Thursday 23 January 2014

Sounds and Shulammites

39 years ago some of us heard a sound, some heard it live, some heard it on tape(yup remember those?). That sound was of thousands of male church leaders, or shepherds, getting a glimpse of just how vast and how all encompassing was the victory that Jesus won, both on the cross, and ofcourse as He stepped out of the tomb, then subsequently ascended into glory. Yes, there were thousands of male voices making a loud sound...but that happens every week in sports stadiums the world over. But no. This was a crossover sound. A roar from behind the veil. The roar of the Lamb /Lion of Judah transmitted through overwhelmed a trumpet announcement that we had all better get ready, because the Word of God is still on track....and though appearances over the recent decades, the great wars,the communist takeovers, appeared to say otherwise, nope....the Word of God was still on course, and the Kingdom Plan was unfolding perfectly as described. In the West we have been blessed in one sense, but psychologically these have been some of the darkest years on planet earth.
But that sound, if you had heard it you would understand what I mean, has carried a whole generation of us as the world's media has divebombed into the foulest language and thought forms, and we have reminded ourselves and kept ourselves for these very times. Times not just of Spirit outpuring that we knew then, but times when the secret of how you live fulltime in the River of God has started to be voiced. the secret of Galations 2:20. The secret of a worship Jesus described in John 4, when it would neither be this mountain nor that one, but that all would worship in Spirit and in truth. Or as an OT prophet wrote..."the pots and pans"....the Le Creuset set, would cry Holy to the Lord. The gathering of a such a people will birth a Roar like the Earth has never heard.
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Tunji Ayoade HEY! CHRIS, BLESS JESUS' HEART FOR YOU! For you have written what is at the core of the Son for His Sons and the nations of the Gentiles that are garthered around the lights of Zion! God bless Chris. My dear brother, Chris, I love you, Chris.

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Chris Welch wow thanks bro Tunji. God bless you.

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What is a Dance before two armies? The Shulammite in Song of Songs.
Watchman Nee flagged this up in his book.
It's where I deliberately target an Armenian with the Sovereignty of God, while making it clear I'm not a Calvinist. And it's where I deliberately target a Calvinist with "Go out and make disciples", because you know the Calvinist demonic spirit has long paralysed them from going out and doing anything....ooooh it might not be the Lord's will.
All artists tend to do the Dance before two Armies without labelling at as such, and really anybody who follows the Spirit will be teasing Republicans and Democrats out from their "idees fixes". The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil is like the Wicked Witch in Narnia, turning everybody to ice and stone. You become fixed in your little leftbrain image of truth, and you throw out Jesus the Living One who dances between all the candlesticks.

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