Friday 24 January 2014

Sonia Poulton speaks about Why she left People's Voice

Some readers are aware that I have posted the odd development of the people's Voice.

I post many things on here to try and build up a real picture of what is going on. We have to have as clear a picture as we can, so we, as partakers in our current countries can intelligently pursue policies or refrain from those policies.

The expression in Ezekiel 28 is  "briars".

The devil sneaks in by the black door and not the main door, as Jesus said. And He embeds his own secret power structures inside the main power structures. He does this for two reasons. Firstly to control what is happening, and you can only do that by seeking to exert control amongst those who really do have power and influence. Then when the "shell" is eaten from the inside out, he's off to another replacement power structure, while roundly condemning the "shell" of his previous operation.

In this way, he gets Muslims legitimately accusing the USA of being the Great Satan....all the while the Americans gaze non plussed, wondering what on earth the Muslims mean.

They ofcourse do not have the number of drone atrocities committed that day emblazened across their news channels, the Arab States do. The facts are true, but the perpetrating nation never knows. Now, any person is free to flick between all the sattellite channels, and some of us do to try to gain a fuller picture. watch Alec Jones, David Icke, FPAC,or Russian TV for a quicker resume.

The Nature of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and evil, like a chequerboard of black and white, is so complex, that you never quite know if the controllers are putting up figures like Alec Jones and David Icke as straw men themselves, to increase malcontent and further destabilise nations, and quite possibly create civil wars. Divide and Rule being the by word in Israel and Palestine, and North and South Ireland and many many other spots, including Korea.  We as bystanders are not privy to the organising bodies who set the whole things it the CFR or other secret meetings  like the Bilderberg Conventions.

I watched with interest the setting up of the People's Voice, and was comparing it in my mind to the low budget start up of God Channel by faith with Rory and Wendy Alec. But here Sonia voices some of my misgivings about how the handling of the finances does not seem to have been wise in People's Voice. Not, in this case, actual embezzlement....but that one set of plans was publicised and as money came tumbling in, the goal posts changed, instead of ensuring the first set of plans was accomplished super throughly and with cash to spare, before setting about greater plans. Generally for example God Channel is very transparent about where their funds go and what their plans are exactly, then I believe Angel Trust reigns in Rory and Wendy if they get too carried away. Who reigns David Icke in? Who would he trust to do that, being quite a renegade personality. When you are embedded in Christ for example, you learn to live as Christ did, which was watch all that His Father was doing. "If I see my Father working then I work still"   and "I only do what I see my Father doing."  David Icke only has a belief in a New Age Life Source. The whole thing is impersonal, and the way he still speaks and acts is in the same old Genesis 3 way we were brought up. There's an orphan sense about David, that all readers of this blog are trying to lose by fixing our eyes on God the Father by the Spirit, ad letting Him take out all these destructive weird ways of "seeing". But having said that, David is not the same man he was in the early 90s after his "spiritual download", and that by his own admission.

Here Sonia to open up webpage

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