Monday 21 July 2014

What are gatherings for? - Letter to Sylvia Pierce

You must have thought over these things for some while....namely...what are gatherings for? Jesus said...when two or three gather in My Name there am I in your midst. Ahhh...well DeeDee will say...God is everywhere anyway.
So why did Jesus say that then?
Has this been all superceded?
 My thought yesterday was "Has the marriage bed been superceded?" What with everyone being One Thing in God? And God being everywhere?

 That kind of highlights the absurdity of being absolutist. For all of life represents all of God. At anyone time there are granddads and grandmas in a family. Are all granddads at the same time?...NOPE. at any time there are young and old in the same family. Each has his or her glory NOW. The cutest of all being the most helpless of all...BABIES!!!

So everything is an arc or cycle of glory. It has a beginning, a middle and an ending.
The ending in God is always a glorious conclusion and summing up.

Sowing and reaping...both natural and supernatural follows these cycles.
Nothing is static. Everything is dynamic and purposeful and bringing something forth.

So gatherings whether just single meetings or a series of conference meetings will have an arc, a progression, a flow.

The marriagebed requires sensitivity on both sides and you experience something right through together.

The Lord's Prayer is a cycle. It begins in praise and exaltation and ends with the same and you could think they were similar...but in the middle are internal adjustments as led by the Spirit....who do we need to forgive and pray for, what flat out needs have I right now that instead of manipulating my way through in the natural way of things, can now be presented to the King for His methods or supply? What drives and pulls are trying to yank me back into independent self living??? I do some more yielding, conscious that the Spirit is working a deliverance in yet another thing for me. So when after this I stand and release praise's with that awesome OOOOMPH of breakthrough and knowledge of who I am in Him.

The Body goes through this cycle, this arc as the Spirit leads everyone together.
Christ makes Himself tangibly Present.

In 1986 I saw a Holy Spirit picture of some South American natives in the jungle staring openmouthed at a United States airplane. Perhaps it was a rare thing in that part...I dunno. But God asked me....what is the difference between the natives and the groundstaff of, I dunno, LAX airport?
The answer came....about 80 years of flight knowhow.

Now this was the mid 80s. i didn't know Norman described things as "continuous revival". At that time, pre Cindy Jacobs and Peter Wagner and Ed Silvoso...praying over nations and cities was not a concept. Instead we would think quite longingly of the welsh revival or the Hebrides revival or the Indonesian revival....and it would be a bit like the people sitting round the pool at Bethesda, waiting for a stirring of the waters. Just random, seemingly. Never quite knowing any thing more.

He has shown there is a third stage of growth in 1 John 3
He has also started to make clear that there really is a Tabernacle blueprint in the heavenlies.
That there is a secondheaven which is totally overrun, but that can be brought back into order as we increasingly take our place individually and corporately in the throne room of God.

Jesus experienced both realities. He really was a carpenter. He really did get transfigured some time later on a Mount.
He saw ahead of time who were the 12 to be His disciples.
He saw ahead of time the approximate shape of what was to happen to Him in Jerusalem.. We are to rise up in Him and see things ahead of time see what the Father is doing.

Christ in His Body is actually a lot of the solution to what we as individuals cannot grab hold of yet. There are answers in His Body that are only to be found there.
Only the Body builds itself in love. And in the gathered sense.
Quite literally the American Body is quite backward on healing because the Indian Body hasn't imparted or taught them yet. (Illustration only)
The UK Church has a tremendous youth problem because a section of Body from somewhere hasn't imparted their supernatural ability with youth.
People do far too much talking and NOT GATHERINGTOGETHER in the thirdlevel sense of
WORD AND SPIRIT impartation in the midst of the Gathered Body of all nations.
There are red corpuscles that should be flashing around the Body as happens in our natural bodies, that are just sitting idle. We should all have the same CERTIFICATE of building from nation to nation that comes down from the Throne itself....a PASS CERTIFICATE in JESUS NAME and ONLY JESUS NAME for building the next stage in whatever place. We shouldn't have to worry like Paul did lest he build upon another man's foundation...FOR ALL ARE NOW BUILDING IN THE ORDER OF MELCHIZEDEK according to the heavenly pattern of a brand new spiritual priesthood.

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