Friday 6 September 2013

What is the Pathology of Evil?

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Evil doesn't exist.
God exists.
Light exists.
Love exists.

Darkness doesn't exist. Not as such. It is the absence of Light.
Evil doesn't exist. It is just the absence of God's "ONLY LIFE in the
Universe kind of Life."

So what makes grown men refer to a Black Pope, or the order of Malta,
or Rothschild "those who say they are Jews but are not" people?
Why does Obama obey the Order of Malta in all things?

Is he evil through and through?
Was Hitler evil through and through?
Was Stalin?

More information on the book click both here on Down the Rathole  and the picture of Barnes Review
Solzhenitsyn's last book (had it not been banned in English)
was posing these kind of questions by the facts he was unearthing.
Namely that Communism was a Jewish plot....a certain strand of Jew,
but that also made sure his Jewish underling brethren in Russia were
exterminated in huge numbers along with whole Christian populations.

Why would any type of Jew do this? Why would this same type of Jew
linked with a strange occult sect call Thule create Hitler from a
man denied art college, and just bumming around Hayling Island
and Liverpool when he was visiting his brother in England?

Why, as Iron Man 3 depicts in the character played by Ben Kingsley
would the CIA create the real Osama Bin Laden using a CIA actor
called Tim Osman?

There is no such thing as evil per se. So what's the philosophy that would drive
a man like Obama, or the Bushes to obey their upline, which then leads to shadowy
figures who include people like the Black Pope, Rothschild,Rockefeller, the head dynastic
families that inbreed and control,the Venetian Old money,the controlling element of
political Zionism?

It really is the philosophy, the non-Light that the devil himself carries.
That substitutes God's actual reign of self-giving for a stand-in figure on top of a pyramid.
But there really is NO STAND IN FIGURE.

It looks as though there is a stand in figure while ever we believe in the Power of Two.
And that belief has several names...Taoism. Satanism. The worship of Ra or Apollo.

But there IS NO POWER OF TWO. There is ONLY one Life. The Life of God.
Temporarily there may exist what looks like TWO POWERS, but that second power
is God's LIFE...mismanaged.

It's like a toddler walking...but as yet mismanaging that in reality he can't truly be said to be walking.

Any power that uses or exists within the ONE power, that doesn't operate out of COVENANTED SELF-GIVING
is mismanaging that one life or that one power....BUT ISN'T and CAN'T ever be said to be that ONE POWER

because it is SALT...but without the SALT...without the saltiness

It's the LOOK of FIRE, and the destruction of a fire, BUT IT ISN'T FIRE...because it's LOST it's one FIRE,
the HOLY FIRE stamped right across its origin.

The statement used in the Jesuit oath.... the one that gives the whole game away...that it comes from the same source and origin as
All religions in fact

the end justifies the means

This is what the ONLY SOURCE in the Universe declares about His " Cross in the heart of God" type Life


The END is to have reproduced WORD flesh containers...all over the universe....(universes)
The MEANS is CONTAINERS of WORD speaking over themselves in a world of much Darkness, and
certainly in conditions of SLOWED DOWN LIGHT....or barely substantial SUBSTANCE known as our universe
with giant spaces between each atom.

If by supporting the Devil's own philosophy which was fed into our psyche as both a leftbrain and rightbrain spell, we turn aside from the RAW POWER of Word in our own beings...
And believe the devil's own notion that this is not enough
that it isn't sufficient
that we have to prop up this ONE LIFE in the Universe with our own hands
and "build something" or "do something"

then instead of the freedom the devil offers....we surprise ourselves and enter
an existence that is like the above
A FREEDOM without the FREE-DOM.

For as the other things, LIGHT,LOVE,FIRE
freedom turned out to be a SPIRIT FIRST not a state.

So by projecting what "looked like" the external representation of the STATE of has to collapse.
And it collapses, because it is a NON STATE. Without the SPIRIT and ESSENCE of FREEDOM....the SELFGIVING and SELF FOR OTHERS GOD.....what began as an image, a screen projection of freedom

Actually ends as a world  KOWTOWING to a pyramid run by NON FREEDOM himself
Via his agents
Black Pope
White Pope
Other Christian sects
Security agencies all run by Rothschild or Jesuits
All monarchies intermarried with the same lines, and mutually obligated no matter how much an individual Queen wants to name the name of Jesus Christ.

We substitute the ONLY WORTHY POSITION of the ONE GOD, who in His OWN BODY, a FAMILY of intergiving love,
for an ORDER that has to be shaped in a pyramid
And that pyramid MUST in the end contain everything
8 MAJOR CORPORATIONS that Rule through the fronts of all the others
ALL MEDIA OUTLETS  whether having the front of FREE, "PEOPLE RUN BBC"
or as in the Communist state PRAVDA
All secret societies
ALL CHRISTIAN CHURCHES that have not crossed right through the Holy Place through the Altar of Incense
into the place of the SINGLE EYE View of seeing GOD ALONE.

The Devil's pyramid with a single eye is his ripoff of a heavenly reality, that sees only the Melchizedek order and doesn't need its own strings. Did Jesus pull strings? He only did what He saw the Father doing.
And now "As He is so are we in the world".

The devil's pyramid actually a misnomer....for in truth, no matter how he tries to destroy the Image of his rival Eye in order to be the single victorious eye....he himself is being given a limited time of apparent rulership.
He has been given no power over our real EYE...which is spirit and is housed in our body containers.
Jesus said..."So don't fear the one who has been given power over your bodies....."

Psalm 2 works at every level.
  1. The "kings of the earth" gathered together is the global picture today
  2. It's the picture of the whole of history
  3. BUT it is the actual experience of every Christian in their own Romans 7, as they reckon and confess the truths of Romans 6
    YET ALL THE TIME IN THE ETERNAL NOW God is laughing, laughing
    because He has already out of all eternity set His Son on the holy Hill
    And that One Holy Hill will be manifested openly and already is at every level. We like the apostles say increasingly...that which we have handled tasted and touched....the life of Christ. How can we who have not seen Christ say that? Because the Holy Spirit is writing the actuality of this Living Christ in our flesh. We are Living Letters with First Class Postage!!!

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