Monday 9 February 2015

Let's Have a Teach In Day ? God idea or good idea?

Benjamin Conway Pastor UK on Facebook writes
Out street witnessing this evening with some fabulous people from the Tree.
We spoke and prayed with a few people in the freezing cold.
Some young lads listened and took gopels of Luke. Then we prayed with them we began to speak in tongues and prophesy over them. At the end they were hugging us and saying that was awesome what was that? It sounded like Elvish can I learn that please if I come to church? How cool is that! We explained it was speaking in tongues and came from being baptised in the Holy Spirit and if they submitted their lives to the Lord and chose to be born again he would love to baptise them in the Holy Spirit.
The last person we spoke with was Charlotte who had gone to church with a friend and when asked if she was born again she said she didn't know. So she listened and said she would like to become born again and prayed in the street to recieve Jesus as her Lord and savior. Well worth being freezing.
Glory to God.

Chris Welch
Benjamin while I was tuning this morning I was thinking about the UK and the Holy Spirit teach-in the Spirit organised for us.
Two independent people from different churches in Amersham had a dream about a Holy Spirit teach-in day. This was 72. Another family gave over their what was cool was it was NEUTRAL.
The other cool thing was the morning session (it was a halfterm) was entirely about evangelism, then the afternoon was about the Holy Spirit. Then those that wanted to be baptised in the Spirit stayed on.
Right from the start the Holy Spirit had linked Spirit baptism with evangelism.....sort of in the way Rheinhard Bonnke did later.
Unfortunately I have not met you yet , and i am not Jesus only He can tell which part of your agenda is building a big CONWAY "worship me" denomination and which is genuine just perfume poured out for Jesus.
I love those type of Holy Spirit events which is why I used to hang out at Morris Cerullo events a lot too. Things are really hotting up now with 1. All this demonic Luciferian based so called histories on why Jesus never existed or why He got married or why Christianity was practically invented in some Roman laboratory to create control. Also in the States they arrested that guy for feeding the poor. And also homosexuality/ transgender issues are being used to shut down Christian schools in this country. Years and years of mass indoctrination in kids telly have programmed the next generation to be unable to hear any Christian message at all.
Well God knows about all this and the response to bitter situations in Acts wasn't to sit back down twiddling their thumbs....they said things like "Whether it's right to obey the voice of man rather than God?" and they just got right down to being refilled with more of the Spirit in Acts 4.....which kind of seems a good plan.
How cool would it be to get some evangelists all under one roof imparting a spirit of evangelism and power to UK youth and whoever wants it. But it must be neutral......a Jesus event.
There are helpful things that God is teaching to evengelists precisely for today's generation. One of these by the way Benjamin is being more flaming aware what's going on.....all the schoolchildren are internet savvy and they know what the BBC isn't telling us. It's only the asleep church that are ignorant sweetly thinking this is a green and pleasant land where we eat cucumber sandwiches.

The Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit have got this really neat thing going.
See, they are outside time and within it. Time is meaningless just as Light and Dark and height width and depth. God is I AM. He is NOW. So to us the Cross happened 2000 years God it might just as well be now.
If you become a Christian all you are doing is exercising faith in Eternity crashing into time in the shape of a Cross incident. Now for us it takes time for that consciousness...the Galatians 2:20 consciousness to settle so the Father , the Holy Spirit and Jesus have rigged up this real neat thing called baptism in the Spirit. He gives us POWER NOW. He does this to accelerate growth. Yes it CAN BE MISUSED like an American "FUNDME NOW" TV ministry...but God will risk His power on you and me and the original 12 disciples in order to SHOOT US THROUGH the growth system. See all the while you are learning sensitivity to the Holy Spirit in real time, you are also learning more about how to be grounded in Jesus Christ as you. It's a great technique and the disciples crashed through into apostle level in 3 years. If you stay in current charismatic churches submitted to apostles who take your tithe money you will be still there when the cows come home.Charismatic churches are not run by 1 John 2 Thirdlevellers, they are run by people that haven't got hold of Galatians 2:20 yet. Conversely if you hang around "Union believers", people who have finally got hold of Christ consciousness they will expect you to take 30 or 40 years learning it because they did. Except that there were NO THIRDLEVELLERS in my day in the 60s and 70s so we had to crash through like St Paul ourselves finding it out. But nothing need take as long as this ever again. God's got two great systems.....the Power and Fire of the Holy Spirit....and the THIRDLEVEL CHURCH that is actually ministered into by Thirdlevellers who genuinely let Jesus run His own meetings.

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