....and it is up to GOD what that means on any occasion. Think of it as a blank chequebook waiting to be filled in and signed for each particular need or occasion.
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