Thursday 21 November 2013

Duct Tape Syndrome

Duct Tape syndrome is probably another name for ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM, but what I want to highlight is particularly SPIRITUAL ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM.

I believe any ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM is ultimately spiritual, since all fear has a spiritual root. But there clearly is a difference between greeting a person who you regard as being involved in something you just don't like to be a part of.....cocaine taking....or just plain old smoking as it used to be....or perhaps they are Republican/Democrat,Tory or Labour....or perhaps you know and they know you know that you should really have got the managerial post and not them.... something awkward, that you can never mention .

More openly spiritual elephants in the room are stranger still, so let's call this "duct tape " syndrome.
They are stranger still because from a secular point of view they don't really exist so why would anyone have a problem mentioning them....if they don't exist, it's all theory right?
Except beneath the conscious level of conversation you just both know on your insides that you can't go there.

....Like after I was baptised in the Spirit and I used to go into my Gran's rooms which adjoined ours....I just knew that talking about Jesus coming to save us was not going to work...even though I knew it worked.
.....Like talking to my Dad in the early 70s about the fact that Ted Heath was openly lying when he stated we'll just join this Common Market thingy but it absolutely won't involve anything other than some loose trade affiliation.

But these sort of areas are exactly what prophetic people DO talk about. And perhaps that is the real reason why they are deemed prophetic.Perhaps everyone else senses these things but has the good sense to be fearful and a scaredy cat and tow the line.

Again and again as bloggers research details around the true nature of history and we pull the threads together using Google, it becomes increasingly obvious, not less obvious that the same groups of shadowy
figures emerge behind most things. Yesterday, as you might have read, it surrounded the "good old" Scofield Bible that appears on most Christians shelves.

Yet even thinking about it all in the cold light of day, nothing makes sense.
It's published by and profits have always gone to Oxford University Press. Well, if any of you know the spiritual climate of Christianity in the UK, this makes as much sense as Arthur Blessitt being received by the Queen with his cross, or  my school saying "Chris, as one of the pioneers of the Christian revival in 1972 in the school, please would you consider being Head Boy." It's not going to happen. Actually God still did it...he took an atheist head boy called David Foster and made him born man's best laid plans etc!!!!

If you meditate on just one thing...just this
Scofield's Bible which is all about the "American rapture theory" is published in England FROM THE OUTSET in 1917 or so by Oxford Press. Long before any Jesus Revolution. Long before Smith Wigglesworth really got going in the UK. It's not going to happen is it????

UNLESS  you allow for DUCT TAPE

The second area I felt to highlight was the use of the word "CORPORATIONS"
Everyone talks about "It's the Corporations"
It's the Fat Cats

OK so where do the corporations come from? As soon as corporations of normal individuals form as a legal entity, at what point do they all stand in a line and say
" Yes we solemnly decide that we will become bastards of the first order. And we promise faithfully to elect fat cats?"

So how does it all happen? Why is much of the behaviour of corporations either by stealth incrementally or quite openly as far as present law will allow...simply gross evil?

Well the reason is DUCT TAPE

Duct tape means the 13 dynasties that no one will talk about even if they know of them. These bloodline families who date themselves back to the very fall of Babel, and have this urge by dedicated selective marriage between the lines to accomplish that which they believe "ADONAY" their idea of a lesser god...and our idea of a GREAT GOD, THE ONLY GOD...messed up in Genesis.

At the surface of secularism it would seem incredible that any such people existed today, who believed at all in the first pages of the Bible....other than fundamentalists who they discount utterly. That these believing dynasties should be running everything just further fuels the laughter to the phrase CONSPIRACY THEORY.

As soon as corporations of normal individuals form as a legal entity, at what point do they all stand in a line and say
" Yes we solemnly decide that we will become bastards of the first order. And we promise faithfully to elect fat cats?"

But if all powers that be (practically) are related to these lines. If these lines purely raise children to be obedient to these lines. If children MUST REMARRY within these lines. If these lines must be blurred and kept secret from outsiders. If Royalty is all related to these lines. If all American Presidents are related to these lines. If you have no moral fixed boundaries concerning reproduction and children are regularly spawned at solstices to form "doubles" to achieve certain ends  and die in the place of the figures you thought were dying in front of start to see how this is relatively easy to pull off. But for conscience. Or humanity. BUT SUPPOSING over thousands of years you had mastered three things.1. The stamping out of conscience 2. The transfer of spiritual (demonic) power between generations 3. And particularly recently, through mind programming, how to create genial looking front "alters", (psychological word for different sub personalities)?

So to avoid the DUCT TAPE Words and phrases people use CORPORATIONS instead, as if corporations have a magical power all on their own.

As  Biblical David rounded the hill stacked out with cheeses and different loaves of bread he met up with his brothers, who then started accusing him of slacking from his duties as a herdsman. But he was puzzled. Why were the whole Israelite army going through the motions every morning and standing in front of one particularly defiant giant....and nobody was doing a thing?  This is exactly how many of us feel about the ridiculous national and independent church groups facing but ignoring the very ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM.... and agreeing to DUCT TAPE.

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