Friday 31 May 2013

Here's a Great Idea : Sand Dams

Introducing the Charity called:
Excellent  - The Pioneers of Sand Dams

Sand Dams bring clean water to a family's doorstep - saving them hours of time and creating the
opportunity to launch new enterprises.

Sand Dams unleash huge potential for families living in drylands. Due to the sheer time and effort taken to fetch water, a community who were previously overburdened by the task are now able to create new industry and enjoy the fruits of their hard work. For the members of the Mumbuka Self-Help Group (SHG), this has revolutionised their way of life.

In fact, since the Mumbuka SHG began in 2006, they have built four Sand Dams. This has changed their lives. Although they drove the project forward themselves, they were supported along the way by Excellent Development and our partner, Africa Sand Dam Foundation (ASDF). We provide materials and fund design costs which are intrinsic to dam building. With the new source of water the dam provides, people can manage their livestock, improve their farms and grow more food. In addition, with the time saved in collecting water, many have also launched new initiatives to raise income.

We are appealing to you today, so we can reach other families who need your support. Only
with your donations can they make new enterprises become reality.

Sand Dams are the most cost-effective method of rainwater harvesting and the Mumbuka SHG prove it is money well spent. With the new water supply, people can now grow vegetables such as tomatoes, kale and spinach and sell the surplus. Not only this, but Mumbuka have also established their own fish pond. Kitavi Matu, a member of the group, said:

"We are very happy to have this fish pond here but this project would not have survived if we didn't have this sand dam in the first place, because fish survive in water... l have eaten the fish and they are very delicious"

Sand Dams have created a wealth of new opportunities for the Mumbuka SHG
They began with 1,000 fingerlings (small fish)which have now
 Daniel Mutika, another member of the group, shared Kitavi's excitement for the project:

"The fish are multiplying. We will eat the fish and sell the surplus. "

The fish provide food for families, giving them strength and vital nutrients, especially important for growing children. The surplus also provides a source of income, which allows them to improve their standard of living.

And it doesn't stop there - the group are now planning to establish a goat breeding project too. The goats will provide four times the milk of local goats - further improving nutrition and incomes. Daniel outlined their plans:

"We will build a big shed to allow breeding and multiplying so that the kids can be accommodated. We will cross-breed our local varieties with Toggenburgs during breeding season so that we can improve the local breeds. "

With your help, we can support more groups to launch similar projects. Your actions will
precipitate change. Please make a donation, and we will transform more lives.

It takes a great amount of effort and hard work to achieve what Mumbuka have, but their legacy will continue for generations. As Daniel told me:

"As an old person I will be settled while my grandsons are satisfied with everything ... I am working for them.

Please join us. Just like Daniel, we are committed to supporting many more children and grandchildren. Yours sincerely,

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Patrons: Lord Joel Joffe CBE, Sir Edward Clay I Excellent Development Limited is a Registered Charitable Company is Registered in England and Wales No. 4432166 
Registered Charity No. 1094478
Registered Office: 2 Water Court, Water Street, Birmingham, B31 HP I 

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