Thursday 5 September 2013

Nailing Our Colours

Jews first, then every nation, need to nail their colours to the mast.
In Genesis 3 we see the demonic progression of control.
verse 1 an outlandish Lie to provoke conversation in a leftbrain dynamic
verse 3 Having established a leftbrain beach-head lie, a further outright lie about God and what He has specifically stated. By now, the argument has been taken right out of the Spirit realm and firmly into leftbrain pingpong with someone who has been a Barrister and judge way before we even came along. We don't stand a chance in this false left-brain realm.
verse 6, Satan gets us to DO something. It doesn't matter what can be a masonic oath, some other specifically disallowed act, and he has entered illegally into a sphere that isn't his...our spirit, and we are disconnected from our Primary Life source.
From this beach head every foul curse can be expanded over the whole human race. The aim is total control and possession.
verse 7 Shame. Already building on the lie of God the father as an ogre,now the devil's own "child of wrath" spirit is now resident, which make Adam and Eve feel absolutely awful. God the Father breaks the cycle before it becomes total control. God has done the same interventions right through every day of history, but that doesn't stop the devil from ceaselessly repeating stuff.
The same Edomite lines that Israel fought against , that produced Goliath and the other giants, that produced Herod, who killed all those children, that produced the most evil of the chief priests who warped the democratic vote against Jesus at His phony trial....those very same descendants have continually lured Jews by their clever ploys and manipulations regarding finance. Everytime the Jews buy into it, and every time, the rogue Jews get off scot free, and the rest of the Jews get it in the neck. They were expelled from England in 1215 by King John over much the same stuff that is going on in the financial world today. Through the wheedling of Thomas Cromwell, the Jews were allowed in to England again, where the same lines have continued from where they left off.
This type of manipulation has now spread to include all nations. Then, the same rogue element withdraw having caused the manipulation, and tell the other nations about the "faults" of the nations they have manipulated. With the advent of Sattellite TV and online media this has been elevated to an art form. America is roused against Arabs. Arabs are told about the "Great Satan USA". The rest of the world is told about Rothschild and UK banking, while the whole of the UK is left oblivious by Rothschild controlled BBC.
Much of the original problem actually has been the Jews inner vision of themselves as "cursed" by their angry God. God is NOT an angry God, and foresaw everything anyway, and even wrote it all up thousands of years ahead of time. Because the Jew fails to look up and see straight intpo the eyes of their loving Father, they scurry for refuge into the the hands of those who say they are Jews but are not, thinking that where there is money, there is safety.
Solzhenitsyn's last book before he died raises the most recent history of Jews in Russia, but this has been banned by rogue Jews, because it makes clear that Communism is largely a Jewish scam, but the Semitic Jews in Russia were as usual, largely targeted for destruction by their rogue brethren. Jews have to nail their allegiances, before there is no choice left. The history of the world is one repeated story of "Has God said?" He has said, and He continues to say. But someone in the earth has to be sure that they are sure that they are sure, and reply out of inner conviction.
PART TWO (only in this note)
Have you ever wondered how the scriptural scenario of every nation turning against Israel could occur? I woke up with this one morning this last week.....

Let's backtrack...
Think about the present image of the church in the nations?
People will roll out the same replies the world over.
They are:
The Catholic (implied....original) Church is lined with gold
They sold indulgences
The Church spearheaded the Crusades
The Anglican Church sent millions to die in the First World War
The Northern ireland situation
Catholic Birth Control
So many cases of Pedophilia among priests

Here's two counteracting bombshells
1. Jesus said it would be precisely like this. A farmer goes out to sow in his field and an enemy comes by night...etc So now the Kingdom Field or Church worldwide IS really a mixture of pure seed, with choking evil seeds and plants growing alongside.

2. If you consider every single main objection above, then put in Luciferian beside it...see how you get on?
Luciferian Templars infiltrated and caused the Crusades. They then committed some of the worst atrocities ever on the way home such that the Pope tried to have them killed. One technique was developed at this time that still persisits in mindprogramming to this day....sodomization to shatter personalities and subjugate them (see Kay Griggs on the CIA, google or see the link on my blog)
Using freemasonry, using druids and witches to usurp professorships in seminaries, the belief in the Bible was totally destroyed. Kitchener was a pedophile, so was Baden Powell, both involved in encouraging millions to their death in the trenches.
Jesuits shape and to this day control policy in the catholic church, including the idea that the egg and not just the fertilised egg, is a human being. They maintain the disastrous doctrine of single priests.

Now consider the sheer spell-like power that Satan has over the nations of the world as a result of his own doings, his own infiltration into God's FIELD.

NOW CONSIDER THE DAY SATAN withdraws his "People who say they are Jews but are not" from Israel, while they MAKE PUBLIC THEIR ENTIRE MASONIC OPERATION OVER 300 YEARS OF BLOODSHED AND WAR
 and lay it at the FEET OF ISRAEL
AND ALL THOSE SUPPORTERS LIKE GOD CHANNEL AND RICK JOYNER, who have been "played" and suckered in at the last moment, before they withdraw.

This is the same method of operation Satan used against "born again" Bush junior, by embroiling him in the Afghan War. Was Bush born again? Is only his front "alter" born again....see Fritz Springmeier on Mind Control techniques. His entire technique is to lead astray, or masquerade as God's thing in the earth, then drag it in the mud. The Genesis 3 trick has always been for Satan to wheedle himself into God's container or vessel, then become the host virus that persuades everyone else that God's Creation is totally defective and corrupt.

for French Revolution
Austrian Police state of 1800s
Revolution in Europe and America
Boer Wars and Apartheid
The World Wars
All Communism

IS LAID AT THE FEET OF THE JEWS ENTIRELY and where possible the church.
While those who caused the problem sidle off to other parts, whistling nonchalently?

In the midst of this huge negative backdrop are the pressures which weld this supernatural NEW CREATION that comes out of the marriage of the Lamb to the Church. Huuuuuuge.

Darkness is AS LIGHT to the Lord
and secondly....the principle in the Lord's prayer still applies: LEAD US NOT IN TO THE TIME OF TESTING but (instead) DELIVER US FROM ALL TRACE OF EVIL, OF THE INDEPENDENT SELF, OF DUAL VISION>>>"GOD AND"types of living
of everything that isn't God going on.

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