Monday 23 February 2015

OK, so if you don't sell the Word and who would normally buy the whole message anyway.....?

How do you survive and provide for your family?

Expanded because Martin Revans on Facebook was kind enough to query.

Jesus had an answer to this one. But it's kind of the spiritual version of blonds have more fun.
If you preach a gospel of benefits and outer when Jesus did healing in a big way plus feeding the crowd you end up with crowds of.people like.Benny Hinn does and maybe big offerings.....but nothing really has shifted on people's insides.
(The end of the gospel is HUGE. According to Romans 8 it is not about people squeaking into heaven is about sons of men becoming sons of God, or realising God has made them such, and so coming into their own that from their insides out such power life and righteousness comes forth that they can be said to have come fully into their inheritance as God's own sons....and the thousands of years of bondage in creation is set free. We see this in a tiny way after every single genuine gathering in Jesus Name....most christians report how suddenly after these gatherings manythings that refused to shift suddenly shift and many prayers or desires of the heart are answered.)
Jesus was forced into operating a Matthew 5 filter system to clear from the outset the types He was looking for.
(Passages like the Beatitudes make it clear God's Kingdom is about those who are prepared to taste the bitter....go right through it into the hidden blessings the other side)
He knew His time.was short and He couldn't faff around for decades like modern tv He had to mean business and get at least a handful.turned.right round in only 3 years or so.
(The confusion with this sentence maybe that church preachers describe a "turned round person" as the 12 disciples following Jesus in the gospels.
But Jesus specifically says early on that He was giving Himself to nobody for He knew what was in them. AFTER the shattering experiences of the Cross and their total repentance, Jesus BREATHED UPON THEM in the Upper Room. These were the first really born again and turned round human beings in history)
So here's the do you preach real change and still get supported? Yer Romans 3 to 5ers will always wear posh suits as they populate heaven for the future. But what if you want the Kingdom to come now?
(Romans 3 to 5 is the first material all believers have to get under their belt.
It is like the childhood stage of the New Covenant. You could be 70 and just been converted...this is the stuff you need to know. It is like the child and first bit of the young man stage of spiritual life in 1 John 2. It is about no condemnation, how our righteousness is to do with Jesus and not our works.
But this Jesus inside us is not fully grown. it is nowhere near the sort of Jesus that is so full of Rivers of Living Water that outer creation begins to be shifted by Him. The second half of the gospel is also about believing ON Jesus but THROUGH all our circumstances...of church, family and job....see Ephesians 1 to 5.)
Jesus (nevertheless)found an answer to that one.....we never hear him starving. ( He DID LOSE hundreds possibly thousands on one day....see John Chapter 6. Yet nevertheless He always believed for material provisions and food and clothing for all his disciples and families who were not in day jobs at this time. At the time of this chapter must have been quite a challenge...and this is many of our positions on the net right now. If we continue to preach at the level of Romans 3 to 5 churches and Christians will receive us with open arms. But if as someone has to....we push the envelope into mature Christianity...the Father level in 1 John covers the sort of material evangelicals don't like, nor do charismatics and we lose support.)
Union people haven't found an answer either....most are living from their Illuminati husband's pensions and if they speak too loud their spouses will divorce them. So what's the answer?
(By far the most who refer to themselves as Union people (not Trade Unions!!!) are those who have been blessed to see the full import of John 15 through writings and talks by Norman Grubb who is one of the first to articulate what St Paul's Romans letter is really saying. And he is a Cambrdge University man who spent the best part of 60 years as a missionary working on Galatians 2:20 and also all the faith passages of the Bible. Many of such people, truly forerunners who have pressed right through against incredible odds of a backward immature church world, and who are largely aged between 50 -90.
Many are on their spouses pensions...some who understand and some who don't. At this point hardly anybody on earth knows how all corporations dovetail into one pretty centralised control....of policy and belief and often money too....and ofcourse such saints are living precariously on these very pensions.)
Churches are hopeless because like the useless synagogues in Jesus time the people in them are there for highly bogus reasons.....and as Jesus found as soon as people really get delivered or healed the priests kick them out on their ear anyway.
(Churches are naive places, understanding very little about the whole Turnaround process of the gospels and the disciples. A bit like the organisation YWAM , our own Argentinian churches had the notion of creating young people's communities and doing the work of the gospels with us so we in turn could be sent out. But unlike Jesus, neither YWAM nor our churches had the first clue about what was in man. What CS LEWIS cryptically describes in his sci fi book....THAT HIDEOUS STRENGTH. So these poor pastors start leading us through into what were the first stages of Romans 7 breakdowns....and ofcourse when the demon strengths began manifesting and destroying their own families or their lives, they were completely unprepared....and not least because none of them had properly been through their own Romans 7 experience yet.)
(So if churches do not and cannot yet support this kind of reality of message, the first time in recent history when any attempt has been made at getting anywhere near the training of the gospels,....if this doesn't work yet we have to be like St Paul and arrange our own support)
So you get a job ....and because it's a corporation it's all about the abuse of the individual for the bottom line profit.....and the particular corporation or education entity turns out to be somehow Masonic...Round table or"straight A illuminati "anyway? (Like Monsanto or BASF or Procter and Gamble practically laundering Satanism pure into the earth)
3rd level answers only please (ie not answers from people who only experience "the Lord's provison" from either tithe extorted congregations, or from saints endlessly rechurning the first things gospel of Romans 3 to 5 and therefore have little or no firsthand experience in receiving their needs purely by faith like say George Mueller and his 19th Century orphanages entirely by faith with not even begging or pleading letters)
and not from blonds.....I am grey.
Jesus first bound the strong man....there's a clue.
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