Saturday 20 February 2016

What is Christian Universalism for?


I am wondering if Christian universalism is the childish mindset belief that gets people lovers through the first bits of the gospel until they get the whole truth written in their beings with a knife at the New Covenant.

Or another way of saying the same thing is......
At around the time your life is passing between the two flaming cherubim swordsmen put in front of the Tree of Life how many still believe in Christian universalism in the same childish way any more????

Or a third way of.saying it.....Is Christian universalism and.also less.specifically the New Age really God's open plan invitation using the all and sundry and those in the highway and by way after the sons of the Kingdom, both Jew and Gentile basically couldn't care about relationship.....which the first and second commandments have already be the whole point. And like Jacob.....whatever his mad believing and actions.....the point in the end is can you stand an all night wrestling match with someone that all other characters in the Bible fall into an immediate dead faint with if they get anywhere close??????? In other words as a leftbrain belief system Christian universalism is as brotherism but it gets the last set of kids in to the Kingdom anyhoo.

Or fourthly perhaps this is God's problem as opposed to Satan's problem.In discussing God's problem we can use the extreme cases of SRA....satanic ritual abuse....Or if that is meaningless use a person suffering rape or.extreme mugging. But Satan's actual problem is this....
He is a fallen Angel excluded from any right of rulership over earth since it is given to supposedly inferior balls of clay with a puff of God breath inside them. It's the breath that can help him have life support and especially the blood of these clayballs.And once the race is contaminated, its the blood of babes and children that is far the best. So having the aim of taking over and possessing the whole.race, ultimately using transhumanism.......cut out the middle man......he has to present it all in its best light.
1. Oh man you are insufficient. To be like God you have to do the very thing he told you not, take the fruit from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and evil.....and you will know the rights and wrongs and be judge in your own right.
Lie. Adam and Eve were God incarnate....God in human form growing into their consciousness as sons of the Living God. They were living from God's own spirit. They didn't need to Do anything to be anything.....they were it already.....but like all DNA.....growing into it as each day passed.
2. By making out God.was.against them having this "secret knowledge" of nothing.....the devil had spoken the major lie of all time. God is not Good. You can't trust Him. He is lying. Then the next obvious step is......has God really will die?????- Lie. You surely shall not die.
Except spiritually they did.....and 900 years later their bodies followed and so.did all.of.ours ever since. Satan used our gullibility for his rulership plan and he is doing exactly the same to this day with Psalm 2 and his new world order.roll out. The guys at the top know.exactly what they are doing and have paid a blood price to be at the top. It's all the rest of the earth that are gullible and swallow the secular myth.
God's plan is the opposite. How to explain to a fragmented trauma victim of all the straight up Spirit truths of heaven. Satan has to.disguise his intentions for his plan has always been not to into God's....but to rid us of our inheritance of God in the first place.....and to so take us over we are literally no.more than serfs and cyborgs.....the science of which we have paid for in all our taxes VAT inheritance taxes.....anything that isn't nailed.down taxes.....we.have dug our own grave rather than go with God.
God's problem is quite the opposite. To proclaim our glory inside of His Being without scaring the Living daylights out of us.....a. the sheer glory of it......and b. The processes He has to use to get us back there......the first involving our own spiritual death inside His Son.

Or fifthly
Is Christian Universalism what you tell squeamish people-lover types until they can catch the Spirit realities, so as to avoid what has happened for centuries when loads have been put off?
You know like the story you tell little Rudyard Fotherington Thomas aged 7, who loves playing with all the girls, and can't handle the truth, so you say babies come from storks. it's going to mess with his life to know the babies come out of these girls stomachs, so you don't tell him the truth.
Is this the idea with Christian Universalism?
Not ofcourse that Catholicism is any more real, because it's leftbrain depiction of hell isn't actually the awful Spirit reality of hell.....which is simply living by any other source that isn't THE SOURCE....and which means death.

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