Sunday 15 September 2013

Ian Clayton at the Well 2013

I have been listening to Ian Clayton and Joann McFadden.If you don't get into Joann, and BTW it ISN'T NEW AGE...
well maybe it's God's Old AGE....

Try Ian.You have to freeze your charismatic brain-
freeze your idea of what a really spiritual person
may sound like,
because neither Ian, Norman Grubb, and many others I'm
sure don't ....

Now Ian says he isn't an engineer, but to me he certainly probes like one.
Listen, I'm a piano tuner. The ONLY sort of person that "gets in my space"
as a tuner is an engineer. They don't  have any empathy as to how you may
feel about them invading your space, and you forgive them after a while
because you know they can't help it. They are the only breed that have
to know how a piano works when it has its front off. Others are mildly interested,
but engineers stretch right across you and then finger bits of delicate piano
action that you wouldn't let just any normal human being handle. But you
are aware with engineers that they of all people could probably mend
those same parts, if they had to, without having to be professionally trained.

If you have come into things through years of waiting on God,
meditation on God's Word, travelling miles if not across whole countries
to be among thirdlevellers...then had to, or felt you had to talk
in hushed tones because like John in John's gospel you only had words
like Light, Love, Unity, Water, Fountains, as a means of explaining,
and most folk haven't a clue about what you mean by all that....
Well this Ian (engineer type) comes along and talks about the deepest
things in the universe and beyond as though they are widgets on the side
panel of some steam locomotive. He just doesn't care. And somehow
he gets people to listen to him, precisely because he  doesn't care
and has so many quantum physics examples, financial examples,business
examples as cross-correlations....that even the most ardent charismatic
must surely yield and say....Oh...I see...that's just how it is.
Whereas some of us feel that we have been bashing our head against a brick wall
for decades.

Much of what Ian says correlates directly with Daniel Yordy's latest posts
in a series "Through Eyes of Fire", which I intend to publish as a series
on here.

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