Friday 15 November 2013

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Michael Kaminski (Facebook)
I have a question, more for those who have had a similar struggle as me than to those wishing to give theology....
Okay, so here's the deal:
We come up here day after day gushing about how good God is etc...
But do we REALLY believe this in 'our mess', whatever that is?
Mine is chronic pain and some daze like today (and I do mean daze) the pain is so bad, I cannot move or even cough without severe pain shooting throughout my body from my lower back (just one of my issues). I've been a believer 20 years. The pain? 24 years and counting...
We all know what scripture says: God works all things for good yada yada yada (Romans 8:28)
But, due to MY past, it's often hard in this swirling fog of pain (mentally, believe me) to see God as a loving Father.
So, is this 'God's kindness leading me to repentance'? (Romans 2:4)
BTW: the root word for 'kindness/goodness here is 'furnishing what is needed'!
I'll share my thoughts later in comments, but I'm looking for input from those who have endured a similar, lengthy struggle, not necessarily pain.. but doubting God's goodness through a lengthy delay/horrible ordeal...
And believe me, my pain is not our only one, but for whatever reason, I have had and do have total peace in those: and these are things which might've torn apart other families in and of themselves..
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Vanetta Stephens Been there. What we don't know/don't understand does hinder us. I've learned a lot of things the 'hard' way and then discovered I didn't have to. So, when the student is ready the teacher appears. As long as we try to handle things on our own, or tolerate things, we will. Once we really desire to learn something, God always will bring the Truth across our path. Pain is NOT ever from God. He took on pain so we would NOT have to live in it. There are a lot of reasons why we don't experience healing --as one example of MANY things--as He intends, but it's never
because of God. He abides by our will/our choice, and won't enforce us to experience Life His way. There is no way I can go into all the nuances in this little comment box, so I'm sharing a nugget I hope may be helpful
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Bert Cilliers I was diagnosed with a growth on the brain when i was 13 years old.Growth was putting so much pressure on the brain that i was having blackouts.One day at a friends house i had a blackout while chasing him up a set of stairs.i fell down on the back of my head creating blood on the brain.Long story short the doctors told my mom to bring me back in a month to re messure the growth with their equipment to determine the period of growing.My mom took me to a church one evening where they called out anyone that needs healing.The pastor asked me if i believe that God can heal me.I said i do sir.They laid hands on me and rebuked the enemy.a month later we went back for the tests just to hear from the doctor that there must be something wrong with his equipment cause there is no sighn of a growth.Thats the power of God i experienced at a young age of my life.
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Eric Strebeck One thing that totally turned my mind around about those situations is, realizing that God has already healed every sickness and physical problem at the cross. With me, its always been a financial issue. I realized also that all of God's provision has been released at the cross. The problem is, we have unbelief from so many different sources, it's sometimes difficult to believe God has already healed us. If we just receive it, the healing and provision will manifest in our lives.
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Eric Strebeck Andrew Wommack says it this way: It's like a radio transmission. God's transmitter is always on, but our receiver isn't tuned to the right frequency. It's never God holding back healing from you; its we that fail to receive it.
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Jenny Love Wills All i know is,i am in the same boat as you Michael..and failed to overcome it
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MikeandMimi BlissedRoss Yama tads ydada
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Joe Vasquez I don't have an answer, but I can assure you the goodness of God has been one of difficulty for me to grasp as well. Up to this point I've found that I can believe my senses and situations or the Spirit. I'm discovering that renewing the mind is of the utmost importance. Abraham;... against hope believed in hope,..he considered not his own body..., he staggered not at the promise of God...; being fully persuaded that he who promised, was also able to perform. (Romans 4:17-21)
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MikeandMimi BlissedRoss Mike. Sit back close your eyes. Imagin your walking up a hill and then it therm step and rocky. Like a clif. But u can use the rocks like steps You know when yo get to the top Jesus will be there. He said he would be and then he will talk to u face to face. So climb and clime. When you get to the top you look for Jesus. The place looks like a garden and has trees and what ever you imagin. You look for him and see him sitting on a log. So yo go over and sit close to him Now u can ask him anything you want. And he will Anvers you.
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Suzanne Young Gallagher We have to continue to stand and don't doubt! Is it always easy?? Nope! I had severe pain throughout my entire body for 3 years..I just stood and stood and believed. I would feel relief and say YAY!! THE NEXT DAY IT WOULD BE BACK!! I HAD TO THEN REGROUP AND CONTINUE TO STAND AND BELIEVE AND IGNORE AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE THE NATURAL SYMPTOMS. tI am 99% pain free..tinges here and there, and still standing for some other physical issues!! BELIEVING WITH YOU, BROTHER, FOR TOTAL HEALING, IN JESUS NAME
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MikeandMimi BlissedRoss You can ask anything
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Mark Anderson Yeah, God is good, but boy he can drill down into a heart where it doesn't seem like it. Love you brother. I'll ask for the Lord to give wisdom concerning your back. We are in this battle together.
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Michael Kaminski @ Eric..
Odd, but I had (I guess) big financial issues too (who wouldn't being disabled 15 years?). Yet, always had total faith in God....
God said give, Id give, knowing He'd always supply...
And, He came through, got us out of a 2nd mortgage, credit card debt, remodeled our old house.. enough for my kid's , some friend's as He leads and my own ministry I'd been promised for years... all in one instant ~ it only cost me my best friend's life.
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Kim Black Michael Kaminski, you bless me, really.
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Michael Kaminski Kim..
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Jordan Alexanderplatz Rainer Hey Michael, have you read the book,"heal them all"?
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Beloved Carol Grace Robinson Michael, I used to think mental pain was the hardest on a daily basis to deal with, but I've only had glimpses of extreme physical pain (I mean intense to point of collasping or passing out under it) but if had to endure it on a pretty constant basis, and wasn't seeing any relief.....I don't know what I'd do. I feel so strongly for you or anyone that is going through this on a regular basis. I'm surprised that you are as upbeat as you are, bless your heart.
Now do I think God is faithful, wants you to receive your complete healing?, yes sir, without a doubt I do. Like everyone has pretty much said, the kink in the hose is us, the putting up with it, not quite accepting that we are already healed, etc. Anytime we put any of the solution upon ourselves, He can't work. How to deal with that, I wish I had real answers for you, but He does.......and Sweetness you are definitely worth the healing.
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Douglas Thompson Michael, what is the source of the pain?
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Michael Kaminski OMG, Douglas!
Is it from 'the laying on of hands' for 'the faith of Job' as a baby Christian of 2 months by the 'bishop' of the 'Rock Church' (John Jimenez) and a group of his pastors? (in all fairness, he warned me before praying lol)
Seriously, that aside, I was already in pain then, but I've literally suffered from pain from the top of my head (concussion) to the bottom of my feet (numerous operations)...
The main causes: I was born with a nerve disease called CMT-1A that is a type of neuropathy. It causes the nerves to literally unravel & joints to be messed up. Backs & necks & feet & lower legs especially. Throw in about ten auto accidents & numerous freak accidents and infections & you start to get the picture...
Even moreso, my youngest daughter has it and her hip joints are virtually non-existent and she has a horrible limp.. My son, who has autism, also has it but has yet to show any effects other than the odd gait we 'Kaminski men' walk with, but neither did I until I was about his age.
Do we need a miracle?
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Debbie Fowler Mike, did John Giminez really pray for you?? He was my pastor (along with Anne) beginning around age 15. I use to go to Rock Church in Va Beach, VA those many years ago. Did you???
I have a very dear friend suffering from pain caused by a connectiv...See More
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Sandra Mapson I had to post this again I thought I was logged on! Anyway, my hubby have the same experience like you have PAIN. Pain in his mid back, legs, everywhere! He have it for 10 plus years from work injuries. He have been gone to doctors and had bad experien...See More
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Jns Gourds Michael Kaminski I totally believe what the scripture says. I believe he is only good. I can't doubt him in all that he has done for me and what he does daily. I can't explain why you have had 24 years of pain, but I can't let what I can't understand o...See More
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Chris Welch
There's Spirit systems coming online out of the heavenlies all the time.
John G Lake went through the loss of 4 close family members and ALMOST HIS WIFE TOO...with a vicar saying ...let her go's God's will for your life...
That's what did it...he was so propelled him into one of the first modern healing ministries....That was a healing well....
Local to me a woman was shut down with M.E. I don't know her full story...but God opened it up as connected directly with the spirit of death. Cut a long story short...but it propelled her into ministry against 2 things...M.E. but also Freemasonry.
The Freemasonic witchcraft oaths biind whole families in loads of weird ways. Typically some grandad will renounce his freemasonry and some grandchild will instantly and in another town be healed of deafness or whatever.
Gary Whetstone was in a mental home as a teenager when God used someone to deliver him from naturally in his ministry he tended to think first and foremost along those lines.
Myself....I actually entered deep depression at 12 simply through "over achievement"....I got all A grades at school but after all that effort, didn't make a scrap of difference. I was looking for acceptance from my Dad I found out later.
I left ny methodist upbringing, considered it useless and became atheist.
When i did find the Lord...I was wanting to go deep...i was hungry...and that was the Jesus Movement in 1972. Unlike many who also were being baptised in the Spirit I perceived there was a Holy of Holies realm beyond...just speaking in tongues...I guess it's what Jesus says is a place of fire.
I mention that because that is another key. The Holiest place burns a lot of stuff off you...bondages...false thinking....spirits...all kinds of lines
But continuing with me...
though by the eighties I had been leading in worship for ten to 15 years and writing many songs....certain sex strongholds brought me down to the dust....because I knew my will had to change and basically i like it all too much....I needed someone to get inside my will...
then i learned the Word that set me free....God is at work in you to will and to work for His good pleasure. it had a similar effect on me to Rich Novek's Philippians verse which he shares often and i can never remember word for word.
I hope you don't mind me listing lots of real world testimonies...but it's just to show how God is bringing more of His systems online and getting them up and running in the Body.
Derek Prince went through 60 years of his ministry...much of which was quite detailed warfare against demons...but what really lifted things for him in his 80s was learning God the Father actually loved him.
In the Emsworth Bible House (community of 30) we had someone virtually paralysed and allergic to light. Totally bound. London fellowships sent her down to us. Nothing shifted. We declared words of faith. Nothing.
After a couple of years, the young lady had a revelation also that God really was her father and loved her. from that moment over several months most of her thick doctor's tome of bodily ailments just upped and left. Living pretty normally beforelong she was married in Barcelona, a sister church.
I've almost downplayed my story. From 1978 to 87 i was reduced from a selfconffident baptised in the Spirit individual to rock bottom...that's when I discovered the third level. A kind of more permanent version of being baptised in fire...since it is the inner discovery of Jesus
living my life as me according to Galations 2;20.
But there's one more system that God is reminding me to share. A lot of pentecostal people....and a lot of Norman Grubb people are "single stones"...they have no real concept of the "church that comes down out of heaven".
This is the church of the Living God that you only connect to after a long period of your innermost being crying out to be joined to the melchizedek order. it's like a Divine phone call. Similar to the Divine phone call we make in the Spirit to so with evangelism. Jesus said if you see the fields white for harvest as they are...don't rush in...pray the father that he will prepare workers and thrust them out into the harvest. It's the phone call that sets in motion the thrusting. And it's the Divine phone call that knits you to lifejoints...people you receive out of heaven.
Any idiot can look in his yellow pages and visit a church. Churches are filled with piles of stones that are unrelated and in all stages of knowing Christ. Churches are filled with spirit flash harry's who have individual ministries...which are even valid....but the true apostolic gift where  it is received supernaturally in the Spirit builds these stones into a proper Spirit building here on earth, of rightly relating people, all receiving their relationships out of heaven, and not doing the usual fleshly pyramid relating thing..."where men lord it over each other as the gentiles do".
So what I am saying is...sometimes God leaves certain conditions untouched...not for any other reason than He has a glory prepared to be brought through by a band of the ones who were prepared to smash a hole in the religious man's roof to get their friend lowered in front of Jesus surrounded by a big crowd.
Secular people call a group of people a team. But a team, although it has some of the attributes of the full is only a bunch of people still relating to each other as "independent selves". Teams are effective...but nowhere near as effective as the Body of Christ. Because this is where a bunch of people come in the Name of Jesus. They are not short circuiting out in their independent self glorying....they really can be a crucible of great power.Iif a team is like an old-fashioned 60 Watt lightbulb...some light with a lot of heat....the true Body of Christ walking in Galatians 2:20 is like a Lasar.....concentrated light.

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