Thursday 11 February 2016

Watched Todd White today on God Channel and thought.....

Wow....It's all over.   The thirdlevel is here.
Ofcourse I know the Kingdom is not lo here, nor lo there....and only remains in Todd White form while he is modelling Romans 6 in active I am NOT saying a humanly self powered being located under the name of Todd White is the Kingdom....I am saying he is modelling the overt confession which Jesus said DOES locate the Kingdom.....namely it is NIGH us if we want it to be even in our mouth....and THAT dear friends is THIRD LEVEL SPONTANEOUS FREEFALL OF FAITH LIVING.

This is what Kim Ilene wrote

Kim Ilene A little-known part of my testimony - I became a Christian in '91, but did not receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit until '97 late at night after I finished reading "Chasing the Dragon" by Jackie Pullinger. Up until that point I had been afraid of speaking in tongues, but it came so naturally after I learned that there was nothing to be afraid of. I then asked God what He wanted me to do next and said I would go anywhere/do anything. I heard distinctly in my Spirit, "Go to Arizona, NOW." (gulp) Um. Where in Arizona? "Flagstaff." And I'll be darned if I didn't write a note to my dad, threw some stuff in my truck and took off that night, even though I calculated I only had enough money for a one-way trip. I also asked what I should take with me: "Some clothes for donation." OK, drop everything and drive from California to Arizona when I don't have enough money to donate some clothes that aren't worth anything to a charity, or a ministry that probably doesn't need them. Cool. It totally doesn't make sense so it must be of God, LOL! Cutting out some of the details, I ended up at a 4-square church that was having "revival" mainly among the young folks (pre-teens and teens) and they helped me find a roommate situation with one of their staff. (I did end up donating the clothing somewhere - can't remember where - I only remember some man saying, "You think God told you to drive to Arizona to donate some clothing?" very skeptically. Lol. Yeah cuz mysterious ways and all that jazz!) So I was there for about two months and attended a women's "Bible study" where they were actually studying the book "God's Generals." I'd never heard of any of those people, so it turned out to be a very valuable education for me that would have more relevance as I went along. (Smith Wigglesworth turned out to be my hands-down favorite, btw.) Shortly before I left Arizona permanently, the ladies said there was an evening meeting that I just had to go to, because they were having a very special guest speaker from out of town. Todd White. I'd never heard of him and it meant nothing to me, so I almost didn't go. But I did go and was extremely moved by his testimony, and especially because I had just spent the previous 8 years trying to fix my ex-(alcoholic/crackhead)-boyfriend and could testify that it was impossible to do via self effort and - if it had not been for the Jackie Pullinger book I had recently read - I would have declared it nigh unto impossible, even for God. But Jackie Pullinger was in Hong Kong and I had never seen a real-life example here, so it blew my socks off. Then came part two to the meeting - they said they were all going to go out on the streets and minister to people... Um. No. I was extremely shy, so Holy Spirit or no Holy Spirit, the idea of going out right then and there and ministering to total strangers was the last thing in the world I wanted to do, so I tried to sneak out. But the ladies weren't having it, so I got button-holed and dragged to the staging area. Everyone except Todd and two other ladies had left already, so it was down to us. They told him I was scared, so I feigned shaking to demonstrate the level of fear I was feeling and so he ended up sending the other two ladies off on their own (much to their disappointment) and took me under his wing so to speak. I was mortified, but what could I do? He prophesied over me a bit (something about doing art and ministering to young women, which totally didn't resonate with me at the time) and then he tried to get at the reason why I was so frightened to minister to my fellow man, made in the image of God? I didn't have an answer for him, so I shrugged and said that I liked praying for animals like that was my final answer. So we drove over to the mall and I kept thinking, "I'm hundreds of miles away from home - for a reason my poor father simply canNOT fathom - and so can someone please explain to me why I am alone in a big SUV with a large, muscular admitted ex-felon ex-drug-addict stranger with those weird things poking out all crazy all over his head [dreadlocks] going to God knows where to do God knows what?" (Reminder: it was 1997 and I had never before seen a white man with dreadlocks and so could not understand why someone would want to deliberately "ruin" their hair like that!) So we drove around to the back side of the mall - near the woods and it's getting dark! - and he parks and (with an evil grin) points and goes, "Look. A pet store! It's a sign from God!" Oh. My. God. So we go in this pet store and he immediately gravitates to a mom and her daughter and their Chow hound and gets down on his knees and starts ministering healing to the little girl and praying for her headaches. Meanwhile, I am quite frankly SO embarrassed that this insanity is going on, so I just hover nearby pretending to shop. To my surprise, the little girl gets healed and somehow I get coaxed over and, not knowing what else to do, I start petting the big Chow dog which Todd seems very leery of, but I think is wonderfully gorgeous. My memory is hazy after this point, but somehow I end up in another part of the store praying for a sick turtle with the laying on of hands. Goodness me. Zero to sixty in sixty seconds. I went from: No way can I do this in public to: Sure I'll pray for your sick turtle. OK now fast forward 18 years to 2015 and I'm in a motel room with nothing to do (because I don't watch TV) in a podunk town where I'd be attending the memorial service of a godly man that I had "adopted" as a surrogate grandfather. Keep in mind that my own biological father had also died the month before and maybe you'll understand why I felt emotionally crushed and in desperate need of some kind of spiritual "uplift." Also keep in mind that, after leaving Arizona, I completely forgot about that crazy white dreadlock guy - I mean I had COMPLETELY BLOCKED IT OUT of my memory. So anyway, I get on my computer and go to YouTube and watch a lot of healing testimonies - which makes me feel good and hopeful for the future again - and which eventually segues into watching "street healing" videos of this crazy white guy with dreadlocks... Todd White. Only the dreadlocks are now 2 feet longer and he's 18 years older and I still don't recognize him. Eventually I run out of street healing vids, but I still feel like I haven't had enough of this Todd White guy, so I start watching interviews, his testimony and sermons that have been snipped down into separate topics. (It was like a marathon Todd White retrospective!) OK great - I'm loving this! - and in one video he starts telling a story about this crazy woman who likes praying for animals but is terrified of people and he uses it as a sermon point to emphasize that: This Should Not Be. And it's not until he gets to almost the end of the story where we're all in the checkout line together with the mom and the little girl and the Chow dog in front of us and he reaches over and swipes his credit card and pays for the mom's stuff before she gets a chance to object that... THE MEMORY TRIGGERS. No, no, nooooo. Oh my God. That story is about ME! ROFL! I do NOT know how God managed to have Todd White play a major spiritual role, not once, but TWICE at 2 major turning points in my emotional life - one time in '97 after my mom died and one time in '15 after my dad died - but He did. This has to be 3rd level living. Always being in the right place at the right time through no fault or effort of my own. YAY GOD! \o/

Chris Welch Kim....this is amazing.

This is what the Holy Spirit is saying amidst the excitement.
Walking into restaurants and speaking to street people MAY be Jesus sort of things to do....but the thirdlevel is the whole package
what Jesus described as the servants in the field and in the House followed by Him waiting upon us......

Jesus spent 30 years NOT walking into restaurants paying for things
NOT walking the streets and healing people
NOT setting up orphanages in India and Africa (said for my facebook friends)

we are just told

He grew in wisdom and grace
He asked very deep questions of Jerusalem rabbis at 12 years old
and He downed tools as the Spirit demanded at 30 and started where He knew to start.....checking out his cousin

Not a lot to go on. kickstart the POURED OUT LIFE in 12 others he took them around with Him while learning ministry Himself....

Oh yes.....He knew nothing
He said a sentence in His own synagogue over and above a reading, He got involved with a wedding because His mum was leaning on Him....then after Jordan and the 40 day fast....

He knew He had the anointing and again started with the next thing he felt to do....hung around the shoreline of Galilee....
Why? Because the Holy Spirit was making the link in His mind.....How do you catch fish???? Dunno....let's watch the natural world for a while, and see how they do it?

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