Thursday 16 July 2015

Why I hate the poor foundation to the charismatic movement

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The reason I move in the supernatural gifts of the Spirit....or more strictly...Jesus moves in them very well!!!! (He's had practice....)

But yet I am NOT...FIRMLY NOT a charismatic is this:

The charismatic gospel is a lie from the pit of hell

It says you ask Jesus into your life and you get baptised in the Spirit and then you and Jesus go to work on making your christian life better...and errrr... this is maturity. Then you become a pastor of a pyramid church and teach this foul nonsense into creating other pyramids locally and across the globe.

YOU AND JESUS NOTHING! What the flaming heck was your water baptism about? Doughnuts at dawn?????


Your spirit man is the real you with a nice sugarcoating of a soul and body to make it easier to relate to others here on earth.

There are not two of you
There is no Old Man
You are not as John Wilbraham said (Havant) Two peas in a pod

The Old Adam was a fiction any were always God in your form, but you were infested by a viral false spirit that Satan passed onto you that you were somehow independent of God, that you were super soulpowered in your own right....

Well you can't get clearer than Ephesians 2 1-3
And you [a]were dead [b]in your trespasses and sins, 2 in which you formerly walked according to the [c]course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air, of the spirit that is now working in the sons of disobedience. 3 Among them we too all formerly lived in the lusts of our flesh, [d]indulging the desires of the flesh and of the [e]mind, and were by nature children of wrath, even as the rest.

The charismatic gospel is a lie from the pit of hell

Or especially for charismatics (because leftbrain Westerners don't even know there is life outside the leftbrain)...1 Cor 12.2
You know that when you were pagans, you were led astray to the mute idols,however you were led. 3 Therefore I make known to you that no one speaking [a]by the Spirit of God says, “Jesus is [b]accursed”; and no one can say, “Jesus is Lord,” except [c]by the Holy Spirit.

In case you didn't catch Paul's train of thought there...we move in the Spirit using pretty much the same "flow facilities" that if we had been clairvoyants or voodoo operatives we would have used then.....only now we have the Holy I repeat Holy Spirit.

Although on the surface as learned intellectual tomes are always telling us, things are multishades of the spirit things are dead simple... we are moving from God's spirit or the devil's spirit. There is NO middle man. No independent THIRD existence. Never was.

So it ain't going to work believing there is as a Christian.!!!!!

Which is why the charismatic gospel can never work and is quite distinct from apostolic doctrine.
Benny Hinn is just wrong.
Kenneth Copeland is just wrong
I haven't heard Bill Johnson for a few months and he was starting to preach John 6 in Maidenhead....but at the last hearing he wasn't preaching anything other than the charismatic gospel so was wrong.
Stan Warren of Emsworth is wrong
Rob getting close...but at the moment is wrong
John Wilbraham of Havant was just preaching Law last I heard.
Terry Virgo preaches forgiveness by Jesus, being Spirit filled, then trying your hardest to be Calvinist reformed.

Just preach the Bible. Don't add to it. If Stan Warren really feels unable to do this, somebody strap some duct tape over his mouth and let others in his congregation and it is his congregation by the way, read out Romans verse by verse. Then when they have reached Romans 8 or 12....let him talk again, but by then he won't do too much damage.

What is the MALE SEED

What's a masculine anointing? Is it John Hagee? Sometimes in Britain where everyone is so wet he comes across as refreshingly guntoting. But after several years of hearing him on and off and trying to pick out what is going on in the Spirit, I have to say it is limited. There is something in us which is stirred by somebody standing amidst the clever Masonic stifling of our current Western world and speaking so boldly things that just aren't PC. Like God hates homosexuality.
But as a person on here wrote today :What happens if you were born gay as far back as you remember? Luckily we preach a complete replacement programme and not a five minute deliverance....and we preach that God is the storyline and not the absent author. He gets us there, we certainly do not!!!
No , masculine in the Spirit is MAN SEED....NEW MAN SEED....SEED that reproduces Jesus Himself and comes from beyond the veil by people who live there. It's more than thoughts. it's more than emotion. It;'s Spirit going on.
I am sick to death of the charismatic realm. It died when George Warnock wrote his book on Tabernacles in 1950. And the charismatic scene hadn't broken forth yet in the death knell was sounding before the baby was born!!!!
Evangelicals hate the charismatic realm because it is sloppy. But what they mean by sloppy is "not intellectually rigorous". I'll give them intellectually rigorous. They all need scalping from the leftbrain down in order that they actually allow the Holy Spirit to invade their reading library. That is not what I mean by masculine.
But they are in fact right.
In the blue corner I will represent the charismatics in front of the evangelicals and say, well you try being invaded by the Holy Spirit!!!! Evangelicals with their spiritual nappies commenting from their cots that they think the charismatics have it wrong. Well about the time they actually let the Holy Spirit filter through every thought paradigm, every gesture, every practice, every emotion and bitterness, every activity, every religious form, all the while teaching a whole new way....
Don't you think formerly blustering testosterone filled guys are going to spend a little time feeling queasy as everything they ever knew as men is being reassessed from the ground up. OY John Macarthur...yes you....and John Piper.....Cut them some havent even begun quite what you are talking about?
To learn th way of the Spirit jesus said you have to become as a little child and relearn everything but this time in UNION with Christ.
Ofcourse it is going to take a bit of time.
But that said....50 years later....I think charismatic wimps have had enough time under their bedclothes and you can allow a new SPIRIT maledom to emerge.
The alarm clock is just going off. it is just unacceptable that you don't even know Romans in the Spirit yet. You still haven't a clue about Ephesians. You are in fact the archetypal Hebrews 6 Peter Pans determined never to be grownup. Always singing the same fluffy love songs....they should now be VISCERAL LOVE SONGS. Like King David arriving in Jerusalem from out of the wilderness....dancing with all his might at what God has now done with him. His wife thought it obscene. "I will be ruder yet"....announced David.
I couldn't care less what these women say. I couldn't care less what the poofy charismatic worshipleaders want to do.... we're coming like a FLOOD to worship King Jesus....PROPERLY. With everything we've got.
I couldn't care what the women's institute in the foyers are saying....the ones who have ruled the charismatic movement from the beginning....and no small number with charismatic gifts and forked tongue....
You wil; sit down and shutup until you have properly learned the gospel and not that sham Aladdin;s lamp rubbing version you have been touting and oppressing men with....
I pray 3 hours every day
I get up at 3am
I fellowship with the sisters
I prophesy regularly
I control the pastor's sermons
I sing beautifully
Well great but when are you either going to shutup long enough that Jesus can actually talk to you....or alternatively let some MAN OR WOMAN with MALE SEED
actually speak in your church.
Oh yes you love Greg. Softly spoken Greg. The one with the lisp. You will let him speak about his boyfriend Jesus because that's what you understand....but when are you going to let that inarticulate sturttering fool speak who actually knows the death and resurrection of the Lord within his being.
(What Paul meant when he said I look for the fragrance of the crucified buried and resurrected One among you.)
The charismatic merrygoround, like the israelites 40 years round the mountain, can't go anywhere because you block the MALE SEED...and it is the MALE SEED that will break into your little reality and bring forth the real Christ in you. But the male wimps and the female institute block the doors and windows...they have closed the services down...the Spirit can't move.
The same songs.
The same try harder sermons
The same injunctions to spend a halfan hour longer in prayer, in Bible reading, in witnessing, in study, in freaking anything....but letting Jesus Christ KILL YOU.
Unless a seed fall into the ground it abides alone, but if it falls into the ground it dies and breaks forth as a new plant bearing much fruit.
The charismatic movement is like a ghostly fairground.
Just the creaking of an endless merrygo round with zombie figures who never went into the ground and died....
and now the merrygoround stands alone
in the wind
against a night sky
with nobody wanting to visit.

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I'm not sure what your thinking about George Warnock and his book on Tabernacles is it positive or negative ?