Thursday 8 May 2014

The Symbiotic Buy-In that has given away power

It's very important to understand how pyramids and symbiotic codependent relationships work. They are a killer combination. Literally.
If we could see power and yielded power it would be a lot more helpful, but we can't. If we could, the pyramids would look like something contained, I dunno, a goldfish bowl. It's because they are not visible that elites at the tops of pyramids are not seen as such. I mean, as we walk around a shopping centre we assume everyone is pretty much as we are. Let's take an extreme example. I tune pianos for many exclusive Plymouth Brethren who still have pianos!!! They look ordinary. they are part of the modern world. Because they support themselves as do other family-based cultures, their businesses and earnings are very good. But as you speak to them you realise they draw everything from certain (what others would term) cult leaders, elders,overseers,apostles. Everything they do is within this framework. I as a Christian can speak under an extreme anointing the most incredible Bible truths, but mostly, these brethren people will hear nothing but words, nothing that is for them, because it doesn't come down through the correct pyramid. This is annoyingly still so among looser Christian groups like New Frontiers, Salt and Light, Vineyard, and perhaps now Bill Johnson. But it is true to some extent of all of us. It is just we are all unaware that a handful of men and their dynasties own most of the power pyramids which affect our daily lives. We ARE the Israelites in Egypt but we don't see the Pharoah any more. The Book of Daniel describes the last empire as iron mixed with clay, and the clay is extremely warm friendly and human. "Have a nice day" says the Elite bankers bankteller.
Surreal combination of a pyramid and goldfishbowl
Daniel Yordy describes Genesis 3 in a very insightful way. He says it is a mutual exchange which we, Man, whole heartedly continue to buy into. Plain symbiosis. Plain Codependency within a family or the relationship a couple have is dangerous enough. But giving over our power in an endless heirarchical pyramid is soooo dangerous, history from Babel onwards right down to the Monopolies and Mergers Commission, with 18th century mutual societies and co-op banking in between has been ever the same story repeated.
I don't know if it's possible to create a culture that disciplines itself to at least hear "outside" the pyramid at least once or twice in their life. But surely that is the reason for this video. It is all the stuff people haven't told you about how we got to where we are. These are excerpts that contain the main material so you don't have to wade through 2 years worth of material on the internet!!!!


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