Friday 11 July 2014

A Man raised up by God 14 days after death AND cremation by Emmanuel Rendas

Chris Welch adds : And greater things than these shall you do......said Jesus

5 May 2014 at 20:11

Dear Friends, as I promised, I will start sharing tremendous testimonies of what God is doing in us and through us. First I felt the " right timing" to Share this one where God blew away our mind.. ( Its a Long Text, BUT VERY WORTH READING IT ALL, TRUST ME )

For a while now  My wife Betsy and I have been led by the Spirit of God to step into a very dangerous field,namely  Occult, satanism , Witchcraft ( Well, I really advise only step into this field if you know it is God  calling and leading you and not your emotions because isn't easy sometimes.Understatement -Editor.)

We have plenty of testimonies, but little by little I will be sharing with everyone to the Gory of our Lord, Jesus Christ.. This testimony involves an ex-witch that was raised up from  death after 14 days being dead after me and Betsy prayed for Him ( BY GODS LEADING AND DIRECTION)

Since the beginning of the year when God turned our life in a totally different direction We have been sharing the Gospel with many people from occult, Satanic High Priests, very powerful strong witches.. As we know everything isn't rosy here, because there's always a High Satanic opposition, but OUR GOD Fights for us and protects us from ALL evil and He gave us the AUTHORITY to ACT and SPEAK in the name of JESUS CHRIST.

These  Witches after knowing (to keep this short) what We were Doing and seeing How God was showing His power through us, began to threaten me with death. This man as a specialism in his satanic job, was doing Astral Projection ( that means, the spirit comes out of the body and flies wherever the mind commands, in the spiritual world there's no Geographical distance, so, they can be in seconds in any part of the world with their spirit) . So, this man was coming out of his body and was sucking up people's souls and imprisoning them in a glass case ( A soul can't stay longer than maybe 10 min from their bodies, other wise a person die) He killed so many many people.

After this guy learned about how his friends were coming to our house and all of them were seeing our house in flames ( God's fire) ( one time a group of 14 Witches were burned by the flames in my house him included) and How their witchcraft was not working on us and seeing our boldness against them he challenged me that he would kill me. To be honest, at the time I was very scared , but , I looked unto God and his love..

To resume, I told him i wasn't afraid of him because my Lord was protecting me, and he said, he would kill me as He did with many Christians. ( remember this, We are protected by God, and when we know who we are in Jesus we have the boldness like a Lion to face darkness, but sometimes we go through some experiences that will makes us stronger and will teach us many things) .

At the very same night , while I was sleeping I felt my body all dormant, and a demonic oppression in my head and someone trying to suck me up,taking my soul ( notice that a witch cant approach our house physically due the flames of God's holy fire protecting us but he can 'try" with his mind to do what he wants from a  distance, and I'm glad I went through this because I learned to use the authority we have in Jesus in these situations) then for seconds I couldn't move.

I fought in my mind to wake up and cried out the name of Jesus, and suddenly I woke up and I Shout " IN THE NAME OF JESUS , YOU DONT TOUCH ME GET OUT FROM HERE" He just flew away, but in my spirit i began to feel the adrenaline of Spiritual Warfare and i sent Him a message straight away and i said to him

" Look, you will regret  trying to kill me, so far I have been attacked but now you will see real power" His friend ( that since then accepted Jesus ( He is my friend on FB) was by his side checking his body was receiving the messages.)

Then God lead me in taking the Holy Communion 7 times and for me to Anoint my heart and my chest with a BIG CROSS, ( Meanwhile Betsy shared with me that while she was speaking in tongues in the bedroom and suddenly her Spirit for minutes went to God and she saw what I was doing alone in the living room, she described everything that was happening !!!!!!! WOW) and i spoke in tongues for a long time. This was proving pretty intensive.. After a while I went to bed and suddenly after I think 25 minutes, I felt my soul being sucking up again.

NOW i was ANGRY, and I used the authority in Jesus Name and I said for him to be consumed by the fire of God.

Suddenly me and Betsy heard a very Loud scream, oh gosh, very creepy.. We knew this man died... Right away , the kindness in my heart came forth and cried out for mercy on this man.. After a while this witch that tried to kill us said " Preacher. Preacher, please I'm sorry. I wont try to kill you again, when I was going to your house i saw the anointing oil in your heart and  a cross in flames in your chest and the fire consumed me and I went to hell for 3 minutes, then i cried out to God and He took me from there... Please, I don't want to go to Hell again, it's a horrible place, very painful, forgive me preacher"

Well, in one side I was rejoicing because of God's power but indeed very merciful and kind to this man , and I said " Look man, you are already forgiven even before you tried something against me. I'm here to help you and Lead you to Christ, what you did doesnt matter, just give your heart to Jesus"

We had a Long talk, he was very scared by being in Hell for just 3 minutes, but deep inside of me I knew that was just a temporary behavior modification, not heart transformation. ( Heart transformation happens by having an experience with Jesus not with darkness) you will understand as we go further on that what I'm saying here is very real.

So, this guy, after a while came back again but then wanted to harm me again, however this time it wasnt with me but  my son Diogo. And we keep often communicating with this guy's friend because he was beginning to open His heart to  Jesus.. After another attempt to try to harm me, this guy was very scared and said to me:

"Preacher, oh gosh , While I tried to go after your son I saw your Face in flames ( that's the reason for my Facebook profile picture, - it was sent by him), and when I saw your face in flames I began to get burned, i got  so scared" This all happened while I was resting and sleeping, but the Lord protected us in our rest.

Well, when I heard this, I had a mixture of feelings,firstly I was mad, because he wanted to kill my son, then awe to see this guy was such a masochist and then again, again, very merciful and full of love towards him and I told him I was willing to help him to be set free from demons..

Well, I knew that he didnt listen to me!!!!!! The very same week, this man was so pissed off and the reason was this, he told me " In all my entire years of witchcfraft I never had anyone that was stronger than me, and I'm seeing a bigger power than mine" I replied " Well, is the power of Jesus Christ and His precious blood"

But even knowing all of this, this man then called one of his best friends. A very powerful witch, this man,who was very evil, through Astral Projection killed many Christians, putting gas on their Lungs, suffocating them and than putting fire and people died burned alive, this is very real and very scary , BUT GOD IS TURNING THE PAGE and darkness is backing off.

Sundenly one day during the very same week I saw my son Diogo not breathing well. I knew wasnt normal, I got very mad, the adrelanine of the spirit was consuming me very strong. I began to speak in such powerful way in tongues... I wrote for that witch and his new friend he have called that I knew were them trying to kill my son, and sundenly I began to type the spirtual tongues I was speaking ( very weird, but very real and powerful) The witch got very scared by seeing me writting in weird tongues.. but he kept saying to stop and threatening me!!!!!!.

I was very mad and I said they will regret very bad by trying to touch in my son.. ( REMEMBER WHEN about 1 month ago I posted about Diogo being at the hospital due difficulty of breathing? Well, the reason was a satanic attack to kill my son)

But for the first time I wasnt afraid.. Me and Betsy trusted God and we knew nothing bad would happen to Him..

When Diogo was at the Hospital they took a Lung X-Ray and the Doctor said " Well, in 30 years of the profession I never saw anything like what I saw in your son, on the X-ray isnt possible to see the Lungs, only a black cloud covering his lungs" Even after hearing that we kept in peace and we just behold Gods love and we spoke in authority against witchcraft and all symptoms of sickness.

This was a Thursday. Betsy had to stay with Diogo sleeping at the Hospital and I came back home to take care of Tiago and Melanie..The very next day we knew in the Spirit and with the help of a precious sister that these two witches were speaking with each other to come that Friday night to  my house to kill my family and me..

Ok, even in the midst of some feelings of fear, we knew this was a matter of  life or death and we remembered what we had learned through Pastor Joseph Prince's teachings, about God's love for us, what Jesus did for us and Who we are in Christ... and we weren't afraid at all, but very confident and secure in God's word because of Pastor Prince teachings being established in our heart.

In that very same afternoon, Betsy was attacked by that witch While she was sleeping she began to burp, and was smelling strong gas, that was suffocating her, the Holy Spirit used Diogo to wake up Betsy and right away in the midst of the affliction she anointed her throat and rebuked the affliction in the name of Jesus.. It was a moment of real torture but the witch wasnt successful.. Well, perhaps many of you are asking, " Why should these witches be allowed to touch God's beloveds? I asked the same question to God and I felt this in my Spirit " Because it was to man God gave  the authority and made us Kings and Priests and he wants us to act and speak in this way in adversity " Without all of this situation we never would use the authority as we did. This made us very strong.

Ok, meanwhile before the night the 2 witches wanted to speak with me. I said ok, than both threatened me so bad, even Satan spoke throug them in Spanish. well, because I'm Portuguese and its a very similiar language, but i wasnt fearful at all, I was very confident in Gods power and protection and in Whom I was in Him... I told them to not come here because I knew this time they would die. Well, many of the times when you are speaking to a witch it's like speaking to hard wall !!!! They don't listen... With them or you show Gods power or they wont give up!!!!!

So, I followed God's direction with the Holy Communion and Anointing Oil, ( listen, the power isn't in what we do but in Jesus Blood alone and His finished work) So what the Lord was leading us to do was just a symbolic representation to act in authority to release the power within us and not to make God move through our doing and confession.

We knew that we could be resting and sleeping and God will protect us, but, we felt a different direction from the Lord.. Betsy in the Hospital with Diogo, me at home and our dear friend in USA sticking together in prayer and waiting for them..

Meanwhile, the night was coming. At 01h15 a.m the threeWitches used Astral projection with the intention to kill us, so we began to pray and speak in authority and these 3 Witches were burned up by the fire of the Spirit. Well, before some of you start to think, let me tell you this.."God isnt a Killer God. He is a benevolent and lovely God but these witches were warned  not to come. It's like saying, "please, dont walk in   front of the bus you can harm yourself" and God put his protection on us and if the enemy goes against it they will hurt themselves.

All  3 died instantly. It was a very hard emotional moment,because we never like to see any people dying but we couldnt do any thing. Ok, right away  one particular friend that was watching their bodies began to send messages very scared " Oh my goodness preacher, they have not been breathing for a long time . I'm calling the 911 to help me out here"

Well, to be honest I was very scared. These were  new feelings for me. I had never been through anything like this.. But I had to be very violent with my emotions. Meanwhile the paramedics took their bodies with the report " All dead". ( All that I am sharing here are proved by Documents, everything is written down to prove this testimony is real )

This situation began to pass by word of mouth among the Witches.. Many, many got mad and many began to fear us, yet others began to attack us. But what they did not know was that we were becoming ever stronger, not because God was putting His power little by little in us, but because through all this situation and through  exercising the authority we have we began to realize the power that was already within us. It's all about the Cross.. all was done by Jesus. We walk, fight, speak, and act from the Victory of the Cross not to try to gain Victory.. We have already overcome through Jesus Christ..

We began to face more opposition that ever, but we were getting more established in the finished work of Christ and fear had no place in our heart.. Witches all over USA began to come against us in many ways ( Something that I will be sharing later)...

Now, remember this witch, that I was speaking about at the start? For me it was very hard to see him die, I liked this guy so much, I even asked the Lord if he would breathe His Life to being him back to life, because me and Betsy really believe that through the name of Jesus all things are possible.. But I did not feel at the moment the "Green card" of God to do it.. But every day I had this feeling of compassion towards this man.

Meanwhile among the witches that were concentrating on us and threatening us, one of them was the Step grandson of one of the witches that died, the one I've been talking about since the beginning..

This Kid, was very mad at me. " We need to understand Witches language" He was accusing me of killing his grandfather. I just said , I didnt kill anyone, God didnt kill anyone, they killed themselves by coming against Gods protection over us..

They sent demons, they tried everything, and we were untouchable, and God began to tell me to move into a deeper authority and you can see  the result of the fire of God in their backs ( a pic sent by them that i can share in your Facebook INBOX for those who want to see). It was a message for them to not mess with God's beloveds..

Betsy, my wife is very sensitive to the Spirit of God.The Holy Spirit always show her many things through visions and dreams .She had a Vision of this man, this witch, that I've been speaking of since the beginning, in Hell, she saw him in flames, no skin, only skeleton but flames coming out of his mouth and eyes.. Very scary. He was asking us for Help.. " He said, help me please Betsy, I know you are sensitive and you are hearing me , please help me, please tell  my grandson to accept Jesus because i don't want him to come to this place". Even though Betsy knows what she saw , all her visions must be confirmed with this man. He must tell it and confirm what we are saying"

Betsy was very down. A terrible scene of hell and eternal suffering.. She shared it with me, and that feeling of compassion towards this man came forth. Every time I looked at his pic I cried with compassion...

And I contacted his step grandson one morning, and I shared with him the Gospel and in the midst of the talk I told him to make His grandfather proud and accept Jesus... He was crying, crying, and he said, oh yes, I will make him proud of me, i want Jesus in my life....

And after he accepted Jesus and feeling the power of God in Him he asked a question that broke my heart, and in that moment I felt the pain he was feeling. He said this " Preacher , could you please bring my grandfather back to life, I miss Him so much, he was like a father and mother to me"

Oh my goodness,  the feelings of his pain and also all that I had already been feeling them towards this man now broke my heart.

Meanwhile I picked up Betsy at work and I shared what happened that morning with this kid and we both began to cry, and we began to speak with each other about praying to raise up this man from death...

This feeling was increasing in us and we both knew it was the Holy Spirit.. Well, as human beings the first thing we thought was " This man was cremated, he was in ashes, and well, he died 14 days ago too and we had never heard something like that before". These were our first thoughts, but the Holy Spirit brought to our mind the story of the Valey of the dry bones, where God said to Ezekiel ch. 37

4 Then he told me to speak to the bones and say: “O dry bones, listen to the words of God, 5 for the Lord God says, ‘See! I am going to make you live and breathe again! 6 I will replace the flesh and muscles on you and cover you with skin. I will put breath into you, and you shall live and know I am the Lord.’”

7 So I spoke these words from God, just as he told me to; and suddenly there was a rattling noise from all across the valley, and the bones of each body came together and attached to each other as they used to be. 8 Then, as I watched, the muscles and flesh formed over the bones, and skin covered them, but the bodies had no breath. 9 Then he told me to call to the wind and say: “The Lord God says: Come from the four winds, O Spirit, and breathe upon these slain bodies, that they may live again.” 10 So I spoke to the winds as he commanded me, and the bodies began breathing; they lived and stood up—a very great army.

Well, This was very inpirational to us, but this man was in ashes!!!!!! But we decided to believe and let  the cry of the Spirit come forth  within us. Well, we shut ourselves in our bedroom and we began to cry our for His life, we spoke in such authority you'd have felt we could raise  a cemetery from the dead. We began to speak in different tongues we never spoke before. What incerdible power was coming forth!!!!!! While we were praying Betsy saw His ashes coming from all the corners of the sea gathering together and forming a new body, bones rattling and forming a brand new body with flesh,veins, skin. Than after a while God gave another vision to Betsy:

Two Angels of God went down to pick up this man from hell, when He saw the angels, he lifted up his hands pleadingly towards them, and in the moment they touch in him he changed, and they took him to heaven.. " Again, "Even though Betsy knows what she saw, all her visions must be confirmed with this man himself. He must tell us and confirm what we say"

We were praising the Lord as we knew this was very real; we were celebrating and thanking God for His power, a man was being raised up from death after 14 days..

We kept in prayer, and Betsy saw him in Heaven with Jesus, He was showing Him what He went through on his behalf, this man was crying hard. Then Jesus said to him that His grandson accepted him as Lord and Savior and in that moment he fell at Jesus feet and cried a lot.. Jesus hugged him, then they kept speaking for a long time. We dont know what it is, and He will complete this testimony in sharing the things Jesus spoke to him..

After a few hours we felt after a couple of hours in heaven God brought him back to his own earthly body ... When we felt he was made alive right away I contacted his grandson and I said I had something to share with Him.

" I told him Jesus had raised up his grandfather from  death and for him to go straight away to the last place he saw his ashes. He began to cry and he believed us and got his car keys and drove to that place in tears. It was a long drive from Marieta, GA to Tennessee, i think about 7 hours driving.

We were rejoicing so much and we felt the  moment he saw his grandfather!!!!!!!!!!!! What a moment!!!!! Many tears,happiness!!!! This man is alive, sharing what Jesus did for him, he was one of the worse witches you can imagine... He is sharing with people about Hell and heaven and Jesus and how God used me and Betsy to raised Him up from death...

This is a powerful testimony to the Glory of God..All this testimony will be proved by documents register of his death, proceeds of being cremated.etc... And indeed we have many witness, many people that can prove this is a real testimony of Gods power...

To end this testimony I wanna say that I'm thrilled by seeing such Love towards this man... He was in witchcraft I think (must be confirmed) for more than 20 years, killed many people, many Christians and Jesus opened up His arms to Him and raised him up from death and gave him a new opportunity.. WOW!!!!!! What an amazing Jesus we have... I'm speechless... WOW!!!

This will make a big revolution in many parts of America and not just America...And this is just one testimony of many we have to share...

To Jesus be the Glory and Honor.. He did it all at the cross, His efforts, His obedience, His blood, His resurrection. We just need to believe and walk in Victory.


Anonymous said...

Shouldn't such a 'fantastic' story be verified? As in proven to be true?

The author writes: "This man is alive, sharing what Jesus did for him, he was one of the worse witches you can imagine... He is sharing with people about Hell and heaven and Jesus and how God used me and Betsy to raised Him up from death... To end this testimony I wanna say that I'm thrilled by seeing such Love towards this man... He was in witchcraft I think (must be confirmed) for more than 20 years, killed many people, many Christians and Jesus opened up His arms to Him and raised him up from death and gave him a new opportunity.." So apparently he "killed MANY people, yet he is not in custody awaiting trial for all these murders?! It is extremely bizarre at best.

Y tho said...

What's the name of the man who was raised to life from ashes? You mentioned that he was preaching his testimony. Where can we watch his testimony video?