Monday 24 June 2013

Two Absolute Proofs that Western media is distorted, so distorted it becomes a lie.

For nearly 40 years Rheinhard Bonnke has been one of the main evangelists reaching into Africa with the gospel. A student from Rees Howells Bible College, who himself was the subject of Norman Grubb's book "Rees Howells Intercessor" (the tale of one man being raised by God over decades to take authority over the dictators), Rheinhard shared a room with Bryn Jones, who was later to be used throughout the UK to raise up the major 1970s Bible Weeks which completely restructured Holy Spirit Christianity in our nation.

Rheinhard was on his way home to Germany on his last day in the UK when he thought he'd do a tour of London. As he did so he became aware of the plaque that was on George Jeffries house. Now Jeffries was an early Pentecostal pioneer with Smith Wigglesworth of miracle evangelism. Bonnke was amazed to learn that Jeffries was still alive, and in fact had been told by the Lord He had one more person to pray for before he died. So with his last bodily energies, suffused with the Holy Spirit he zapped Bonnke, praying over him really authoritatively. When Bonnke got back to Germany he learned Jeffries had died.

So LITTLE WONDER that Rheinhard should go on to hold larger and larger meetings. Initially he began with the world's biggest marquee, but after a hurricane ripped right through it, he got the message that he should remain an open air preacher, come wind,rain or sun.

NOW literally anybody else having gatherings as huge as this for 30 years in particular...gatherings of several hundreds of thousands....
Bar national political rallies, and Mecca, there simply is nothing like it on planet I said , anybody else would have long been mentioned on the media in the West. By virtue of the large Christian numbers in USA they may have had slightly more mention, but in the UK and I would assume in Europe there has been almost a complete media ban. It simply isn't good enough for them to bleat..."because it's a Christian event people would not be interested..."
Forget  "blah blah" could be martian with yellow spots on....sociologically alone to have that amount of people together on planet earth ...just the logistics of it, including the world's most powerful PA systems....that's completely newsworthy. For 30 plus years....absolute zilch. This is where European news is so laughable in its onesided secular control...oh...for secular...over above the luciferian via the poor ignorant secular.
After this we'll discuss a negative topic, but first just fix your eyeballs on the scale of humanity gathered in these events and take a listen to the sound of faith declarations made by such a's not far off a thunderstorm!!!!

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To understand the serious nature with which 80% media is manipulated by only five corporations in the entire earth, and how the US and the UK have been targeted with a "story" about Al Quaida, take a look at these three short clips which describe how covert forces in the USA were used to create Al Quaida as an enemy to achieve various goals, not least the grand proliferation and control of heroin supply.

Followed by an investigation into corporate journalism by John Pilger

New Avenues Bring New Opportunities

This first link is to Rich Novek's first radio show which had a great reception, not least from an atheist here in the UK who said he'd never heard a Christian like it.

Here is a new window for bands and people with information normal controlled media won't touch.Many don't like what David Icke says, but he is open to alternative world views.

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