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Tear Fund Trip

Tear Fund have put together a kind of competition for Christian bloggers. The three "chosen ones" will go out to their Cambodian region and blog back live on their findings. The trip is in March.
TEAR or The Evangelical Association Relief fund can be found at
World Refugee Year (1960) inspires compassionate Christians to send gifts to the Evangelical Alliance. The terrible 1968 famine in Biafra, caused by civil war in Nigeria, prompts the public launch of the fund under the leadership of George Hoffman. The Evangelical Alliance Relief (TEAR) Fund is born. Cliff Richard gives his first fundraising concert for the cause in the Royal Albert Hall in 1969.
Tearfund expands. Supporters can give £5 per month to sponsor children in Bangladesh, providing food, healthcare and education through Christian projects. We launch a youth and student programme to inspire young people to radical discipleship. Tearcraft begins providing dignified employment for thousands of skilled workers, selling craft in the UK.
The decade of Live Aid, war in Ethiopia, turmoil in Eastern Europe. In 1980 Tearfund sends its own medical team in to work in refugee camps in Somalia. Ten million face starvation in Ethiopia, and 1985 sees the biggest charity single and event ever: Band Aid. Tearfund starts a regular giving programme for long-term support for development programmes.
Civil unrest in the Balkans, Rwanda and Sierra Leone. In 1993 Tearfund celebrates its 25th anniversary with an award-winning edition of ‘Songs of Praise’. In 1994 Tearfund launches a massive appeal and relief response following the Rwandan genocide. Tearfund focuses on world debt as a founder-member of the Jubilee 2000 movement. Hurricane Mitch devastates Central America (1998) and Tearfund joins the Disasters Emergency Committee of relief agencies to appeal for funds.
The dawn of a new millennium sees severe floods in Africa and South Asia, while conflict intensifies hardships caused by drought in Afghanistan. The Jubilee 2000 campaign achieves qualified success. In 2003, brutal conflict erupts in Darfur. The following year, a tsunami strikes 13 countries in Asia, one of the deadliest disasters in recorded history.

In 2005, as a leading member of the Make Poverty History coalition, Tearfund sees the UK church mobilsed as never before to speak against injustice. Food crises, civil war and political oppression pose new challenges for Tearfund partners and relief teams in Africa, while development efforts continue.

Meanwhile, floods in Asia and a shattering earthquake in Haiti mark the start of a new decade, and the impact of climate change is increasingly felt by the world’s most vulnerable people…
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Conversation with Nick Roberts of Tear Fund
I've been wanting to bounce some things off Nick for a few months but this was a good excuse to nip round the corner and nab some of his time. Nick works in computing and admin for Tear Fund at their London Teddington Headquarters. His son grew up with my son in the same classes at school, but since leaving for another school in Portsmouth we as parents don't get to see each other.

I wanted to explain to Nick what my interest was and to ask a few searching questions about how Tear Fund are getting on.

I reminded Nick of my background. So in writing this I will embellish this conversation with some of what I have already said to Nick over the years so readers can get a fuller picture of my intents.

Some months ago, I realised I have a very similar background to Fritz Springmeier who has , as many people know on the net, been led to expose a lot of the hidden background knowledge as to who really controls things and how things are really run  behind a kind of smokescreen of what we are led to believe are the public infrastructures.

Fritz was called into this work as a born again Christian, and has effectively put his life on the line, having been imprisoned for his exposing work. Now Fritz himself doesn't come from nowhere spiritually. Both Fritz and myself have Dads that have been quite influential in their ways in charity and humanitarian work.
My Dad with my Mum taught Kofi Annan and other key Ghanaian people in Mfantsipim , Gold Coast in the 50s. He then received an MBE from the Queen at Buckingham Palace a few years ago for decades of charity work both in Chesham area, but also in setting up Labaid ( years ago in his retirement.

Fritz's Dad  set up Boys Towns in several places where underprivileged youngsters could be trained and kept off the streets in order that they be then able to take part in society. Springmeier senior elicited the support of schools like our Amersham junior School to raise funds and help with his humanitarian work.

Both Fritz and I, I suppose came to  "see through" the work our fathers were doing, as good as it was,and be forced to face the deeper issues of what really is at the root of the poverty problem. Both Fritz and I found the Lord as young men.   Fritz, quite naturally seems to be a "son of Issachar". I am not like that.That is, like Barry Smith,Chuck Missler, Grant Jeffrey and many other Christian authors, he has toured conferences warning of the Antichristian plans for world takeover. These type of folk have the abilty, unlike most of the rest of us, to see something we all think is quite innocent, and recognise it as a "cover" for something altogether different. We ofcourse, regard such people as highly paranoid, but in truth, like Dietrich Bonhoeffer's first sermon in 1933, they have this uncanny ability to pinpoint the equivalent of the rise of Hitler years before we even understand what Fluoride Toothpaste is all about!!!

Basically the humanitarian work our fathers were doing was like using a sticking plaster on a broken leg. It takes no account of man's need of personal salvation, nor at the macro level of how the world system is geared at a fundamental level according to  the claim of Psalm 2.
Why are the [a]nations in an uproar
And the peoples devising a vain thing?
The kings of the earth take their stand
And the rulers take counsel together
Against the Lord and against His [b]Anointed, saying,
“Let us tear their fetters apart
And cast away their cords from us!”
Just how literal this is through the use of secret organisations infiltrating everything we regard as normal, is still absolutely unperceived by most Christians and Christian organisations.

I explained to Nick for example how as fast as Tear Fund are putting efforts into Sudan they should realise the whole thing is at least at one level a cover for these four things. Three are known in the satirical press, and the fourth is known by "sons of issachar" types. (A non born again "son of Issachar" is David Icke, but as I say, people come out of the womb with these characteristics.)
1. To create an obedient political puppet regime in Sudan out of all this conflict and destabilization
2. Sudan is just about the last bank Rothschild doesn't own. (You see now the Game Monopoly was a hidden warning)
3. Sudan and the middle east have to be made ready and compliant for the new oil pipeline feed to offset the onesided power and wealth obtained by the present Russian European pipeline. (source...English tuning client who is designing the pipeline)
4. "Whenever the Lights go out in a place...have you noticed there are less Christians when the lights are turned back on again."  Through secret manipulative organisations creating this strife, the aim all along was to destroy the lives of thousands more Christians.

All this is presented to us as natural, random foment and strife, and ofcourse charity organisations are quick to do their best to bring remedy. This is good and proper, but in general, charities, still operate in the fog of naivety that most non Christians and Christians operate in.

As an aside here, remember that in the first ever "Christian organisation", Judas, the very central Treasurer to the whole thing, turned out to be crooked, and if that wasn't enough, WAS PART OF THE CONSPIRACY TO KILL JESUS.

So what's Jesus saying in that? Well, it's not that He didn't warn us. He says in the New Testament two notable things leading up to the events at Jerusalem.
He said "If the light that is in you turns out to be Darkness, how great is the Darkness?"
Also it was written, Jesus did not join Himself to any of them for He knew what was in them. Most Christians are still working that one out.

So with this background, and also that as a Piano Business we have run our own Charity for 20 years called Christian Supplies Trust( UK reg Charity 1028509), I asked Nick what he felt was Tear Fund's aim.

He replied very definitely that unlike the many other aid organisations, Tear Fund had the love of God, and the need for personal salvation in its mix, but viewed both as integral to the other.

We then discussed for a while the nature of parachurch organisations and the aim to work closely with churches on the ground.  I was really heartened to note how much has changed in the world since I first learned of Tear Fund through Amersham Old Town Baptist Church in the 70s. The fact is, explained Nick,that it is now generally the poorest regions of the earth who have the largest active church communities.
He said this had changed completely since the early days of Tear Fund. Such churches were becoming the outreach hubs for their work.

I shared that I had observed that God keeps a complete vision in the Earth, even if at present it is a fractured view. What I mean by this is that God has placed a complete testimony of Himself in the Earth and in time to come this will be fully manifest according to Paul's words in Ephesians3.

"to preach to the Gentiles the unfathomable riches of Christ, and to [e]bring to light what is the administration of the mystery which for ages has been hidden in God who created all things; 10 so that the manifold wisdom of God might now be made known through the church to the rulers and the authorities in the heavenly places."
This manifold wisdom is being displayed's just it's more hidden.

Every single "spiritual system", "proper working" is actually intact in the Body of Christ across the earth today, and also embedded right across the gamut of non Christians too, as God's people also.

Here are two areas which describe what I mean.

For the last decades churches in their immaturity have tended to squeeze out and exclude two main operations of the Spirit of God:
Helping Others...or Practical Love.

NOW GOD won't and doesn't stand for this , so while the church is still growing up out of its nappies according to the three stages of growth in 1 John 2, he raises up PARACHURCH operations to stand in the gap.
For evangelism read: TL OSBORNE, LUIS PALAU,MORRIS CERULLO, RHEINHARD BONNKE, ARTHUR BLESSITT,DAVID HATHAWAY many many other lesser known and completely unknown ones.
For organisations read : YWAM, OPERATION MOBILISATION , WEC(Worldwide Evangelisation Crusade) and so on.

For Aid read YWAM Mercy Ministries, OM, Tear Fund, Oasis Trust and on and on.

Rightfully Nick was sharing that more and more, the local churches were picking up the ball all over the world, and that Tear Fund were increasingly dovetailing their activities into these local hubs.

So then I thought I'd flat out present my case for the Cambodian trip to Nick in terms that readers of this blog will understand. Namely that I am anxious to view their operation with third level eyes. How does aid work in third level Christianity? We have the Acts model ofcourse, and in fact in the end the early church had to raise up some hedges around the apostles who were beginning to have all their time consumed in aid administration, for which reason the Spirit indicated they should appoint Stephen, leaving themselves free to devote themselves to imparting Word.
Notice, in the Bible, unlike many of today's quiet but helpful aid givers, Acts shows us that Stephen was well able to deliver HIGH VOLTAGE WORD when called upon....and it so moved the hearers, that those with hard hearts immediately took up stones.

I described today's "model" or "system" for aid work was based around the current idea of a church.
So pretty soon networks of pretty uninfiltratable churches are set up where as St Paul described of the immature Corinthians...I am of Apollos, Peter or Paul etc.

The "product" we are selling for nothing (Isaiah 55) is more than forgiveness for sins, and being born again.
It is more than receiving an infilling of the Spirit, where we run pretty much the same pastor pyramid as before, but now on Spirit steroids.
No, the product in Acts was more like the Parable of the Virgins....not just immediate oil...but oil you've been down the shops for. NOT by DOING THINGS to GAIN WORKS thing.
Like begin in the Spirit but you now seek to finish in the flesh according to fleshly effort.

How much of the drive for charity and Aid work is coming out of this pressure? Because we haven't been down the Spirit supply house with the whole of our being, getting the whole of us looked at under the Spirit microscope....not by our effort, but as the Spirit leads us.

The product that we have comes up with the GOODS.
Abraham had to believe against belief for Isaac. Nothing else would do. For in Isaac were all his descendants named. Isaac himself was the self reproducing seed.

Because churches are little more than human fabrications, human nissan huts made allbeit of living Spirit filled Christians...they don't produce after their own kind, and we are forced to bolster our efforts with more systems. But the gospel works....
One Sergei Kourdakov (early Russian emigre early 70s)
One Watchman Nee
One Smith Wigglesworth
One Rheinhard Bonnke
One Morris Cerullo
One Corrie Ten Boom
One Mother Basilea Schlink
One pastor Wurmbrand and so on

In other words just one mature third level Father stage (1 John 2) Christian is all a locality needs to come alive in God.

I felt to share with Nick again how we come into faith. Faith for the stupidly big things.See, it's not our faith. It's the faith of the Son of God. (Literal wording in Greek of Galations 2:20)
Faith , Romans 10:17 says, comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God.
Faith doesn't come DIRECT. It's two stage.
Access to the Word of God creates not natural hearing with two flappy natural ears...but it creates a spiritual digs out a cavity within us which has this new capacity to hear the Son of God direct. His own faith gives us the stupid drive to believe for unheard of things
like Noah, for a boat, when it had never even rained and there weren't any seas....
like Abraham for sons that would bless the whole earth etc etc.

I reminded Nick of how both Rheinhard Bonnke and Bryn Jones had shared a room at Rees Howells Bible College. Bonnke most people still know of, Bryn was used to raise up nearly half the network of current new churches in the UK in the 70s, and Rees Howells was in Spirit training for decades to smash all 3 Dictators in the War by the Word of faith pronounced "foolishly" 3 years before the end of the War, and which the newspapers went to town on.

What is the likelihood that such a three should be in so great proximity? Very high!! because Jesus says where the dead body is...look at all the carrion circling suddenly? It's instinct.

And where the Death and resurrection of the Body of Jesus is rightfully celebrated in a genuine Spirit way, so the same thing happens over and over....all sort of Divine connection and propagation.

Just as in the natural a huge percentage of fruitfulness and food for the nations comes from the seemingly random and rather erratic form of propagation  by pollination and it is in the Spirit.

So what is the Tear Fund Plan? I plan to probe them.Do charities share all their skills, their knowhow in development basics? The pitfalls. The best equipment?

Nick and I didn't say today what I have begun sharing in the past. I am fascinated by developments in science and how these things can help. Both my parents were physics teachers.
I am fascinated by futurist podcasts. Using to access The Future and You podcast with Stephen Ewin Cobb.
The wealth of Development Knowledge that even comes through business programmes which are also freely available podcasts....In Business with Peter Day on Radio 4.
I have around 1400 mainly Christian people on Facebook who all share the latest buzz on things. Ofcourse some is not so useful, but so much is incredibly useful. All my blog posts are broadcast to all these folk should they choose to read them, and my blog itself coincidentally has a current average of 14,000 hits per month.
How about the Water Filtration Bag charity?

In America, as Patriots seem to be preparing for a coming clash over their right to have weapons...(something UK people cannot get their head round)....there are many spinoffs which relate directly to Survivalist Issues worldwide.
For example, two things came my way on Facebook. Both of which were cheap ways of creating what would cost thousands if bought from commercial companies.

DIY build instructions for solar panel installations costing only a few hundred. How that would change things in a settlement in Africa!!!
DIY build instructions for creating hydroponic/aquaponic installations. These are the newly extrapolated systems whereby people can create sealed unit mini eco systems as they have developed for use in spaceships and on other planets. Using fish, which poo,which fertilise all the plants you'd ever need to eat, which oxygenate the air, which produces the water cycle which returns to the pond for the fish to swim in.
This breeds fish for protein and all the fresh vegatation for carbs and vegetables for vitamins. PURE GENIUS and you only add 10% or 20% of water to top up every so often. That beats all the long journeys made to wells in Africa eh?  This is MAGIC stuff.

When I was in Kenya in 86, I was at a youth conference (not a speaker, but an observer) I got to know a Finnish thirdleveller. He was quite apostolic and came out of the Finnish apostolic tradition I believe...but in those still early days of Spirit filled Christianity in Kenya, I noted how the Holy Spirit had snuck him in as a missionary, but fully funded as a Finnish Water Development expert. Subconsciously I had learned a pattern here, of how God can use a tentmaking skill, particularly in the developing World, of Knowhow in Practical development skilling.

Revelation 12 :13  and Development Aid13 And when the dragon saw that he was thrown down to the earth, he persecuted the woman who gave birth to the male child.
This is a strange verse which the Holy Spirit continues to unpack, but one of the meanings best describes what Nick and I were talking about. You see as fast as Christians come up with God solutions by faith....a kind of new manifestation of  Jesus in some new helpful form to give succour and help and deliver the point of birth the devil is there to try and snatch the whole system.

He's not a creator. He's a thief. He steals God systems. He tries to snatch them to make them his own.
This is incredibly relevant to the work of God in all its forms.

We see this process again in the parable of the Farmer, where the enemy comes and floods his field with bad seed no sooner than good seed has been sown. All this is actually the wisdom of God. but that doesn't make it less dangerous. God USES this to make His Seed strong....but that doesn't mean people DON'T DIE en route. Sergei Kourdakov may have escaped Russia in 72, but as he warned us, that didn't mean the KGB weren't still after him. He was "suicided" it is now believed a few months later in Canada.

We have already seen how the devil used "his agent" in Judas among Jesus and his band.
We've seen how he used the love of the saints in Acts to set up a kind of dependency in the people which began to put huge strain on the saints and their supply. This was an early example of dependency culture.

But what about schools and hospitals? The devil has stolen the whole hospital system and made it his field of commerce instead of compassion.
He stole education from the early monks. Oxford , Cambridge and Harvard itself which was actually evangelical...all stolen to purvey the false bubble of the secular and atheist viewpoint.

He stole the Methodist Class system and made it Communist cells, and Freemasonry and secret society structures.

He stole Jesuitry and made it a force for evil. The templars and the crusades were total manipulation to sellChristianity down the river.
He stole the Jewish "power to make wealth" and is holding the whole earth to ransom by those who "say they are Jews but are not".
He stole the Boys brigade, which itself was a God system in answer to the extremes of city poverty and poor parenting, and using Baden Powell via Kitchener (both pedophiles; Queen Victoria would not let Baden Powell back in England while she was alive) and scouting was formed in direct opposition to the evangelical drive in Boys Brigade.
He stole both Jewish and Christian seminaries. He positioned his men as double dealers in both seminaries. The Jews were told to forget the Torah and learn the Talmud. Christians were taught higher criticism.

Early missionaries to Africa happened to report gold. Satan raised up slavery in those precise places.

In the precise areas that Paul raised up churches, Satan fought long and hard that nobody should learn of his legacy. Some of the last of the line were the Armenians who were slaughtered in 1915.

All unknown in our modern "random" secular story of history, the real story of the Balkans is one of peoples fleeing Catholic control systems....even defecting to Moslem areas rather than defer.

Christian movements like Wesleyanism which brought national fruit were targeted so heavily that when I was brought up, Methodism was possibly one of the most liberal denominations. Staggeringly, Baptists in the UK were more open to the current move of the Spirit than Pentecostals themselves were. The devil hit Wales hard in the aftermath of the Revival.

The Northern and Southern Ireland struggles were largely orchestrated by their Lodges, which were both controlled by the same Luciferian rulers, so when Clinton's time to call a halt in the 90s, all the pyramid chiefs had to say was "Stop" and both sides miraculously stopped fighting. This was around the time of the early announcement in 1991 of the New World Order by Bush.

All Christian Development Agencies suffer the same attacks. Where goodness and Good seed is preached, a Dragon is poised to try and pounce on the seed. We are truly in a spiritual war, but Springmeier has woken us up to the fact that it isn't quite as purely spiritual as we thought.

Cambodia was one such pawn in the middle.

Pol Pot,Stalin, Mao Tse Tung and Hitler all had pretty much the same modus operandi.
They all received their training in Terror and Mind Control in Europe, which is why the patterns in their control techniques are pretty identical the deeper you look.

The aim of  pushing into nations is always the same, from the French Revolution onwards.
  1. To destabilise
  2. To terrorise
  3. For monetary gain by usurping a nation's resources and from weapons and armaments
  4. To destroy faith in God and make God look an impotent laughing stock
  5. That the many millions who die be a blood sacrifice to their dear Satan.

St Paul and Peter stated some surprising things.
Paul expected the Corinthians to grow up and RULE as if this was normal...Would that you were Kings (In your area)
Peter in 1 Peter2:12 writes  having your behaviour among the nations right, that in that which they speak against you as evil-doers, of the good works having beheld, they may glorify God in a day of inspection. NASB writes visitation.
so revival or visitation is pretty much inevitable????!!!

Ed Miller by the Spirit orchestrated 5 revivals every decade from the 1950s onwards. Now others speak of "revival meetings" and every so often one of these may actually be one....but Ed Miller meant a revival in the sense of the spontaneous combustion of Wales or the Hebrides or Indonesia.

In 1986 God showed me a picture of some natives gazing skyward at a big white metallic bird and asked me "What's the difference between the natives' observation of a plane and of those in say America?"
I answered, " About 80 years'  knowhow."
"Exactly. At the moment you look skyward in the same way regarding revival, but I am going to teach you the ways of continuous revival."

And beginning with Bonnke perhaps, and then the 90s national and continental intercession, and prayer warfare over cities, God has in fact been opening a door. But some of the rest is in the three levels of the gospel in 1 John 2 that is not yet common knowledge.

Other strategies that none of us could foresee in 1972 when I was converted
was sattellite TV
and this very internet, including blogging and Facebook and Twitter.

The Ephesians Church formula is this
and it applies equally to imparting Christ to each other as it does of practical help and supply, and if that was really so in Tear Fund, and not just a stated policy to impress people, then I'd certainly have fun reporting any signs of that on this blog.....

anyhow the formula we have been learning together on Facebook....

The Formula
14 [g]As a result, we are no longer to be children, tossed here and there by waves and carried about by every wind of doctrine, by the trickery of men, by craftiness [h]indeceitful scheming; 15 but [i]speaking the truth in love, [j]we are to grow up in all aspectsinto Him who is the head, even Christ, 16 from whom the whole body, being fitted and held together [k]by what every joint supplies, according to the [l]proper working of each individual part, causes the growth of the body for the building up of itself in love.

  • not children anymore.....not 1st and 2nd levellers which currently most Christians are

  • not carried around by this years' latest trend...why...because we have our own "spiritual hearing unit fully installed"

  • how? by speaking truth to each other. Some is good nice stuff about being raised with Christ...other truth is OUCH truth about where I am still squiffy in my "seeing"

  • growing up in all aspects...not just SOME...

  • into who? the Pyramid apostle head?(I don't believe in human pyramids) Terry Virgo? Hillsongs Brian Houston? No....Jesus Himself. And if it is genuine Jesus stuff it has to be my Jesus, your Jesus, his Jesus and her Jesus...the same Jesus. You can't have a personal Jesus, who is just your own personal imagining.

  • the body is only held together by Christ stuff which each and every joint supplies...but it says they will only supply Christ stuff when each joint is working properly....and you can only be working properly when you are really spontaneously you...and not you pretending to be Billy Graham or Mother has to be Jesus-You as in Galatians 2:20.

  • Working properly in a lot of missionary sermons is a euphemism for applying loads of pressure about what we OUGHT to be doing....helping people, evangelising people,giving more money.Working properly in the New Testament, simply means...functioning properly. You can't function properly until you know as consciousness from the inside of you, that you are Christ as you, in your form. You can't be Jesus Christ of Nazareth, because His bodily form has transferred to the right hand of God, but His very same life lives in you as you, in your personality in your body, as the unique creation that He made you. When you know that, rivers of Living Water flow from you because they are just His Life doing what comes natural. It's very like riding a bike or speaking in tongues. You can think about the theory of bike riding all week long...but you won't get the feel of balance until you do it. You can pray all you like for the gift of tongues but nothing happens until those lips open.

Finally a note for Tear Fund themselves in answer to their own specific questionTell us why you want to accept this challenge and help us hit the target in a blog post, a video, audio, and anything else you can think of?
My strength has been in communicating all over the world to a people at a particular stage of their Christian walk, and wondering as all the supports are being taken away, what on earth is God doing.
If you follow the Index at the bottom of the blog to Elaine Waterfield or Nya Suna you will see somebody who , if I was an organisation, might say..."we have sent her out"...but it was the Spirit who has sent her out, and God who keeps her alive. If I say lots of support has come through me and my friends of the blog, I'd be speaking untruth....but she is still alive, the testimonies show how much she has achieved as just one person doing what God says, and at least some of the bigger donations have come through exposure on my blog.

I'm up for the challenge of raising 60 people to donate a small regular sum....but my factfinding mission to Cambodia would be nothing less than trying to assemble some ideas for turning round situations all over the world. In fact I really like the thought that came today, which is so absurd, it could be God.

Which is  BEGIN by TURNING the poorest nation on earth round, just to show what God can do:
BURKINA FASO! I'm not sure it is the poorest now, since one of our friends found gold there and has begun setting up mines. Sadly, this is probably yet more exploitation by white folk. I'm not interested in that pattern at all.

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