Thursday 23 May 2013

Making wise the simple

Ask anyone in the world why they don't believe in God or the devil , and instead of 4 billion carefully crafted and varied answers you get one mind-programmed one? What's that? Ironically it's the reason Jesus said you should believe. HE Expressly stated, but nobody bothered to listen, that even AS THE SEED was going out into the whole earth it would be hijacked...and DURING A NIGHT PERIOD...enemies were going to sow deadly weeds actually IN THE VERY PLACES where His seed was, that were going to grow quickly and try to throttle and destroy the good seed. So evil Luciferian men infiltrated the Templars and conned the Pope into the Crusades, which is always one of the reasons people finger when they consider the church. But it was never the Church. These infiltrators wanted to instal Lucifer in Jerusalem even then. In many different ways they continue right down to this day. The same few lines doing the same infiltration. All the main denominations are totally compromised like Edam cheese. Many of the top guys double as witches and freemasons, as both bishops and professors in seminaries, whether Christian or Jewish. Every major reason a rank and file member of the public DOES NOT BELIEVE IN GOD is a reason that they should believe in God, because it has happened exactly as Jesus prophesied....and how could any man have such exact foreknowledge how a thing such as the Church would operate long before it even existed, since Acts hadn't happened yet? What I'm saying is...secular people have been conned into living as THICK AS SHORT PLANKS. They couldn't have achieved much more to spread the devil's work even if they had expressly believed in him and gone through all the rituals with bags over their head and lengths of tied rope in all the black masses. They've been in the biggest CON of HISTORY and all while they thought of themselves as extremely modern, intellectual and the cleverest evolved beings in the history of our planet. Facebook Status 22/5/2013

In Proverbs it talks about "making wise the simple". Who are the simple? Who are the wise? Well it's dawned on me the answer itself is simple. You see, if you live in only one quartile of your brain, however clever you are,Richard Dawkins for example, you are still simple. Our brains were made to fire in see God in all things. You can't see God in anything living in the leftbrain. Parallel is wise. Facebook status 22/5/2013

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