Friday 6 February 2015

Check what you are using as "insight"

The reason we don't major in leftbrain religious arguments is because they are pretty useless. It's like taking a 6 inch ruler and saying prove to me God does or doesn't exist. The leftbrain is the wrong mechanism because it is mostly a measuring tool for our 5 material based senses. Saying I "think" there is a God or I think there isn't a God is as pointless as using a 6 inch ruler. On what basis are you thinking either thing. The meter mechanism you are using isn't valid.
Your leftbrain only acts as an articulation source for other senses quite often too.
I think I like Bach as a leftbrain response is only barely acceptable, but its valididy is based on your feelings, or the parts of your auditory system that can appreciate music. But on its own, separate from these senses, your particular mental response to liking Bach is utterly pointless having virtually no authority in the matter.
The same can be said of Sheldon of Big Bang Theory or Spock of Star Trek saying the words " I love you"....well errr...great. Nice decision, but would any girl think that was a good reason for marriage?
Moses said to God If you don't come up with us I couldn't care about going into the promised Land. Our one distinctive is the Presence of God. If we haven't yet trained our spiritual senses to attune to this Presence, then we can argue a tail off a dog about whether God exists, just as we can argue all day about whether Bach is any good at composing music. The best thing is to get on the right frequency first and do the arguing later. God's way of putting this is "Taste and see that the Lord is good." and later in the gospels Jesus says "Come(along) and see." The first church on the Day of Pentecost were answering a question....."Why are all these people appearing drunk at only 9 o'clock in the morning?"
Music is really the one "natural" bridge between the two worlds. It exists in both worlds simultaneously. For that reason the first thing we do approaching God is the "madness" of praising and thanking Him even while virtually being unconvinced whether He is real. How mad is that to the leftbrain? Yet God RIDES upon the praises of His earthly people. Enter His Gates with thanksgiving and His courts with Praise. Thanksgiving is the Front Door and Praise is the vestibule or front hall just before the coathooks.

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