Sunday 18 May 2014

Elaine's 2 1/2 years in Migori

Get on Facebook and access Elaine's profile to to talk with her and discuss ways of donating or publicising:

If you are in the UK send money to
Elaine Waterfield
sort code 20 49 11
acc no 73486850
If outside the UK
VIA CHRISTIAN SUPPLIES (UK registered charity 1028509)
If outside the UK and you have a Paypal Account (And if you haven't it's really easy to sign up)
1.Log In to Your Account
2.Press The Second Tab - Send Money email put
4.Put amount in your local money
5. Choose Personal Tab (it's NOT a Purchase) and click on GIFTS. This is a lower rate.

The TShirt Elaine gave me for my birthday

Another chance to see Elaine's most recent report about Migori.

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