Friday 23 May 2014

The 7th note

How dangerous is the charismatic movement?
It's like the 7th note of the scale played with the octave...(the last note before you get back to" do a deer, a female deer") It's so nearly there it sounds awful played against a true octave
You have to go through it to grow
Judas, St Peter, Thomas, were all charismatics when they did what they are famous for
It claims to be "the final thing" which is the most dangerous thing about the whole move...they are not the final thing...the final thing is moving from REST, of only doing what you see the Father doing. This , the fact that it is a "young man stage" movement in every aspect of its theology, from leadership dependence, to a continual seeking of God when it isn't God who needs to be found!!!!! The seeking is all about US being Him.
The two houses of God today, the evangelical house and the charismatic house are , like King Saul, two of the most dangerous places to be, because they still have "positions" but they don't follow the Cloud, which moved on long ago. Just about all current leadership, which visually, in context, currently looks OK, are actually like Buckingham Palace Guards in their posts, but the Queen isn't there she is in another country.
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Sylvia Dunn Mobley Selah!!
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If you are struggling in a charismatic church and just in increasingly worse confusion about it (see the previous status) then make an internal decision to "follow the octave" and more and more you will see all the stuff that charismatics do that God just isn't doing. You may get chucked out, like Song of Solomon 5 says, but at least you'll be beyond waiting around Bethesda Pool endlessly waiting for an Angel to stir the waters for you....Christ in you will be in charge of your own destiny!!!!
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If you want to see a charismatic in action, think of Peter slicing off the ear of a guard, which Jesus had to stick back on. This is USA and UK, who in the name of God, butcher their way through the world to maintain their heroin trade and new oil pipelines and call it fighting terror.
Who is going to stick some ears back on?

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