Thursday 2 May 2013

What is a Wind of Doctrine?

The other day I had a Eureka. It went like this.
What is a wind of doctrine? It's something good or bad that a person "in separation" thinks that can act as a master key or Aladdin's Lamp to make the distant god work for them. Now some of those keys, may be real Spirit keys that God gives en spiritual warfare....or fasting....or praise....or the prayer of Jabez. In the last 30 years as Fred (Pruitt) wrote, we have had so many.

 But while we are in "separation" consciousness we are missing the whole point of the Cross. The Cross is the master key, because I am literally celebrating the death of me and the replacement of Jesus as me. How can you have more of a master key than the torn veil and the altar of incense where every last vestige of "GOD AND" or "GOD PLUS" living goes up in smoke literally!!!!!!

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